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Best Rear Bike Basket 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Rear bike baskets aren’t as popular as front bike baskets, but it’s undeniable that they add a great deal of utilitarian value once installed on a bike. As you’ve already shown interest in reading this article, we believe that you know what benefits you can reap by installing one of these on your bike. And chances are high that you’re unsure how to get the best rear bike basket for yourself.

Lucky for you, we’re going to be discussing exactly that. In this article, we’ll not only discuss the top five best rear bike baskets that you can find on the market right now, but we’ll also discuss the factors that’ll help you pick the right product for yourself.

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Best Rear Bike Basket Reviews

We’ve covered everything about the best rear bike baskets available in the market. Go through them and see which one catches the eye.

Hoobbii Rear Bike Basket

Hoobbii Rear Bike BasketHoobbii Rear Bike BasketCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Starting off, we have a metal rear bike basket from Hoobbii. Most rear bike baskets come with waterproof covering, while some come with bungee rope net. What makes this rear basket from Hoobbii special is that it offers both. So, you’ll be getting the best from both worlds, and not sacrificing a thing.

The features don’t stop there. It’s also the largest bike rear basket that you can purchase right now, and it offers the highest carrying capacity as well. The capacity and size of this basket can only be rivaled by the one from ANZOME that you’ll find in the next section, but that falls behind considerably.

With the rope bungee net, you’ll be able to keep your belongings from falling out of the basket. This proves quite helpful while traversing bumpy roads. The net can be attached or detached as per necessity, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

It must be noted that the space between the grates is considerably wide. So, you better not carry any small and narrow object that may fall out of it easily. However, you can solve this by wrapping the basket with the provided rain cover, as it’ll keep an object from falling out. This product is available only in black finish.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 15.75 x 12.6 x 10.24 inches
  • Load Capacity: 45 pounds
  • Included rain cover and bungee net covering
  • Offers the highest carrying capacity as well as size
  • The quality metal build will last long
  • Convenient shape

ANZOME Rear Bike Basket


The ANZOME rear bike basket is a bit smaller than the previous product we discussed, but the carrying capacity is the same, and at a first glance, even the size won’t seem much different to you. Even though the Hoobbii basket offers some good accessories, the ANZOME basket doesn’t fail to set itself apart from the rest of the products on the market.

This basket comes with a rain cover, which sure is handy. What makes it special is that it’s made of mesh. So, if you’re someone who carries tiny objects, this rear basket will serve you very well. It features an easy screw and cable-tie method that allows quick installation. This method makes it easier for you to detach the basket.

However, you can also strap the basket to the rear rack using zip ties. Although this isn’t as convenient as the previous method, it sure is reliable. It’s great that you can pick whatever method you prefer.

This black rear bike basket is made of strong iron, and the quality is top-notch. This is one purchase we’re sure that you won’t regret making.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 8 inches
  • Load Capacity: 45 pounds
  • Offers two mounting solutions
  • Wire-mesh appropriate for carrying small objects
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Made from strong and sturdy iron

RAYMACE Rear Bike Basket with taillight


There are a ton of rear bike baskets on the market, but there surely isn’t a lot that comes with a taillight. If your bike’s missing some reflective straps on the rear or a taillight, then this is the basket you must opt for, at least for ensuring your safety!

The RAYMACE rear bike basket offers a similar shape as the one from Hoobbii, where the front of the basket is a bit slanted. This basket is made of wire mesh, and it’s very sturdy as well. It’s not the biggest basket the market has to offer, but still the size and capacity are decent.

You’ll get a waterproof cover with this black basket, and that’ll surely help you protect your belongings from water. The special proposition of this basket is the taillight. If your bike doesn’t have one of these, installing one will surely improve your safety. Given the price of this basket, we deem this to be a solid deal.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 13 x 11.75 x 7.5 inches
  • Load Capacity: 45 pounds
  • Offers an included taillight and rain cover
  • Two installation methods
  • Improves safety
  • Made of enhanced thicken metal net with antirust technology

Wald 585 Rear Bicycle Basket

Wald 585 Rear Bicycle BasketWald 585 Rear Bicycle BasketCHECK CURRENT PRICE

People who need a sturdy basket at a budget should take a look at this offering from Wald. The 585 is one of the most beloved classic rear bike baskets that you can find on the market. This doesn’t offer much, and that’s perhaps why a lot of people buy them!

If you won’t be using any provided accessories such as bungee rope net or rain cover, then you can always skip on them to save some bucks. Well, we do recommend getting them anyways, as you never know when you may need them. Still, if you’re bent on saving some cash or if you’re on a budget, then we highly recommend getting this beautiful silver basket.

