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How to Carry a Kayak on a Bike?

Biking and Kayaking are on the top of refreshing adventures you can go to. You will need to carry your kayak on your bike when doing them both. Carrying your kayak on your bike is a relatively new idea, and this has a lot of appeal among adventurers.

There are many ways to carry your kayak on your bikes, like trailers, tow bars, and portage carts. You can even make one of these yourself if you want to. In this modern era, you can conveniently carry everything you like with you if you know what to look for. In addition, carrying a kayak on a bike is already a norm nowadays. Today, we will talk about ways and some other things to keep in mind.

Challenges of Carrying a Kayak on a Bike

Carrying a kayak on a bike can be a challenging task to do. Although carrying your kayak on a bike is a very good option for your trips. Still, there are challenges to this task.

Extra Expenses

Expense is a big challenge when carrying a kayak on a bike. There are a lot of trailers available in the market ranging from $60 – $569. This is a lot of money for adventurers on a budget.

Extra Weight on Your Bike

The average weight of a kayak is around 20-80 pounds. And a bike weighs around 17-80 pounds. When riding a bike, all this weight will slow down the biker and make them tired a lot quicker than normal. Therefore, when carrying a kayak on a bike, you should not plan to travel long distances.

Safety Issues

Not everyone can tie a knot properly. If not tied down properly on the trailer, it can slide down and create an accident. Furthermore, you can know knots, but there can still be problems like knot tears.

How to Carry a Kayak on a Bike?

There are only a few ways of carrying kayaks on bikes. Using a bike trailer is the best option for them all. Just put your kayak on the trailer and carry your boat to your beautiful destination.

Carry Your Kayak on the Bike Trailer

Kayaking across banks is a great way to see new sights, with fresh landscape appearing around every bend. However, it does provide one formidable nightmare: you must park one bike at the hold position before beginning and then transport another bike upriver to the lay. Alternatively, you can ask someone to pick you up. In any case, it’s hardly a one-soul job. Bike Trailers allow you to carry your kayak on your bike all the way around.

How to Attach a Kayak on a Bike Trailer

Attaching your trailer with your bike to carry your kayak is pretty simple. You need to shuffle around to set up everything. A rubber tubing is secured towards the hook by two metal hooks. Start removing one clip from the tube and slide it off the bicycle to release the attachment. Put the hitch together, slip the tube over the latch, and secure the pin.

While the bike rotates, the rubber tube enables the attachment to swivel around the bike frame. The large screw and nyloc nuts permit the hook to rotate as your bike swings sideways. As both the trailer and bike travel up or down, the rubber hoses and bumpers allow some movement.

Alternative Methods

Apart from using a bike trailer, you can also use other methods. Here are two ways for you:

Use Portage Carts

Apart from modern trailers, you can use portage carts to carry your kayak on a bike. These portage carts will help you load your kayak on this cart and carry your kayak on your bike.

Use Bars to Carry Your Kayak

You can use two bars to carry your kayak. You can install a tow bar on your bike to tow your kayak. These two bars will help to drag your kayak to the destination.

Bad Alternative Methods That Will Not Work

There are many bad ways to carry a kayak on a bike. According to the terrain, you can drag the kayak, which will damage the kayak. Whether it is plastic, fiberglass, or composite, it will be damaged. There can be damage such as dents, holes, and breaks.


To conclude, carrying your kayak on a bike is convenient if you properly know how to use these tools. However, the challenges can be tricky for beginners with the expenses, weights, and tying difficult knots.

Even though there are a few challenges, you can easily carry a kayak on a bike with the help of trailers, portage carts, and tow bars. You can even build yourself a trailer if you have the skills. There are no boundaries to what you do with your bike and kayak in these modern times.

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