How To Carry Cat On A Bike?
How To Carry Cat On A Bike?

There is nothing more peaceful and enjoyable than being able to go out for an evening ride with your pet. When you have a cat that loves your company, leaving them at home is always a heart wrenching struggle.

Not all cats enjoy a bike ride. While some cats love the world outside while they are being towed about the neighborhood, others are annoyed by the constant wobbling and dizzy rides. If you are wondering about how to carry a cat on a bike, you would need to make way for the comfort and security of your cat.

Hence, here are a few ways, tips, and tricks you can use to make sure your cat is always ready to hop on your bike whenever you want to have a riding session with your pet.

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Factors to Consider before Carrying Your Cat on a Bike

Not all streets’ laws are the same. Not everyone is a master cyclist and can comfortably or safely ride out with their cats at the back. Hence, before you decide to put your cat at the back of the bike and head out for a wonderful ride, you would have to take a few factors into consideration.

Here are a few things you would need to keep in mind:

What Kind of Bike Do You Need?

Whether you are planning to invest in a new bike to carry your cat on a bike or you already have one and want to prepare it for your cat’s travels, there’s needs to be a dissecting check on your bike and whether it is suited for your cat to get on.

For opening points, the bike should be a straight model, non-sport bike that has sturdy built. Loose nuts and bolts are what you need to fix if you are to carry a cat with you. Other than the steering, make sure the brakes are fully functional with a bike bell for more safety. A rear rack or luggage carrier is vital, along with tires that are well inflated and checked.

Are You Confident about Riding with a Cat?

When you are carrying a cat, a box, or a bag at the back of your bike, you would only make a scratch free ride easy on yourself if you are experiencing on those handlebars.

For the safety of your loving pet, you may want to avoid taking your cat out on a bike if you are not confident or comfortable.

Anybody who still loses their balance or needs trainer wheels to help them keep the stability, cannot be encouraged to ride with their cats.

Is Your Cat Trained and Comfortable to Ride with You?

For your cat to be calm while they enjoy the ride, your meowing friend has to be comfortable with the ride. If your cat has not done this before, chances are that they might not like it the first time. Hence cats need to be trained a certain way to ride at the back of their human’s bicycle.

It is always wise to start slow and small and then let your cat enjoy their rides to the fullest. Harness training your cat before long bike rides would make them familiar with the feeling and the situation. If you still feel that your cat is not a fan of these wobbly rides, you can always take it back home.

Do the Laws Permit It?

Each city has street laws that allow animals on vehicles. There are rules and regulations that you need to follow. Adhering to the safety rights of your pet, the law at your place might or might not allow you to put a leash on the cat while it is being towed on a bike.

In some places, like Europe, you would have to make sure that the loading and unloading system is perfected so that it does not harm the pet. In Australia, a rider is not allowed to have a cat between the handlebar and themselves.

Are the Roads You’ll Take Good Enough?

When we say good roads, it does not mean you would have to take the quietest or the smoothest roads. Depending on your cat’s temperament and what your pet is comfortable with, you would want to choose a route from your home and back.

Few cats can take in a lot more noise, crowd, and bumps than other cats. If your cat likes a calm ride with no noise, you could take a ride by the beach or the woods. If you are riding through a busy road with horns and trucks, be sure to be vigilant and avoid speeding vehicles.

How to Carry Your Cat on a Bike

Primarily, 4 basic and safe options allow you to transport your cat from one destination to another. Depending on what kind of bike you have, and your pet’s comfort, you may use any of the following bike transports:

Pet Bike Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet TrailerSchwinn Rascal Bike Pet TrailerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Not all of us have one pet or one cat. Cat parents usually face the dilemma of taking their cats out for a ride if they have multiple kittens to take care of. One of many, bike trailers is one of the best ways to carry a cat on a bike. Bike trailers, especially ones that are designed for pets, can be more expensive than other carriers.

Bike trailers snap at the back of your bike in seconds. Besides, what we particularly like about using bike trailers as a transport for your cat is how you can completely shelter the trailer, enclose it and yet have your cat enjoy the sun and the winds due to the vastly meshed window openings.

Most of the pet bike trailers are designed with an Oxford fabric cover that is weather proof for sudden rain, snow, and dust. Consider carrying your cat in a trailer that are sturdy, thick wheels that provide the right stability. Schwinn Rascal pet trailer could be a good option as cat bike trailer.

