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How to Carry TV on Bike?

If you prefer to leave your car in the garage quite frequently and use your cycling skills to do chores and move your belongings, you will need to do some homework first.

With the correct gear and mentality, you will be able to transport practically anything, including your television, on your bike in no time.

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How to Carry Television on Bike?

Televisions are among the most delicate and unusually designed home products. Based on the style and type, they can actually be costly. That’s why finding out how to transport television might be difficult.

A TV, apart from many typical household objects, cannot be transported in just a conventional moving box. To transport a television, you must always utilize the proper packaging equipment and procedures. Continue reading if you want to know how to transport a TV on your bike in perfect shape.

What sort of gear you will require depends on the capacity and size of your bike, and how long you will need to carry it will decide how adaptable that setup has to be. There are many solutions available, and it’s not unreasonable to keep a few on hand in case you have to adjust. Let us start.

Cargo Racks

Cargo racks are one of the most useful and adaptable pieces of equipment you can install on your bike. These racks might also be inexpensive, but less money implies less space, typically up to 60 pounds, while heavy-duty and pricy racks can handle up to 170 pounds.

Now you need a pair of rack straps and some bungee cords to finish the job. Position your television on the rack and attach it using the straps. Ensure that it is straight and well attached, and tie those around your rack as many rounds as you need to secure it from every point. If you do not, your television will most definitely slide down the road as soon as you take a turn.

Check out these cargo racks.


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This carrier rack is created with a robust and quality aluminum alloy that can hold a lot of loads. It is simple to set up and comes with all necessary equipment and instructions. It is light but it can carry up to 115 pounds.



If you cannot hook your television to the cargo rack, you will require the support of a trailer. There are many different types of trailers, and which one you choose will largely rely on the type of television you have to carry. Make sure your tv is well placed and if needed add a few foam and bubble wraps around your television.

Here are some trailer options available for you.


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The Aosom carrier has the maximum holding capability. The front and rear readily separate, providing for extra room and the loading of bigger objects onto the trailer. Robust design is provided by a durable steel structure and a reinforced PE bottom. The lateral panels, in combination with the top and rear, come down, enabling it easier to move bulky items.

Aosom Double Wheel

Product Link: Click here

This one comes from Aosom as well. Suitable for both bicycles and electric bicycles. It has strong wheels for better carrying and carrying capacity, as well as a retractable cargo box for convenient storing and organizing of your belongings. Covering is composed of coated 600 x 600D oxford material.

Bungee Cords

Anything you want to transport, you should be able to do it on your bike. When transporting a television, though, you may need to be a little more inventive. It is usually a good idea to have some bungee cords on hand to tie your stuff.

Aim to spread the pressure on your bike as equally as possible while carrying huge items; you will be astonished at how quickly your body adapts to one-half feeling bulkier than the opposite. Bungee cords can help you to even out the load by strapping the tv properly. Plus, it makes the carrying well secured too.

Here are our favorites:


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The organic latex internal structure of this cord maintains constant pressure and is 50% better lasting than artificial rubber cords. For extensive external usage, an anti-UV polyester cord jacket with vinyl-coated hooks reduces damage to your bike.

Cargo Bikes

This bike includes a carriage incorporated into the structure, either in the front or rear that you can customize with various extras to carry large items securely. Undoubtedly, this is not the type of bike you would like to commute to work on a daily basis. However, because they were built with huge weights in consideration from the beginning, they maintain excellent stability regardless of a hefty weight.

Our pick:

Mongoose Envoy

Product Link: Click here

This cargo bike is for riders who wish to be able to transport more on their journey. It has a tectonic T1 aluminum cargo chassis with inner wire connections, alloy double-decker handlebars, Threadless headset, saddle with lift handle, a front-wheel spring damper plus quick-release seat post that helps to keep the bike stable during stacking.

Things to Remember

There are some factors that you need to keep in mind for carrying TV on bike.

Balancing is the Key

You need to make everything as minimal and compact as possible. This will keep your bike from swaying when you are riding, it is not just inconvenient but hazardous too because it makes controlling your front wheel more difficult.

The wheel and the fork, the brake pads, or the spokes might all get entangled in your bike. And you can end up crashing through the rails and onto the street with your tv. Which we would not want even in our nightmares.

Keep Both Hands on the Handle

Constantly keep both hands on the bars in circumstances anything surprising happens nearby, such as a pothole you did not notice emerging or the man ahead of you in the cycle lane abruptly braking to a stop.

Just utilizing one hand to carry some so fragile like tv while pedaling will not only cause it difficult for you to respond quickly, but it is also probable that you will drop the television in the process. It is equally possible that you will make a potentially risky scenario for somebody riding alongside you.

Use Kickstand

Anytime you add loads on your bike, the lightweight it is, the simpler it is to destabilize it. When carrying a television, your bike is more prone to tip over when parked. Which might be harmful if it becomes unbalanced. Having a kickstand can come in handy and prevent your television from colliding with the ground.

Final Words

When loading the box onto your bike, make sure it stays straight in all instances. This is the ideal technique to transport a TV since it prevents the screen from being damaged by tremors and potholes in the street. To safeguard the carton, use the bungee cords mentioned above.

We hope you have a safe journey now that your television has been properly packaged and put. Before you begin your ride, make sure to check the traffic condition.

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