This product offers only the basket and the mounting accessories at a very reasonable price, and if that’s what it takes to satisfy your needs, you should go for it. We guarantee that you’ll love this.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 9 inches
  • Load Capacity: 30 pounds
  • The basket’s made of high-quality steel
  • Package includes required mounting hardware
  • Tapered for a universal fit
  • Best budget pick

BiKase Dairyman Rear Basket

BiKase Dairyman Rear BasketBiKase Dairyman Rear BasketCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Last but not the least, we have the Dairyman rear basket from BiKase. This basket follows the quintessential design dairymen use, hence its name. If you’ll be carrying food, groceries, dairy items, or anything that requires ventilation, then these are the best choice for you.

These baskets come with a spring-loaded mounting system and they also have a removable mesh net system. The mesh net will allow you to keep your things organized and pressed against the basket. What it fails to provide is a rain cover, and that definitely is a drawback. Still, if this design fancies you, we’d recommend going for it anyway, as you can always get an aftermarket rain cover.

Another unique property of this basket is the spring-loaded mounting system. This system will offer far better stability than any other bike basket out there, as the vibration and shock will be minimized by the springs. So, if that’s something that may benefit you, we’d highly recommend going for this.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 8 inches
  • Load Capacity: 20 pounds
  • A spring-loaded mounting system will reduce vibration
  • Included mesh net that’s removable
  • Unique design that adds a ton of ventilation
  • Lightweight yet sturdy plastic build

bikes with best rear bike baskets

Rear Bike Basket Buying Guide

Now that we’ve taken a look at the best rear bike baskets available on the market, it’s time to choose what’s best for you.

We understand that choosing one out of so many amazing options may be overwhelming for many. So, we decided to share our two cents on how you can pick what’s right for you.

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Most of the rear bike baskets that you’ll find on the market are made of metal. You’ll get alloy steel baskets, baskets that are made of enhanced rust-proof iron, and there are aluminum products as well. In fact, there are some plastic baskets as well.

In the list above, every basket other than the BiKase one offers a metal build, and that doesn’t necessarily make them superior or better.

While considering the material, we’d recommend you focus on your priorities. Would you be well enough with a plastic basket if it means it’s lighter and thus, easier to carry? If yes, then you won’t go wrong with a plastic basket.

Then again, if you’d like something a bit more sturdy, premium, and the additional weight wouldn’t bother you, then you won’t go wrong with a steel basket.


The size of rear baskets for bikes has a wide range. Among the aforementioned products, the largest rear basket is the one from Hoobbii, while the smallest one is the RAYMACE one.

It boils down to your preferences when it comes to size as well. There’s no universal “Good size” for rear bike baskets. Rather, you should get a size that you’ll be comfortable with in the long run.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a major factor, as it determines how much you can carry without damaging the basket. Even though the capacity of each basket may vary greatly, each of the baskets mentioned above offers a decent capacity.

The lowest capacity, which is only 20 pounds, is found in the BiKase plastic basket, and the one from Hoobbii and ANZOME are highest, standing at 45 pounds.

Even though the differences are huge, we guarantee you’ll be fine with the BiKase one if you aren’t anticipating any heavy load.


You’ll mainly come across two types of mounting systems. Let’s talk a bit about these.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are kind of like hassle-free solutions to the problem. Most zip ties can’t be unzipped and need to be cut off after use. So, you can get a ton of zip ties at a low cost, use them when necessary, and cut them off after you’re done using the basket and need to remove it from the bike.

However, zip ties may not be enough for holding the basket steadily. It’s found that even if a lot of zip ties are used, baskets tend to vibrate. So, even though this is the easy solution, it’s not the best.


On the other hand, we have the screws. Screwing in the basket on your bike is the more reliable solution. It’ll increase the shock absorption, thus reducing the overall vibration of your bike. However, it’ll be tougher for you to detach the basket once you screw it in, so it may not be a suitable process for everyone.


Bike rear baskets come in various colors, and we’d recommend you pick whichever color suits your bike the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need A Rear Bike Rack To Install A Rear Bike Basket?

Yes, you need a rear bike rack to install a rear bike basket, and that may be a drawback for many. Rear bike baskets require a platform on which they can be mounted. Without any platform, it’s not even possible to mount a rear bike basket.

This is why, yes, you need a rear bike rack to install a rear bike basket.


Now that we’ve taken a look at all the alternatives at hand, it’s time to decide on a product of your liking. It’s okay if the process feels daunting at first.

We guarantee you’ll have a clearer view once you go through our buying guide, so make sure you visit that at least once!

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