How to Carry TV on Bike?

If your car is in the shop and you don’t have the time or means to book a moving service or ask a friend for help, you may need to figure out if it’s possible to use your bike to move your stuff.

With the right accessories and mentality, you can transport practically anything on your bike. But a television? Can you carry your TV on a bicycle?

This blog is about how you can best transport a TV on a bike. It includes tips, tricks, ideas, and techniques on doing this in the safest way possible.

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How to Carry Television on Bike?

Televisions are among the most delicate and, at the same time, large household appliances. Depending on the style and type, they can be costly, so there’s no margin for error. That’s why it can be challenging to figure out how to transport a TV when the bike is the only option.

Aside from many typical household items, a TV cannot be easily transported in a conventional moving box. To transport a TV safely, you must always use suitable packing materials and methods to avoid damaging your device. Read on if you want to know how to transport a TV on your bike with less risk.

The equipment you need depends on the type of bike you’ve, the size of your TV and the distance you want to transport it. All of this will determine your choice of equipment. There aren’t that many solutions, and it’s not unreasonable to have a few on hand if you need to adapt them. Let’s get started.

Rear Bike Rack

DIRZA Rear Bike Rack Bicycle Cargo Rack Quick Release Adjustable Alloy Bicycle Carrier 115 lbs Capacity Easy to Install BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Rear racks are some of the most valuable and versatile bike accessories you can attach to your bike. While some of these racks are affordable, a low price often means a lower capacity, usually up to 60 pounds. It may be enough to carry your PC.  In comparison, heavy-duty and expensive racks can carry up to 170 pounds.

Now you also need some straps or bungee cords to get the job done. Position your TV on the rack and secure it with the straps. Make sure it’s positioned straight and centered and secured well, and tie the straps around your rack as many times as necessary to secure it at each point. If you don’t, your TV will slide to the ground at the first turn.

High-quality bike racks like this one from Dirza are made of solid and high-quality aluminum alloy. It’s really easy to mount and feels pretty solid with the chainstay supports and seat post bracket. It stays firmly in place, which is extremely important if you want to carry a TV. The carrier can easily carry up to 115 pounds, enough to carry an average-sized TV on your bicycle.

I suggest you push your bike and walk alongside instead of riding it if you are not confident about your cycling skills with the oversized cargo attached to your ride.


  • Sturdy and secure way to transport TV on your bicycle
  • Cargo racks are available in an affordable price range
  • A durable and versatile solution for transporting stuff on your bike


  • Installing it could be a bit tricky

Cargo Bike Trailer

Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo Trailer Bicycle Cart Wagon Trailer w/Hitch, 16'' Wheels, 88 lbs Max Load - BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

A cargo bike trailer is a more expensive but even more versatile alternative to a bike rack. There are many different trailer models. Which one you choose will depend mostly on what kind of cargo you need to transport most often and your financial situation.

Make sure your TV is well placed, and add some foam and bubble wrap around your TV if needed. You should also use straps, ropes, or bungee cords as described above.

The Aosom cargo trailer is a trustworthy and affordable option for frugal cyclists. Depending on the model, it’s a decent maximum load capacity of 88 or 110 pounds. It’s straightforward to assemble and easy to use. For its price, it’s one of the best trailers for transporting TV. Its foldable design makes it practical and easy to handle. The strong steel frame and sturdy construction make it a good choice for transporting TV on a bike.


  • Easy to assemble
  • A safer option than other methods
  • Can carry large items
  • Versatile
  • Doesn’t affect the balance of the bicycle


  • The trailers are more expensive than the rack

Cargo Bike

black cargo tricycle

The cargo bike has a cargo space integrated into the structure, either in the front or back. You can equip various extras to transport large items safely.

Undoubtedly, this isn’t the kind of bicycle you want to commute to work with every day. However, since they’re built from the ground up for transporting heavy weights, they’re very stable, even when you’re carrying heavy items.


  • The best solution for transporting large items like a television set
  • Durable and stable vehicle


  • It may not be suitable for everyone’s budget

Things to Remember

You need to consider some factors when carrying a TV on your bicycle.

Get Quality Bungee Cords

Anything you want to transport, you should be able to carry on your bicycle. However, if you’re going to transport a TV, you may have to be a little inventive. It’s usually good to have some bungee cords on hand to secure your stuff.

Try to distribute the pressure on your bike as evenly as possible when transporting large items. Bungee cords can help you spread the load evenly by strapping the TV properly. In addition, it makes your trip a lot safer.

Efficere bungee cords are perfect for transporting TV or other heavier items on your bicycle. It’s made of natural latex. It’s even better than synthetic rubber and much more durable. The vinyl-coated hooks prevent scratches, and the cord is perfect for outdoor use. It’s scratch-resistant and UV resistant, making it a safer option.

Keep Both Hands on the Handlebars

Always keep both hands on the handlebars. This will allow you to react to anything that happens in your path, such as an animal crossing the road or another road user making a sudden maneuver.

If you’re steering the bike with only one hand while supporting your load as you pedal, it’s not only difficult to react quickly, but you’re also likely fail to secure your load. It’s also possible that you’ll put someone riding next to you in a dangerous situation.

Use Kickstand

The heavier you load your bike, the easier it’s to unbalance it. If you’re carrying a TV, your bike is more prone to tipping over when it’s parked. A kickstand can be handy and prevent your bicycle from tipping over.

Final Words

If you are curious how to carry a TV on a bike, it is mostly possible with the right equipment, such as a rear bicycle rack or a cargo bicycle trailer. I  suggest the Aosom cargo bike trailer as it is very sturdy and can handle quite a bit of weight.

It is important to secure the TV with bungee cords and distribute the weight evenly. Always keep both hands on the handlebars for safety. Remember, transporting a TV on a bike requires some planning, and remember to use bubble wrap.


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