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How To Ride A Bike With an Umbrella In The Rain?

Riding in the rain may not be a pleasant experience for every cyclist. We all have different preferences, and if you don’t like riding your bike in the shower, there’s a solution for you. You can always ride with an umbrella on the handlebars of your bike.

However, some people doubt the safety of this method. This article will discuss whether it makes sense to ride a bike in the rain with an umbrella and how you can attach an umbrella to your bike.

Riding a bike with an umbrella isn’t only beneficial in the rain but also in other situations. Let’s start with that right now.

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How Do I Ride a Bike in the Rain With an Umbrella?

Many people hold the umbrella in one hand and steer the bicycle with their free hand, but this is very dangerous. The best way to carry an umbrella in the rain is to attach it to your bike. There are several products you can use for this.

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Umbrella Mount

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There are multiple umbrella mounts like the Flexzion umbrella holder that you can use to attach your umbrella to your bike. Usually, they come with a stand that can be attached to the handlebars.

The stand holds the umbrella firmly, and you don’t have to hold it with your hands. So you can operate the bike with both hands, which helps you ride safely.

Dealing With Wind Resistance

Are you worried about the umbrella blowing away or the ribs getting damaged by the strong wind? There’s a solution for that as well. If it’s a quality product, it’s sure to be equipped with a retractable cord that will keep the ribs of the umbrella stable and firm all the time. These retractable cords are attached to the handlebars.

There’s a hook attached to the end of the cord. You need to pull the cord on the hook and hook it on one of the umbrella ribs. This will prevent the rib from breaking in strong winds. It also prevents the umbrella from tipping over.

Umbrella Benefits For Cyclists

These umbrellas are designed to protect you from rain, but that’s not the only thing they can do. In this section, we’ll take a look at the benefits you can expect from these umbrellas.

Protection from Rain

Since the umbrella is attached to the handlebars right in front of you, it can protect you from the raindrops that fall at an angle while you ride. Plus, the span of the umbrella also covers your head, so you won’t get wet when you’re not mobile.

UV Protection

Another fantastic feature of these umbrellas is that they can act like moving shade trees. Many umbrellas offer UV protection. The level of UV protection can vary, and some don’t even provide that.

We highly recommend you look for an umbrella with UV protection. The lowest level of UV protection rating we recommend is UV 50+. These umbrellas can protect you from harmful UV rays when riding in the middle of the day. They also get cooled by the wind over time. So you won’t feel any heat radiation and will have a comfortable riding experience over time.


Some of the best umbrellas come with a customizable stem. If the umbrella placement isn’t right after installation, you can adjust the angle so that you’re adequately protected. With this feature, you can adjust the umbrella to protect you regardless of the angle or direction the rain or sun is coming from.

Is Cycling Safe With an Umbrella?

Many cyclists on the Internet question the safety and practicality of mounting an umbrella on a bicycle. In this section, we’ll discuss these concerns to find out if they’re really unsafe or not.

Reaction to Wind

When you ride with an umbrella, you’re either riding into the wind or riding with it. If you’re riding into the wind, you’ll have to deal with significant drag, likely slowing you down. If the wind is blowing at an angle, it may be challenging to find a straight path.

If the wind is blowing in the same direction as you, you’ll have difficulty maintaining your speed because the wind will force you to go faster. Also, in such situations, it’s challenging to stop your bike.

May Block Your View

Even though this won’t happen if you’re careful enough, the umbrella can block your view if you place it too low. This means you can’t see what’s going on around you, which can even lead to fatal accidents. However, this can be easily fixed by placing your umbrella considerably high.

Stability Problem

Another problem that most people worry about is that the umbrella may get inverted when facing strong wind gusts. It can even happen that the wind breaks the ribs of the umbrella. However, most quality umbrellas suitable for mounting on a bicycle have retractable cords that can prevent this from happening. So there should be no problems in this regard either.

How to Properly Hold an Umbrella While Cycling?

One of the questions we’re often asked is how you should hold an umbrella while cycling. While we don’t recommend holding the umbrella in your hand, sometimes there’s just no other way.

So if you really need to hold an umbrella while cycling, you should follow this section. You can’t hold the umbrella with two hands because then you won’t be able to steer your bike. Therefore, we recommend that you hold the handlebars with your dominant hand. With the other hand, you should hold the umbrella.

If it’s just drizzling, you can lean the umbrella back a bit and try to put the shaft on your shoulder. However, how you point the umbrella depends significantly on the wind direction. This is one of the most essential points to keep in mind. The wind direction can change, and you need to be aware of this and adjust the orientation of the umbrella accordingly. If you don’t, you’ll just end up getting soaked by the rain.

If the wind is very strong, you shouldn’t hold the umbrella backwards. Because if the wind changes direction and blows on the inside of the umbrella, you’ll lose control of the bike. The same can happen if you hold the umbrella sideways. Therefore, we recommend holding the umbrella towards your front if you’re facing strong wind currents.

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As you can see, some of the concerns about using an umbrella while riding are quite valid. However, most of them only apply when you’re holding the umbrella in your hand.

If you get an umbrella holder that can be attached to your bike, you won’t have to worry about these concerns. They’re designed to give you a safe riding experience, and that’s a good thing.

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