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How To Carry Eggs On A Bike Safely And Without Breaking Them?

If you are used to doing your grocery and taking things back home from the supermarket to your house using a bike, you must have, once or more times faced the issue of carrying eggs without breaking them or creating a huge mess.

It is often a difficulty that bike riders face given the fact that eggs are essential components of a regular household grocery list but are prone to breaking quite easily when transporting them.

How to Carry Eggs on a Bike?

There have been discussions going on on several platforms including Reddit where people point out the issue of transporting eggs safely. Let us take a look at some ideas you can try out.

Carrying the Eggs Boxes by Hand

Did you ever try to not put the egg on the bike, but just hold the eggs in the cartons they come in using your hands? This will require the skill of being able to bike with one hand of course.

You also need to be quite careful in doing so. In the journey of saving your eggs from breaking, you do not want to break your bones through an accident.

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Carrying the Eggs in Egg Containers

There are special containers for eggs available at the camping stores. However, you should be aware of the fact that these containers, usually constructed from plastics and yellow, are designed to hold 8 or 12 eggs, not more, nor less. Another issue is that the compartments for the eggs are of a specific size while you can expect sizes of eggs not to be uniform.

You might want to choose these containers over the paper containers or the Styrofoam egg cartons since it will save the eggs from immediate attack. You should, nevertheless, remember to stow the container inside or on top of softer materials. You can then transport these containers by putting them in a bag or on the basket of your bike.

Carrying Eggs in Egg Cartons inside Ziplock Bags

This is again an added safety solution- you can put the egg cartons inside the zip lock bags to avoid immediate impact when you are biking and experiencing friction. You can toss the zip lock bag on a basket or bike bag to protect the eggs when you are biking.

Carrying Eggs in Pannier Bags

There are pannier bags for bikes that come with something similar to a lid and a roll top. You can transport almost a dozen eggs in such bags without risking any breakage while biking. This works out pretty well even in high temperatures, given that you buy good quality eggs.

Placing the Egg Cartons on Top of All Items

You can try to place the egg carton from the store on top of all the items that you have bought in your grocery bag. This is something to remember when you pack the items after checking out. When there are a lot of other items underneath the egg cartons, the bumps, and roughness while biking will not be able to too severely affect the eggs.

Using Rubber Bands on Egg Cartons

When you put a rubber band around the egg carton from the store, it can safely hold the eggs inside in the right place and you can simply toss the egg carton onto your messenger bags of the bike to carry them without risking cracks.

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Biking Slowly

This option is not related to the egg container or the placement of the containers on your bike, but biking itself. When you are biking with fragile food items such as eggs, it is always advised to keep an eye out at the speed of your biking and at the roads you take.

While we can ask you to avoid roads that come with too much shock and vibrations, it might not always be under your control. What is well in your control is how fast you bike when carrying them through those roads.

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Carrying eggs without cracking them can require quite some luck sometimes. However, a good amount of precautions and trying out one or more of the tips and tricks we talked about in this article can help you with the goal.

Some of the solutions are quite simple- for instance, you only have to be careful to not put the weight of big cans or other grocery products on the eggs when you are transporting them. Try the ideas out and enjoy the eggs without cracking them.

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