Where To Put Keys While Cycling?

Whether it’s the keys to your house or the keys to your bike, you would have to find a place to securely put your keys while you are riding through the roads.

You can’t slip the keys into the pockets of your pant, because they are high chances the keys would slip out. You could put them into a large backpack too, but access wouldn’t be a breeze, and that’s something we can promise.

Where to put keys while biking is a burning question for cycling enthusiasts and has been for years. Here are a few places you can slip on that key and take it out without a jiffy.

Where to Put Keys While Biking?

Bags and pockets! That’s where you can put your keys while biking. However, depending on what else you have to carry, what kind of ride you are up for, and consequently your comfort, you may be able to safely carry your keys using the following:

Triangle Bike Frame Bag

Triangular bike frame bags, as the name suggests, are specially designed to sit right in the scopes of your bike frame. These bags usually have elastic or sometimes nonelastic Velcro straps that can be strapped into almost any bike frame you can think of.

While few styles come with flap style, you may want the triangle frame bag with zippered compartments and smaller pockets if you need to carry keys while you are riding. Larger gears would fit right in, with bag sizes varying from the smallest to largest.

The position of the bag improves the stability of the bike, thanks to the center of gravity, and the sleek design means aerodynamics is never disturbed. Plus, you can access your keys even when you are on the go.

Handlebar Bike Bag

Similar to the triangle bike frame bag, another way of keeping your hands and body free while riding is attaching your bag onto the bike itself. And to put something as small and necessary as a key, we cannot think of a better place than a handlebar bag right in front of your eyes, strapped securely in the handlebar.

The advantage of using a handlebar bag instead of a bag in the frame of the bike is that it does not create any impediment in the movement of your limbs while pedaling. You don’t even need an extra pannier rack for such a bag.

Bikers often prefer a handlebar bag to put their keys into them because such bags can double up as your wallet substitute, for its size and versatile of use.

Bibs Pocket

We are certain you have heard of bib shorts used by bikers who are taken on more cutting terrains. These bib shorts sport with bib pockets that are particularly designed to carry small accessories like a key.

Although we do not recommend carrying metal or sharp keys on your body while riding, bibs pockets are small and constricted enough to restrict the movement of your keys.

If you are looking to carry your keys for shorter, smoother rides, a bibs pocket is a safe vault for your keys. However, for something as tiny as a key, you may need bib shorts with pockets that have small compartments that are easier to access. There is no point in putting a key into a bib pocket that feels like a maze every time you try to get your keys out.


As specific as the name suggests, Bikey is a bag made particularly for your keys while you are riding. The size is compact and uses the hook and loop technology making these perfect to put your keys and forget about any possible fallout.

The small bag is padded all around, which means your bike frames have no chances of getting scratched from your keys or bag buckles.

What’s so great about such a bag is its ability to wrap around in any frame and position on the bike. Since they are uniquely made for your keys, the bag can be installed and taken off in no time.

With bags and all the compartments, your keys can often get lost even inside the pockets you kept in. A key specialized bag will make sure that never happens.

Waist Pack Bag or Sling Bag

We love a good sling bag because of how functional they are when it comes to safely putting your keys in them, but also because of how good they look on a biker. These bags can be worn around the waist or across your chest and usually consists of adjustable straps to change the fitting.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of a bag strapped against your body while you’re riding, this won’t be your favorite place to put the keys in. However, sling bags and waist pack bags have been old friends of bikers who want to carry any gear with them, let alone a key. Few sling bags have both interior and exterior pockets with zips for extra security for your keys.

Zipped Pockets

Before we tell you that this is an option, we’d also recommend you dwell on the other ways and places to put keys while biking. In case you are in a hurry and need to carry your keys a short, safe distance on your bike, zippered jersey or pant pockets can be a safe place.

Before bike bags and frame bags, this is what bikers have been doing to take in their keys with them. However, because of possible injuries from the sharp key edges, if one falls off a bike, this is a road less taken.

It is also only safe to carry keys in a pant pocket if they consist of Velcro as well as zippers. Otherwise, you’d never know when your key has slipped away into the roads and you’d be left without one. Your cycling jersey will often have pockets with wither straps or zips and you can always put your keys into one of them for easy access.

Smartphone Armband

We know what you’re thinking, how would a smartphone come in handy to put keys while biking? Well, armbands or waistbands like Tribe would definitely help!

They come with hidden key holders where you can put your keys while biking. These armbands have elastic straps to securely store your smartphone and keys.

They are built with Neoprene and Lycra which makes them lightweight and compact. The upper layer is built with high-quality leatherette which adds precision to overall build quality. If you don’t want to carry your smartphone in your pockets or use anything else to carry it, these armbands with key holder is the perfect solution for you!

Final Thoughts

For eons, cyclists have been perplexed about where to put keys while biking. Back in the day, there were no specialized bags for keys. The ones available are often upset with the aerodynamics of the bike.

You may also keep in mind that It’s not always safe to carry your keys in your jersey or pant pockets. Hence, if you are planning to carry them in pockets, you may want to be mindful and persuade away if your riding takes you to gravel roads.

For that, any of the bike bags we have mentioned is a dependable way to carry your keys.

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