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How Many Miles Can The Average Person Bike In An Hour?

Keeping healthy is a practice we should all partake in. For chums like us, cardio is one of the best ways to get us fit and that blood pumping.

Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio average Joes and Janes like us can do. It’s fun and we can spend a lot of time just riding around the neighborhood on our cycle or somewhere with a decent scenic view. It can be quite intense though because we might not know how much our body can take.

As for cycling, it can be an ideal method to improve our stamina and discover our limits. So if you have ever wondered how much you could cycle in an hour, then you might want to keep reading.

The Type Of Bike You Use

Let’s start with the types of bikes you can ride and how many miles you can bike in an hour in them.

1.     Mountain Bikes

If you’ve never ridden a mountain bike, then you’ll be surprised by how much your legs will ache after an hour of pedaling along the roads. Mountain bikes are heavy-duty and with thicker tires attached, this makes them the perfect bike for cycling across rough terrains. Since the bike is a heavy load, it might affect how you can control them. Then again, since they’re meant to be ridden off-road, these cover the least amount of miles in an hour. Overall speaking, even if they might be rather slow, you can still be assured that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

2.     Road Bike

The road bike is the most common cycle in the world. On a more fun note, it is one of the most affordable you can find. The slim wheels have less drag on the road so you can expect a smooth ride without the wheels being frictionless on the road. These are easier to pedal than mountain bikes as they are lighter. This typically means that you can travel a lot of miles in an hour on a road bike. People mainly use these bikes for their day-to-day travel but you can still use these to get your cardio in. For people who want to cover a lot of ground very fast, this is the bike you need.

3.     Hybrid Bike

Since they’re a mix of both worlds you’d expect hybrid bikes to be superior with the best features from the road and mountain bikes, but actually, the secret lies in the middle. While it easily surpasses the average mountain bike in ease of use, it still pales when it is compared to the road bike. These types of bikes perform well on different types of terrain, be it rough or smooth and you can still cover a decent number of miles on this bike.

How Weather Conditions Can Affect Cycling

One of the most important things to take into consideration when going out for a bike ride is the weather outside. The weather might affect your riding experience, for example, if it’s raining then the road might become slippery leading to less traction on the road. You might slip easily and this makes controlling the bike harder, impacting how much you can ride while you are out.

If the weather is windy then it is advised that you take advantage of it because according to a few expert cyclists, the wind provides a challenge for them. If you’re going against the wind then the resistance might slow you down and in this way, you travel fewer miles in an hour. If you go along with the wind then instead you’ll be traveling a lot faster than you would usually and this means you’ll cover more miles in an hour.

The Terrain You Are On

For you to experience a fast-paced bike ride then you need to consider the terrain you will be riding on and whether it is smooth or ridden with every kind of obstacle. A path filled with pebbles and rocks will be much more difficult to travel on than on a road made of asphalt. These obstacles will also hinder your progress and keep your bike from gaining speed and if the path is too rough you will instead see yourself slowing down constantly.

Sandy roads might not offer the same smooth terrain but that also depends on the type of bike you choose. The last thing to mention is the incline and decline of the path you are on. If you go downhill then you can cover many miles in an hour while going uphill requires you to put in more effort with reduced miles traveled.


Cycling is an intense stamina booster and it’s a great way to shed a few pounds. The constant movement of your feet also makes for a great leg workout.

Remember when pursuing your 10 miles, to use proper safety gear when riding your cycle including and most importantly the helmet. Happy riding!

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