How To Carry A Trumpet On A Bike?

The trumpet is one of the most key instruments in a school band and is also a unique instrument in the mix. But carrying them from one place to another is quite the hassle as, unlike most musical instruments, there aren’t many specific carrying methods for carrying trumpets on a bike.

And if you are having trouble with this situation, then you are in luck! Because in this article, we will explain everything you need to know regarding how to transport your trumpet on a bicycle. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

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How to Carry a Trumpet on a Bike?


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Here are the top three methods you can use to carry a trumpet on your bicycle. The good news is that it is easier than transporting large but delicate instruments like a guitar or violin.

Important! Not all trumpets are created equal, so make sure your trumpet will fit in the bag of your choice!

In Rack Bag


This is the most common and straightforward option out there. Rack bags come with a large capacity which is always appreciated. And if you are using an unusually large-sized trumpet, you can always opt for bungee cords.

This will allow you to strap your trumpet’s case with the rack bag. When using a rack bag, you will also have the option to store small and relevant materials to clean and maintain your trumpet.

We recommend using rack bags similar to Bluetop Bicycle Rack Bag, which offers ample storage capacity and breathing room for your trumpet. Make sure the top cover comes with ¾ double zippers because a solid and secured zipper is always helpful for bike journeys.

Another helpful feature you will need to look out for is the handle & shoulder straps. Because having the option to carry your bag is something that you should look out for. As most of the time, if your trumpet is on the rack bag, you will opt for taking the bag directly to practice. Therefore, a strong handle and shoulder straps are necessary to carry your trumpet on a bicycle.

In Pannier Bag

Vuudh Water-Resistant Portable Bike Pannier BagVuudh Water-Resistant Portable Bike Pannier BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Pannier bags are the best option for anyone who wants to move musical instruments on their bike. And that’s because pannier bags offer a copious amount of space to store your equipment and goods. And for a small to medium-sized trumpet, you can quickly put it in without facing any problems.

And due to the specialty of pannier bags, you can store more than one if you want to. And along with that, you can also keep a large number of other items too.

For pannier bags, you should look out for some specific attributes like:

  • Having a strong reinforced polyester fabric as the primary material.
  • Fast equip and detach feature, but make sure they aren’t loose as your bicycle will go through rough roads.
  • Safety should be the topmost priority; therefore, water resistance and reflective strips are also necessary.
  • The bag should also be able to prevent friction.

These factors are a must for a pannier bag to be able to carry your trumpet. For recommendation, we suggest something like the Vuudh Pannier bags.

Vuudh Pannier bags are assembled with non-absorbent 600D strengthened polyester fabric, anti damage and weathering, and are incredibly easy to clean. The Vuudh Pannier is tailored with zipper covers to be more waterproof. However, if the bag is laid bare to a definite, it will be perforated by liquid substances. Yet it is perfect for you to carry your trumpet in.

Vuudh Pannier bags can be swiftly fastened and removed. It is time-saving for those who are taking it to trumpet practice. Of course, it is also usable for any kind of off-bike use. The design is convertible and fits like a glove on the majority of bicycle racks that can be found. Moreover, the reflective strips are there for safety on both sides of the bike bag to ensure vision during the nighttime.

Each Vuudh Pannier bag also has a robust back panel, so you will not decelerate and damage the bag because of constantly stroking against it while using the cycle. This is ideal for supporting trumpets since they tend to be on the pricey side and easily get scratches on the exterior; the bag will prevent this.

The bag’s total capacity is 30 liters, and the key compartment can expand to hold more. Thus it is excellent for transporting laptops, clothes, tools, gadgets, food, instruments, and even trumpets!

Vuudh has always been committed to designing practical, secure, and excellent gadgets for all bicycle riders. The bicycle bag is made of an incredible wear-and-tear-resistant fabric to make it durable. It is made so that you can carry your trumpet because of the fitting space and still savor the journey after leaving work and traveling around in the busy city streets and voyages out in the wilderness.

The bag has the absolute accommodation for any kind of everyday use items, gear for biking, biking helmets, and carrying extremely delicate items. You can carry books, tablets, water bottles, and your trumpet in the main compartment. There is also a front pocket with a zipper for other small items like a mobile phone, wallet, food, handkerchief, or an air pump for your tire.

In Front Bike Basket


Front carriers, more commonly known as front bike baskets, are also an excellent option for carrying your trumpet. But they also come with a slight disadvantage regarding the safety of your trumpet during specific scenarios like sudden brake or going through a rocky road.

Now, you can counter these scenarios by using zip cords and straps, but detaching them becomes an issue.

But if you have no other options, having a bike basket can support you in carrying your trumpet on a cycle. For features of the basket, you should look for a sturdy and robust build with ample space. We recommend something similar to the ZIMFANQI Bike Basket.

In Rear Bike Basket

Now, if you want a bit more open option, then rear bike baskets are the best. They come with a good amount of space, so you won’t have to worry about the size and length of your trumpet. It is the best option for medium and small-sized trumpets. But you can also fit in a large-size trumpet, but you will have to reinforce its attachment.

Additionally, they are straightforward to install, and almost anyone can do it by just following a few easy steps. The racks are built using a special kind of iron, which is coated with a waterproof material to protect them from rust and other dirt. This will make sure your trumpet isn’t damaged either.

When picking rear baskets, you should look for the following:

  • Lightweight and reinforced cage
  • For material alloy still provide the best
  • Must have fast equipped and detach feature

An excellent example of a rear bike basket would be ANZOME Rear Bike Basket.


Anzome Rear Bike Basket is perfect for all kinds of cycles. The basket is manufactured out of incredibly strong iron, and the bike basket rack has superior longevity and is sturdy. The metal bicycle basket is something you can rely on. It can hold up to 40 pounds of weight. It is perfect for you if you happen to have a brass trumpet, as the bike rack can support them with no problems.

The Anzome rear bike basket comes with a triple-layered bag that protects it from abrasion, rust, and overuse. It is made from nylon and PU. It is protective against rain and functional. This is absolutely going to ensure that your trumpet does not get any kind of scratches or rust, even if you do not have a case.

It is also very user-friendly. The bicycle basket has screws and cable ties for swift and straightforward installation. All you have to do is fasten the rack to the back of the bike by using zip ties or attach it to your bicycle with screws. Both methods are straightforward. Do not fret – this is strong enough to hold any kind of trumpet. We are sure there is no chance of the bike basket breaking off from the bike in any type of situation once it is installed correctly.

Other Options

Other options can be used to transport a trumpet on a bicycle. But their efficiency and safety level are questionable. The first option is to carry the trumpet on your back. But for long journeys, this is very uncomfortable as your back will sweat tremendously, making you very uncomfortable, which might lead to unfortunate incidents.

Another option is to carry the trumpet in one hand and control the bicycle with the other. This is very dangerous because controlling & balancing a bike with one hand is extremely difficult. When there is added weight on your other hand, the difficulty reaches a new height. Accidents will be the most likely conclusion in these situations.

Therefore, be safe and use safer methods to carry your trumpet on a bicycle.

Final Thoughts

There aren’t many solid options regarding carrying this musical instrument on a bike. But if you have come this far in the article, then you know the proper methods of how to carry a trumpet on a bike.

So, be careful, and best of luck on your biking adventures!

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