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Best Way How To Carry Groceries On A Bike

When you have a bike or bicycle, you have nothing to worry about carrying groceries. Yes, we are telling you that it is possible with a bike. Having a bike is not only for going somewhere or give a cycle tour with your friends.

You can also go to a grocery shop and buy some stuff for your home. With some essential accessories, you can carry any lightweight or heavyweight stuff. Then how to carry groceries on a bike?

In this article, we will try to find the best way to carry groceries on bike and figure out what accessories you will for the task.

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Light Weight Stuff

When it is time to go to the shop for one or two stuff, then these tools are suitable options for you. Another way to say that it is for the laziest riders.

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You can work with your existing kits when you have to bring one or two items. It will come at no cost. Your jersey pockets or trousers pocket can handle those weights. It will be effortless for you to retrieve the stuff from the shop. But sometimes you will feel uncomfortable due to this limited space.

Seat Packs

Seat packs are old-fashioned but still a favorite to many people. You will find them in various shapes and sizes according to your choice. These packs are suitable for light loads.

You can find them in any departmental store at a very cheap rate. They are also very to transfer from one bike to another. But it is the main disadvantage here. Anybody can steal it very easily, and you can only carry a minimal amount of stuff.

Handlebar Bags

If you want a quickly accessible bag, then these bags are for you. The handlebar bags can handle a bit extra load than saddle packs. You can say they have a decent capacity. It is very to take it off the bike.

But there are some downsides. The bags are settled above the front wheel. If you carry some extra loads, it will affect the handling. For a better quality of usage, you will need a clamping system.

Road Box

Mainly, a road box is used to carry drinks. You can also carry single small bags through it. A small bag can also be attached to the bottle cage. You will not have to worry about any snatchers. But the disadvantage is that it can carry a minimal amount of weight.

Medium Weight Stuff

Sometimes you would need to bring some medium weight stuff like fruits, daily necessaries. Then, seat packs and handlebar bags won’t be suitable. Let us show you some tools which you can use for such tasks.

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Extended Seat Packs

You might be thinking that seat packs are for lightweights, then how can you put some extra loads? The simple solution is to attach another extended bag so that you can carry a bit more.

The attachment could be underneath the saddle and extent over the wheel. But the benefits will not be extraordinary. Again, there are some weight and shape limits for these packs. Therefore, you will not get enough structural strength like pannier bags.

Top Tube and Frame Bags

These are also known as bike packing bags. They can carry more items than extended packs. But that makes them more useful. It is because most of the time, people do medium stuff rather than heavy items. You can also keep an eye on your bags while riding, and it will affect the wheel. But due to the shapes, you will have a limited carrying potential.

How To Carry Groceries On A Bike?

The small and mid-size bags will not help you much if you are doing your weekly grocery shopping. You will need something more significant.


A backpack is a very comfortable tool to carry groceries and other stuff. Everybody has a backpack in the back of the closet. Then it should be a solid start for a beginner. The bags also have expandable options. If you are going on discount shelves, then we will recommend carrying a backpack with you.

There are some great groceries backpacks in the market. You should buy one of them by checking if they are comfortable and stable or not. In this way, you will not feel uncomfortable even with some heavyweights.

The most significant advantage of a backpack is that you will not lose balance while carrying groceries with you. Even any straps and clips won’t be necessary. But it would be better not to overweight the backpack or else your shoulder will be in pain. In summer, it will be a sweaty back when you carry a backpack.

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Cargo Rack

It is also called the cycle truck. The cargo pack gives you larger space compared to the front basket. It also preserves your wheelbase. If you are thinking of going on a sale, then bring the cargo will be a better idea.

It can be filled more than an average basket. But if you are willing to on a long-distance grocery shop, then bringing so much stuff will be a problem for you.

As you see, the cargo rack is attached to the front wheel. A simple rule says, “The more bring, the heavier it will get.” The same goes for the cargo rack. It will give you larger space for the stuff and also be heavier with those weights. You would not be stable while you are riding with such heavy loads.

Front Basket

bicycle with front vicker basket

Using a front basket is the most common and trustable tool for you. Most of the bikes get a built-in basket. If you do not get one, you can attach a foldable or detachable basket on the front side of your bike.

It is an easy and comfortable way to get grocery bags. You can speedily do the task and always keep an eye on the bags. It is because it is a prevalent thing that bags have fallen or someone stole them.

