9 Best Front Bike Basket Reviews & Buying Guide
9 Best Front Bike Basket Reviews & Buying Guide

 There isn’t a single reason behind not owning a bike front basket. While some people complain about front baskets tampering with the aerodynamics of the bike, thing is, most of them won’t be racing anyway. So, if you’re a casual cyclist, getting a front basket for your bike would be the best thing that you can do right now.

However, the market is oversaturated with bike front baskets, and getting a suitable one for yourself may not be that easy. To help you out, we’re going to share the top 9 best bike front baskets that you can buy right away. So, let’s get started!

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Best Front Bike Baskets

In this section, we’ll review the best baskets that we’ve come across during our research.

1. Retrospec Steel Apollo

Starting with this alloy steel bike front basket from Retrospec. The Steel Apollo is a great choice for those who are looking for a steel front basket for their bike. It comes with hooks for easy mounting and is spacious enough to hold lots of items at once.

As alloy steel is less rust-prone than regular steel, we’d recommend this over baskets made of steel. These come in six colors in total. It also offers a built-in handle, so you’ll be able to carry it easily in your hand.

Product Features

  • Built-in handle for carrying in hand
  • Six color options
  • Hook mounting system for easy attachment and detachment
  • Made of weatherproof alloy steel

2. YLuBik Bike Basket

Next up, we have this mesh basket from YLuBik. The advantage of mesh baskets is that they allow you to carry even the smallest items that’ll easily fall through the grates of a regular steel basket. Plus, these offer a higher degree of malleability, so they’ll slightly adjust if you try fitting anything large in them.

This basket is made using steel wire, and the wire is thick and strong. It offers a weight capacity of 20 pounds, which should be enough for regular usage. You can also use this as a dog bike basket. It comes with a handle too, and the handle is very comfortable to grip. You’ll have to attach this to your bike with the hook installed on it.

Product Features

  • The mesh construction makes it convenient to carry smaller items
  • Made of thick and strong steel wires
  • Hook mounting system
  • Comfortable handlebar

3. ZIMFANQI Bike Bag

This bag from ZIMFANQI is very unique as it’ll let you carry some small items while offering a dedicated space for storing your phone. What makes this even better is that you’ll be able to view and use your phone through a covering, as the covering protects it from rain and weather while you read.

The size of this pannier bag is medium. You’ll be able to carry sufficient items in this 4L bag. It’s made of 900D polyester fiber and the zippers are rainproof, making the bag completely weatherproof. It also has aluminum foil wrappings on the inner side, and that helps in thermally insulating the bag. This is why you’d be able to use it for food delivery as well.

Product Features

  • Dedicated space for carrying phone while using it
  • The 900D polyester fiber build and rainproof zippers make it waterproof
  • Internal aluminum foil layer offers heat insulation
  • Strap mounting system

4. ZUKKA Handlebar Basket

Next up, we have this amazing handlebar basket from Zukka. This basket is made of high-quality wicker plastic material which makes it waterproof and grants it the ability to withstand all kinds of weather. No matter how rough you use this, it won’t chip or break. Then again, it has a soft feel to it.

It comes with two adjustable straps at the back that’ll let you attach this to a bike. As it offers a strap mounting system, it’s comparatively tougher to mount and dismount. It’s woven with an artificial weaving technology, and it performs just as well as it looks.

Product Features

  • Made of the quality wicker plastic
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Handwoven technology
  • Adjustable mounting straps

5. Retrospec Bicycles Cane Woven Basket

Then there’s the Cane Woven basket from Retrospec. It’s a leather basket that can be found in three colors. You can get it in either dark stain, natural, or black color. The basket itself weighs very low, and it’s one of the lightest baskets in the market.

These are woven with durable cane, so they will remain unchipped even if they’re put through rough use. You’ll have to attach these to the front handlebars of your bike using authentic leather straps with brass buckles, and you’ll require no tools in this method. Despite the great features, it has a limiting factor, which is its 5-pound weight capacity.

Product Features

  • Comes in three stains
  • Made of premium leather
  • Authentic leather straps with brass knuckles for mounting it
  • Weight capacity of 5 pounds

6. COFIT Detachable Bike Basket

If you’re thinking of carrying groceries, then you should consider this basket from COFIT. Made of 600D oxford fabric, this waterproof and weatherproof basket will allow you to carry anything safely. Other than a grocery shopping bag, you can use it as a pet bag, camping and outdoor carrier, and a commuter organizer as well.

It comes with a handlebar with tear-proof sponge pads that can protect your hands during heavy lifting. The bag offers multiple extra pockets as well. It offers both internal and external pockets, so you’ll be able to keep your items organized.

Product Features

  • 2 extra side pockets and one front pouch
  • Durable aluminum handles with tear-free sponge pads
  • Made of waterproof oxford cloth
  • The lightweight aluminum frame is rust-proof as well

7. Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket

Next up, we have another alloy steel delivery basket, and this time it’s the Wald 157. If you need a huge delivery basket, this is the one you should go for. Made of alloy steel, this basket can carry some heavy load. To complement its high weight capacity, it offers enough space for you to carry massive items. The very depth of this basket is 9 inches.

However, this basket is pretty heavy itself. The entire package weighs a bit over 3.5kg. Plus, as it’s a huge basket, it’s not compatible with bicycles with quick-release wheels or shock forks.

