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How To Ride A Bike With an Umbrella In The Rain?

Riding in the rain may not be a pleasant experience for every biker. We all have different preferences, and if you don’t prefer riding a bike in the rain, there’s a solution for you. You can always ride with an umbrella installed on the handlebars of your bike.

However, some people question the safety of this method. In this article, we’ll discuss the viability of riding a bike with an umbrella in the rain, and we’ll also share how you can install an umbrella on your bike.

Furthermore, riding a bike with an umbrella will not benefit you when it’s raining, but it can benefit you in other scenarios as well. Let’s get right into these.

How to Ride a Bike with an Umbrella in the Rain

While a lot of people are seen to be carrying the umbrella with one hand and handling the bike with their free hand, this is definitely very dangerous. The best way of carrying an umbrella in the rain is by installing it on your bike. There are a variety of products that can enable you to do this.

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You’ll find different umbrellas that are designed to be installed on bikes. These usually come with a stand that can be installed on the handlebars. The stand will keep the umbrella firm, and you won’t have to use any of your hands to hold that in place. This will allow you to handle the bike with both of your hands, and that can help you ride safely.

Wind Resistance

Worrying that the umbrella might blow away or the ribs may get damaged due to strong wind force? There’s a solution to this as well. If it’s a quality product, then it’s bound to come with a retractable cord that’s designed to hold the ribs of the umbrella steady and firm all the time. These retractable cords are meant to be installed on the handlebars.

There will be a hook attached to the end of the cord. You need to pull the cord by the hook and hook it up with one of the ribs of the umbrella. This will prevent the rib from breaking when facing a strong force of the wind. With this, the umbrella won’t get inverted either.


These umbrellas are designed to protect you from rain, but that’s not the only thing that they can do. In this section, we’ll take a look at the benefits that you can expect to receive from these umbrellas.

Protection from Rain

As the umbrella will be installed on the handlebars right in front of you, it’ll be able to protect you from the raindrops that seem to be falling at an angle when you’re riding. Plus, the span of the umbrella will cover your head as well, so you won’t get drenched when you aren’t mobile.

UV Protection

Another amazing thing about these umbrellas is that they can act like moving shade trees. You’ll find tons of umbrellas that offer UV protection. The level of UV protection that they offer may vary, and some of them may not provide that even.

We highly recommend looking for an umbrella that offers UV protection. The least UV rating we recommend looking for is UV 50+. These umbrellas can protect you from the harmful UV rays when you’re riding before sunset. Plus, these will get cool over time, thanks to the wind. So, you won’t feel any heat radiation from them, which will provide a comfortable riding experience over time.


Some of the top-tier umbrellas come with a customizable stem. If the placement of the umbrella isn’t accurate after installation, then you’ll be able to customize the angle so that you get adequate protection. Using this feature, you can adjust the umbrella to protect yourself no matter which angle and direction the rain or the sun are coming from.

Is Riding a Bike with an Umbrella Safe?

You’ll find tons of riders on the internet questioning the safety and viability of installing an umbrella on a bike. In this section, we’ll discuss those concerns to figure out whether they’re truly unsafe or not.

Reaction to Wind

When you ride with an umbrella, you’ll either be riding against the wind stream or with it. Now, if you’re going against the stream, then you’ll face a considerable amount of resistance, and that’s likely to slow you down. In fact, if the wind is coming at an angle, then you may face difficulties in maintaining a straight path.

On the other hand, if the wind stream is traveling in the same direction as yours, then you may find it tough to maintain the speed you’re riding at, as the wind will force you to ride faster. Plus, it’s also very tough to stop your bike in such scenarios.

May Block Sight

Although this isn’t going to happen if you’re cautious enough, the umbrella you’ve installed may block your line of sight if you position it too low. This will keep you from being conscious about what’s going on around you, and it may even lead to fatal accidents. However, it can be fixed easily by placing your umbrella considerably high.

Stability Issue

Another thing most people are concerned about is that the umbrella may get inverted when facing strong gusts of wind. In fact, the wind may even end up breaking the ribs of the umbrella. However, most of the quality umbrellas that are designed to be installed on bikes come with retractable cords that can prevent this from happening. So, there shouldn’t be any problem regarding this either.


As you can see, some of the concerns regarding using an umbrella while riding are definitely legit. However, most of them apply only when you’re carrying the umbrella in your hands. When you get an umbrella that’s designed to be mounted on a bike, you won’t have to worry about these concerns. These umbrellas are designed to offer a safe riding experience, and you will receive nothing less from them.

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