How To Carry Wallet On A Bike?

Cyclists are excited and free-spirited souls, and once they are on their two-wheeled ride, there’s not much in the world they would care about, not even their wallets.

Not just that, wallets are small, and keeping them anywhere can be challenging if you intend on not losing one. Unfortunately, for cyclists losing wallets has become a norm, because most are not aware of proper ways how to carry wallets on a bike.

We carry the most important of possessions inside a wallet. For some cyclists, it simply carries their cash while others have more important cards, keys, or even documents folded up inside the wallet.

For this reason, we have included, in this article, a few of the most hassle free and secure ways which would make sure you find your wallet just where you placed it once you’ve reached your destination.

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How to Carry Walleta on Bicycle?

Lucky for cyclists, carrying a wallet on a bicycle is not rocket science. Numerous simple ways require no additional tools or any lengthy installation process. Here are some of the possible ideas that could work for you.

Get A Waterproof Cycling Wallet


Have you ever seen a pocket organizer? Now imagine a pouch or a wallet that’s strikingly similar to a pocket organizer but only meant to be carried by cyclists. This miracle discovery of cycling wallets is mostly unheard of and solves almost every wallet-carrying problem that a cyclist might have.

The major benefit of this cycling wallet compared to a typical wallet is how it is particularly designed with a cyclist’s needs in mind. You can, of course, carry your money but there is also enough provision to have a phone with you.

The petite size is another advantage that makes cycling wallets so popular among cyclists. Additionally, compartments and separate sections, along with protective sleeved pockets are also one of the features that distinguish cycling wallets for pedallers.

When shopping for one, you may look for waterproof options like the Gorix Cycle Wallet, if you are one of those cyclists who might ride rough and go camping with a wallet and a flask on a bicycle. The outer material of these wallets may mostly be nylon, polyester, or materials that you find on suitcases.

The shape of these values is specialized to hold onto pockets, without weight down the packets, or causing any bounce when you are riding.

Cycling Jersey Pocket

Your cycling jersey pocket is a lot more useful than you might have thought. Jersey pockets, especially ones that are zippered, are a great space to carry your wallet. If your pocket is big enough and your phone slightly smaller, you might even be able to carry both your wallet and your phone in one jersey pocket.

We do realize how the bounce is more likely if you are to carry your wallet in your jersey pocket. That’s reason enough why most cyclists carry more than just the wallet to fill up the jersey pocket space. If you have a fatter wallet, you might not experience as much bounce.

There are a number of benefits that you are bound to experience when using cycling jersey pockets to carry your wallet. For one, you would not need to make further additions and investments since cyclists always have jerseys, and jerseys always have pockets!

Because jersey pockets are located up front, and in a more secluded position away from prying eyes, you have better access to your money pouch and more security, in that regard.

Bibs Shorts or Pants’ Pocket

If you are a serious cyclist, going out to pedal for long roads and stretched hours, you would know what a blessing bibs short can be. With the right fit, nothing feels more comfortable than bib shorts on your legs.

When it comes to carrying wallets, we see a great option in your bib’s short pockets. The only problem with bib short pockets for traveling with wallets is that bib shorts don’t always come with pockets. And a few that do, might be located at spots that are extremely hard to reach.

Hence, when looking for bib shorts to carry your wallet, find ones with pockets that are accessible. Beware of bibs that need you to take them down just to reach for the pockets.

Your pant pocket or cargo shorts can also work just fine for carrying wallets while you ride out, however, we prefer bibs shorts for the skin fit for better security and minimal bouncing.

Although a pants pocket is not the best option when you want to carry money, you might be able to find a way to carry a wallet in your pants pocket if you’re simply going around running errands and don’t wish much to put much effort in finding something like a bicycle bag or bibs pocket.

If you have a zippered or buttoned pocket on the front side of your pocket, you may stuff the space to minimize the bounce. We would have to warn you that this is only wise for shorter distances and straightened roads.

Bicycle Bag

For an accessory like a wallet, it is most convenient when you can have something to attach to your bicycle, that too located right in front of your eyes. Not only does this free your pockets of all the bouncy motion, but this also ensures that you can be sure that your money wallet isn’t going anywhere.

Chances of theft and missing wallets might not be a thing of concern anymore. These bags are particularly great if you wish to travel long hours on gravel roads, which might include a lot of jerks and slopes to cover.

Top Tube Bag

Rock Bros Bike Phone Front Frame BagRock Bros Bike Phone Front Frame BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Top tube bags are mounted with the assistance of either Velcro straps or bolt mount systems, the former being more popular because it gives riders the option to strap it anywhere and on any type of bicycle. Depending on how many tools and gear you are carrying along with the wallets, the options in the range of different sizes are what make top tube bags ideal for carrying wallets at any time. It is also a great way to carry and use your smartphone while riding a bicycle.

