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How To Carry Cell Phone On Bike?

It’s quite obvious to carry cell phones while riding bikes or any other transports. Besides, you might need a mobile phone to use Google maps for directions. Also, there are various smart transports which can be connected with cell phones and they can be controlled via  phones.

This increases risks of getting into accidents especially if you are travelling on a highway road. But don’t worry, if you know how to carry cell phone on bike, you’re safe from any unwanted incidents

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How to Carry Cell Phone on Bike?

For carrying cell phone on a bike other than in your pocket, you need to have certain equipment and strategies to follow. Let’s cover some of the most effective ones in this article.

Bike Specialized Phone Case

Among all the products related to bike riding, this one is the cheapest, simple and handy. Users can use it by attaching it to their bike by using a strap or Velcro.

There are various kinds of sizes and also an all size fits option too. With this, you can carry a phone easily and also do work while riding a bike safely.

Quad Lock

Among all the options, quad lock gives the most secure option as it will mount your phone with the bike you are riding. It will allow the rider to use the phone whenever he needs. One can easily receive calls and also find the correct location while riding using a quad lock.

The one and only demerit of using this is that you need to have a specific cover customised with quad lock in order to attach it. Some people find this complex.


This is the most used product by the runners or any athletes. You can easily wrap the band around your arm. Many cyclists use this for its easy availability and budget friendly.

The major drawback of this is that it restricts the use of a cell phone. You can’t use your cell phone as a bike computer as it does not allow the user to see the screen. So, many people do not like to have this one as their support.

Jersey Pocket

Anyone wearing a cycling jersey can use jersey pockets as their greatest friend. It’s super handy and it’s also cost friendly. If you have a small phone then this might be the best option for you.

But for the big phone users, this might not be the best as the phone might pop out while riding the bike leading to the loss of your valuable phone. Still, it’s a great option. Major drawback is that it will reduce the utilization of the phone while riding.

Cargo Shorts

Usually the cycling shorts did not have any kind of pockets to carry the phones. But various brands have finally designed some cargo pants which have mesh pockets allowing the cyclist to carry the phone in a convenient way. The major drawback is that you cannot use the phone at all while riding the bike in this case.

Bar Bag

Among all the products, this one specifically will allow you not only to carry your phone but also some essentials. So it’s a good choice for women cyclists. There are various designs as well as color ranges. You can fix it with the bicycle according to their need.


It is one of the most classic options because it gives a lot more space than other accessories. You can carry all necessary things in it, but can’t use the phone while riding. Though it’s a very traditional way for cyclists to carry things, still it’s a flexible medium for cyclists. Because we all know, Old is gold, right?


This one is a pretty classic way, right? Usually many bicycles have a basket in front of them to carry usual things. You can also carry cell phones as well as other things while shopping. But it has a risk of losing your precious cell phone.

Safety Tips to Follow

Though technologies have allowed us to do different kinds of work at a time, it has also created a mentionable amount of risks. Such as while riding a bike, if anyone does not remain cautious, then they can become a victim of accidents which can lead to permanent loss.

Use of cell phones while riding any kind of transport is strictly prohibited. Still the following steps must be kept in mind while riding a bike:

  • Always wear helmet
  • Wear bright clothes and use lights to stay visible
  • Following traffic rules is a must
  • Hand gestures/signals must be used while changing the lane
  • Don’t go in the opposite direction of traffic flow
  • Don’t use any gadgets while riding a bike.
  • Test your bike before riding it

Ending Notes

The above mentioned tools will allow cyclists to carry their phone as well as use it if necessary.

Still, always keep in mind that safety is the first priority while doing any kind of work.

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