Then again, it’s not for everyone either. We highly recommend this for those who need a huge carrying capacity.

Product Features

  • With dimensions 21×15 x 9″ dimensions, it stands as the largest front basket
  • Reinforced back, bottom, and front for added durability
  • Available in two finishes
  • Comes with reinforcement bands for extra strength

8. Wiel Bike Basket

This one from Wiel is one unique basket. It’s made of alloy steel, but it offers much more than the barebones. The package offers a waterproof liner/cover with which you can cover the basket completely. It’s a huge basket and it offers a carrying capacity of 14L. The weight capacity of this basket is 15Kg.

What’s more, is that this basket comes with a folding design. It’s a heavy and huge basket, but you’ll be able to store this away by folding it easily. Despite being a huge and robust bike rack, it’s very light. As for the cover, it’s made of 210D nylon and PU. You can convert the basket to a rainproof basket within seconds with this.

Product Features

  • Made of high-quality, weatherproof alloy steel
  • 210D nylon and PU cover can convert it to the rainproof basket easily
  • Folding design
  • Weight capacity of 15 KG and carrying capacity of 14L

9. Onway Handlebar Bike Basket

Last but not the least, we have the handlebar bike basket from Onway. This package includes a bicycle front basket and a linger bag that fits into the basket perfectly. We love this combination because it’s a two-in-one product. You’re getting a pannier and you’re getting a basket.

The basket offers a hook mount system. However, it also has two screws that’ll let you fasten the basket in better. Overall, it’s very convenient for carrying all sorts of things on your bike.

Product Features

  • Offers both a basket and a liner bag
  • The liner bag offers adequate carrying capacity, fits nicely into the basket, and is of high quality
  • Very lightweight
  • Can be attached tightly with the provided screws

Front Bike Basket Buying Guide

Now that you’ve taken a look at the top products on the market, it’s time to settle on a single product. We understand that choosing one out of all of these amazing choices can be pretty tough. This is why we’re going to share some tips on finding the right front bike basket!


You can find bike front baskets in three different materials mostly, metal, fabric, and synthetic material. All of them offer unique features. Metal baskets are most commonly found, and there’s a ton of classification in their case. You’ll find steel baskets cheaper, but we highly recommend aluminum baskets as they are lighter and rust-resistant.

As for fabric baskets, they are quite versatile and lightweight. They can hold a good number of items and sometimes they’ll even stretch to fit additional things. However, they aren’t as durable as metal baskets.

Finally, there are the ones made of synthetic material. These are stronger than the ones woven with fabric or bamboo. These also last longer than fabric baskets, but they weigh more.


Front baskets for bikes come in different sizes and shapes. There’s no golden rule to choosing a size, as we all have different requirements. So, you better decide considering your necessities.

Weight Capacity

The size isn’t the only thing that’ll determine how much you can carry on a bike basket. Another important factor to consider in this case is the weight capacity of the bike. Two baskets of the same size may have a different weight capacity, which means you won’t be able to carry the same load on them.


There are two types of mounting systems mainly. You can either mount the basket using built-in straps or hooks.

Now, both of them are convenient, but we believe that straps are much superior in terms of versatility. These will allow you to attach the basket to any bike without any problem, whereas hooks may not be compatible in every case Even if they’re compatible, they may just cause a rattle. However, hooks are much more durable than straps.

Ease of Detaching

While straps are more versatile, hooks allow you to detach the basket fast and easily. So, if you’re someone who may want to detach the front basket often, then you should go for a basket with a hook mounting system.

Space-Saving Design

Not all front baskets are space-saving. Some come with special features such as foldability that can help you save some space when you won’t be carrying anything on the basket. You’ll also find collapsible baskets on the market, but these are rarely found.

Additional Compartments

If you’ll be carrying different types of things on the front basket, then you may be benefitted getting a basket that offers additional compartments like side pockets or front pouches. Even though these won’t be too spacious, they will allow you to carry small accessories easily. Plus, you’ll be able to find them quickly in times of need.


To those who may have to carry the basket on hand, getting a bike front basket with a built-in handle might just be a good idea. Some baskets come with built-in handles that allow you to carry them by hand easily.


Although thermal insulation may not be everyone’s requirement, baskets with thermal insulation can be found on the market, and they work pretty well too. These baskets come with a lid that shuts tightly, and they are lined with insulating material. We highly recommend getting insulated baskets if you’ll be delivering food on your bike.


Bike front baskets can be found in various attractive colors, and if you’re conscious about the aesthetics of your bike, then you better consider the color of the basket carefully. There are a lot of options, so we’d recommend you take your time.

Safety Features

Finally, certain bike front baskets come with additional safety features. Even though straps and hooks do a great job at attaching the front basket to the bike, they may not remain there safely if someone tries snatching them. In such cases, baskets with locking lids and extra screws for attachment will certainly save your stuff.


Do you need a front bike rack to install a bike front basket?

No, you don’t require any additional add-ons to your bike for attaching a front basket. The basket you purchase will come with either straps or screws, and you’ll be able to attach the basket directly to the bike using those.


These were the best bike front baskets that you can get yourself right now. While all of them are amazing, you may not be happy getting just any of them. We highly recommend referring to our buyer’s guide to find the factors that you must consider for choosing the best one for yourself. We’re certain that you’ll be able to find the right one by following those guidelines.

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