You may also want to make sure that the doors of the trailer are zippered and meshed from all sides for adequate ventilation. If you are about to head out with a trailer attached to your bike at the back, you may want to use safety lights just for extra security.

The only downside of using trailers to carry your cat might be pertaining to a restless cat who wants to get out in the complete open. Sometimes, some bikers also worry about the safety of their pets at the back, as they are out of sight, all ride along.

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Bike Basket

ANZOME Bike Basket Folding Small Pet CarrierANZOME Bike Basket Folding Small Pet CarrierCHECK CURRENT PRICE

You have surely seen baskets hauled on bikes where someone is carrying groceries while others are using it for their pets. If you are in two minds about whether these baskets are safe for you to carry your cat on a bike, you don’t have to think twice. Anzome pet bike basket is a fantastic options for carrying your cat on your bike.

Whether you strap it on the rear rack of your bike or mount it on the steering wheel, you can have your cat protected from all sides. These baskets come in various shapes and sizes and are made of metal, fabric, and mesh.

You may want a pet basket that is airy and allows enough venting on the sides. While shopping for one, look for baskets that come with multiple panels, changeable safety ropes as well as buckles.

To ensure that your cat is seat most comfortably, we recommend you add plush clothing at the bottom. The bottom fabrics are mostly removable so that you can wash the covers before a ride.

However, the only issue with using a basket for carrying your cat around is that you have to use a lease or a harness to make sure your cat does not jump off mid-way. This is not the most favorable way to keep your cat in place, but if your cat is calm and loves the outdoors, you would have concerns keeping it leashed.

Notably, to determine the size of the cat basket that your pet would be suited in, you would have to measure the length from their chest to the tail. For height measurements, stand your bet on the ground and measure from the ground to the top of your cat’s back.

Pet Backpack


If you are reluctant to put your cat and restrict them to a basket or trailer and feel that attachments are not the safest option, then you may want to try carrying your cat on your shoulders. A cat backpack lets you accomplish that in the safest and neatest way possible. It is worth mentioning that, like a bike ride, cats would not jump into the backpack with the most enthusiasm.

A lot of cats hate the idea of being carried inside a bag, while others afore it. If your cat is of the former category, you may want to start slow, with short trips around local stores and shops. Since cats love to cozen in, go for a more compact bag pack that fits the size of your cat.

For a more versatile use of the bag, you can opt for pet bags with a rigid base, so that you can place them on any surface. We suggest you look for backpacks with heavily meshed fronts or completely transparent ones. That way your cat would not be blinded as you ride your bike and your furry friend enjoys the views outside. You can try LOLLIMEOW Pet Carrier Backpack to carry your cat.

You may also want safety straps, locked zippers, and buckles because if you know your cat, you know how they are masters of making their way out of a bag. Hence, depending on your travel needs and comfort, you can either go for a sling side, front, or backside bag.

Bike Rack and Pet Carrier/Container

Pettom Pet CarrierPettom Pet CarrierCHECK CURRENT PRICE


This is not exactly a carrier to put your cat in and head out, but if you won’t have a rear bike rack that can support whatever bag or trailer you are about to use, you would be in trouble.

Carrying your cat on a basket or bag at the back is convenient if the bike rack is a frame mounted one with longer sides. Good bike racks also have splash guards to protect your cats’ shelter from damage on the road.

Pet seat carriers like Pettom would help you attach the carrier to the bike rack within minutes. Seat carriers bags provide more security, thanks to the all-around zippered locks, and meshed entry ways for views and ventilation of the pet. When you are not carrying your pet, you can detach the carrier off the rack and fold it on for easy storage.

These bags come with headrests, stretchable straps, and a leash to make sure your carrier is fixed to the rack, and your cat is secured in the bag.

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those cat lovers who hate the idea of your cat being left out at home when you are enjoying your bike ride outside, you would want to know the proper ways on how to carry a cat on a bike.

Cats are not the best of travelers but they do enjoy the time when they are on the road. That being said, a passive and steady start to the bike riding sessions that make them used to the sounds and senses of the rides.

Be a slow rider for your meowing kitten and guard the carriers so they always feel safe as you carry them on your bike.

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