When the front basket is large enough, you can put your shoulder bag on it. It would be a problem when the weight exceeds 5kg. That is because the basket is attached to the front wheel. Any large scale of loads will affect the wheel and steering. If you put some extra weight, you will see the front side has become unstable.

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Rear Pannier Bags

Bike Mule - Grocery Pannier BagsBike Mule – Grocery Pannier BagsCHECK CURRENT PRICE

It is designed to carry significant weight and volume of groceries efficiently. Your body will be free from loads. It also reduces the strain on your back and shoulder. Even you can control the pedal and the bike while riding with grocery bags.

Usually, it can be attached to both sides of your bike. You can also connect it to the front or backside. These types of bags will make your ride easier and smoother with the bags. You have to keep in mind some tips while you use a rear pannier.

  • Weights should be in the center
  • Put heavier items on the bottom
  • Delicate pieces on the top
  • Try to distribute the load evenly
  • Spare some space
  • Attach it upfront
  • Practice packaging if needed
  • Protect the gear while riding

You have to be careful and remind yourself that you are carrying bags on the side of your bike. Any mistake might get you crush by other cyclists or vehicles. When you put the pannier on one side, there is a possibility of losing balance. Try to put one bag on each side of your bike. The weight distribution should be even on both sides.

Rear Rack

Do you dislike having a front basket that gets you trouble handling the bike? Then, the rear rack is for you. You can easily ride your bike with the groceries compared to a cargo rack or front basket. It is an easy way to increase the capacity of carrying loads.

But you have to attach it a bit higher. Larger the height of the rack, it is easier to avoid bags fall out. Sometimes your stuff can be stolen from behind, as you are not looking at them. That is why many people will not recommend these types of rear racks.

Another disadvantage you will face if you are living in a mountain area or on a hill. It will be challenging for you to climb the mounted roads with these rear racks.

Bike Trailer

It is for shopping wholesale. You have to attach a different trailer to the back of your bike. The large trailer can handle 10 to 20 kg of weight at a time. If the build quality is better, then it can hold larger than that.

Carrying a hefty amount with these trailers will be the main advantage but also become awkward sometimes. But there are some downsides if you use a bike trailer. The first problem you would face is the parking problem.

It won’t be easy to park bikes with trailers in the bike zone. The main problem will be that the trailer will be out of eyesight. Any vehicle might hit the trailer from behind. It is a great possibility that some of the items might get stolen from behind.


You will find different types of cargo bikes on the market. Among all the shapes, bakfiets have become more popular nowadays. If you are willing to shop for the whole family for about two weeks, you can easily use the bakfiets.

Some strong models can handle up to a heavier amount which can be enough for two families. The fun fact is that you can bring your kids on it while you go shopping.

There are some negative sides you will notice on the bakfiets. First of all, you have to get used to the bakfiets while riding. It is because it has linkage steering, which is hard to handle or keep balance.

There is another significant disadvantage of using bakfiets. When you live on a hill or mountain area, you will face many troubles while riding with it. Even there will be problems going downhill. You cannot maintain balance while going downside of a road.


When someone thinks about carrying something while riding, the first thought will be about getting a rucksack. It has many pockets and lightweight carrying potential as you can also bring some medium-weight groceries with it.

The road performance will not disappoint you. But it has some poor fitting which can lead you strain on your back. You can also get sweaty back in summer.

Bike Packer

If you have run out of an idea to carry groceries at home, then you can use the bike packers. This could be a good option for medium loads and lightweights. You can attach the bike packs to the frame or saddle.

It is best if you are planning to use some permanent tools to bring groceries. You can easily connect them while going to the market and get them off after returning with the bags.

But anything over 3 or 4 kg would be a problem to bring on the bike.

Benefits of Grocery Shopping On A Bike

There are many benefits of using a bike to bring groceries. First of all, you will not have to worry about traffic jams anymore. Any small space will be enough for you to go. Even you can use bicycle zone easily to bring the bags.

Carrying a bicycle to get groceries will remove the struggle of parking spaces. On top of that, you can have an exercise while riding to the grocery shops.

Bottom Line

Carrying groceries on a bike is a comfortable and easy way. By reading the article, you might get the idea of how to carry groceries on a bike. We hope the techniques from the discussion will help to do the tasks with less effort. Wish you good luck!

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