Another type of bag to be mounted on the handlebar are the inner tube bag. They are similar to top tubes and provide the same kind of benefits. They are more upgraded and one of the designs of the popular messenger bags that you might have heard of.

These bags also go by the name of bike bars or bicycle frame bags in the cycling community. When compared, we believe that frame bags are more difficult to access than top tube bags, although the security of your wallet would not be compromised one bit.

Last but not the least, typical bicycle bags are easy to use, and perhaps the most secure option when it comes to carrying just about anything, including a lot of money and many cards in your wallet. For some bicycles, bags tend to be more interfering, and hence they eventually reach out for top tube bags.

Sling Bag

OSOCE Anti-Theft Waterproof Sling Crossbody BagOSOCE Anti-Theft Waterproof Sling Crossbody BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Have you given sling bags a thought for carrying wallets when riding your bicycle? By the looks of it, sling bags are the most stylish option for cyclists in casual clothes who think that a messenger bag is overkill. These bags are incredible for those who do not want any weight added to the frame or handlebar of their ride.

If you are one you wish to keep your wallet as close to yourself as possible, we can assure you that you might not find another better option than a sling bag to carry your wallet on you. Although sling bags are too sleek and small to the eyes, these good boys have multiple sections and sleeves inside for carrying phones and keys as well.

These also have shoulder straps so you can be sure you wouldn’t just drop the bag even if you are riding rough and fast. Crossbody bags like this Osoce bag give you options in color and function while being comfortable on your shoulders.

The military grade outer material makes sure these are long-lasting and weatherproof, protecting your wallet and other belongings.

Cycling Backpacks

Osprey Daylite Plus DaypackOsprey Daylite Plus DaypackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

When having a conversation about carrying anything when you are on your bicycle, there is certainly no option to overlook the old trusted friend we’ve known for years, a backpack.

The only issue with using a commuter backpack to carry a wallet on a bicycle is forgetting where you have put the wallet in. Moreover, some cyclists detest the idea of carrying anything on their body when they have pedaling business to care of. If you are one of them, you can move to the next option already. However, for most cyclists, there is no better and more reliable way to carry a wallet full of money and cards than a bike backpack.

When choosing a backpack to carry your wallets, make sure the bag has outer, zippered compartments to hold smaller accessories. Other than that, opt for a compact and lightweight backpack like the Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack to give your shoulders some relief.

Zip Lock Bags

One of the more old-fashioned ways of carrying your smaller accessories while cycling has always been zip lock bags. Ziplock bags might be your cheapest option among all the ones we have mentioned.

What’s great about zip lock bags is that they are compact, affordable, and water resistant. The zips might not be the strongest to seal your wallet, but it just works just fine to create a protective seal. After zipping up your wallet in the zip lock bag, you can put the bag inside any of the bags that you have with you.

A zip lock is more like a protective case on the wallet before you put it in your pocket. If you are one to carry your driver’s license or insurance card inside your wallet, this is not the method you should opt for.

Handlebar Front Bike Basket

COFIT Detachable Bike BasketCOFIT Detachable Bike BasketCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Handlebar baskets or front baskets are probably not the options you were expecting to see in the list of ways how to transport a wallet on a bicycle, but here it is. We vouch for handlebar baskets because they are mounted on your handlebar and are secured since you can see them all the while you are on road.

All you have to do is put your wallet, along with other belongings into the basket. We can’t guarantee a slip-off if you are on gravel or sloppy terrain for sure, but for shorter distances around the neighborhood, a handlebar basket is a great addition for carrying smaller tools like wallets.

Tip: find a front bike basket with side pockets like this COFIT Detachable Bike Basket.

The issue with baskets is the never-ending rattle that annoys a lot of cyclists more than others. Since baskets are open and secured to your handlebar, you can always reach out for your wallet whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

Many a time we carry our most important documents inside a wallet. Along with money and keys, cyclists have faced the challenge and struggle of missing wallets for decades.

While there are no two ways about the benefits of a specialized cycling wallet, we applaud the ease of taking the wallet in a jersey pocket, although the bouncing motion might be annoying.

Your bib shorts will never fail to amaze you if you plan to carry a wallet inside them but our eyes are on top tube bags because of how secure they are to carry a money pouch. Bag packs and sling bags are easy on your bicycle frames and make sure your wallets stay on you, no matter what.

To make things easier for you, we have summarized a few easy ways on how to transport a wallet on a bicycle. Although most of these methods are feasible and require no additional time or training to get used to, it always comes down to what you prefer and feels comfortable with as a cyclist.

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