How To Carry A Violin On A Bike?

If you are a violinist or planning to become one, then one of the most irritating scenarios that you will face is how to carry them. And if you happen to use a bike for transportation then the idea of carrying your violin can seem daunting at first.

You might have searched many sites for guidance and failed. But don’t worry because, in this article, we will break down every possible method that you can use to carry your violin on a bike. And we can assure you one of these methods will be the perfect fit for you and your violin. So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

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How to Carry a Violin on a Bike?

Here are the best methods that you can apply regarding carrying your violin on a bike.


Violin Case With Backpack Straps

This is the most optimal and highly used method used by a violinist who carries their violins on their bikes. You need to get a backpack that comes with good cushioning and strong shoulder straps and you are good to go. That being said, make sure the height adjusts with your violin’s overall height.

Many violinists who carry their instruments on their bikes prefer the Cushy Delux Carry Bag for Violins. I also recommended this product but it may be difficult to find it these days.

Bam Peak Performance Violin Case is another cycling musicians’ favorite with similar features.

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As you will have to carry the violin backpack on your back, make sure that the shoulder straps are strong and comfortable.

If your violin comes with a case that has shoulder straps then you can use that to carry your violin in your bag. But that being said, your violin case will have to be very sturdy but at the same time comfortable for your back and shoulders. And only top-of-the-line cases have this type of feature. So, unless you have a premium case, this method will be very uncomfortable for you.

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Pannier Bag

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Now if you want to carry a violin on your bike, then one of the best options that you can opt for is pannier bags. Because of their copious amount of space if managed properly you can fit two mid to small size violins easily. But if you have a very large violin then it may stick out.

If that’s the case then make sure that your pannier bags come with straps built inside the bag. This way you can strap in your violin case or violin so that there will be no possible scenarios of it bursting out of the bag in rocky roads and tracks.

Now for pannier bags, there are quite a few attributes that you need to look out for. And these attributes are:

The bag must have a strong reinforced polyester fabric as its primary material.

  • It should include a fast equip and detach feature, but they shouldn’t be loose at the same time because your bike might have to go through some rough & rocky roads in your travels.
  • Water resistance should also be a top priority if you live in an area or going to an area where there is the possibility of rain or snow.
  • Also, make sure that the bag is able to withstand and avoid friction.

If you can get all these attributes on your pannier bag, then you can be sure that your violin will be safe and sound whenever you carry them using your pannier bag on a bike. For recommendation, we suggest getting something like the Vuudh Pannier bags.

Front Bike Basket


Front bike baskets are also a great option for carrying your violin with a challenge. The issue that you face with this method is that the safety of your violin during sudden breaking or going through a rocky road is very difficult if you haven’t strapped the violin case firmly.

Also detaching the straps can take a good amount of time and if you are in a hurry then this can become a nightmare.

But if you have no other options, then having a front carrier to support you in carrying your violin can be a good option. You should look out for a strong and sturdy basket that comes with a good amount of space to place your violin case. For recommendation, we recommend something similar to the ZIMFANQI Bike Basket.

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Rack Bag

Next is rack bags. They come with a large capacity it allows you to put your violin right inside it without any problem. Large size violins may stick out a bit. But in that case, you can always tie your violin case with your rack bag by using straps.  You can also have multiple storage options when going with a rack bag as they offer multiple pockets for convenience.

When picking a rack bag, you should focus on getting a double-sided zipper because when traveling on a bike the road can be very difficult and if the zipper isn’t strong enough, your violin might just burst out. And that is something, we all want to avoid. We recommend using rack bags similar to Bluetop Bicycle Rack Bag, which offers ample storage capacity and breathing room for your violin case.

All though this isn’t a necessary feature, you should try to get a rack bag that offers good shoulder straps. Because you will most likely, carry the bag into your practice or performance. And you don’t want to drop your precious violin now, do you?

So, try to get a rack bag with good shoulder straps for the safety of your violin.

Ways NOT To Carry A Violin

Now, there are a few other options that we haven’t picked because of how risky and inefficient they are. And we suggest that you should avoid them no matter how dire the situation is.

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Violin Case In Your Hand

The first method that you should avoid is carrying your violin case in your hand. Maintaining balance on a bike is very difficult, to begin with. And if you don’t have to go for other options then you might be tempted to carry it in your hand, but don’t.

Because most of the time, you won’t be able to control your bike’s balance. And in a sudden break situation, you will most likely fall off your bike. So, it’s safe to say that following this method is a recipe for disaster.

Violin Hard Case Attached To Bike

Another option that you should try to avoid is attaching your violin or violin’s case to your bike’s body. Not only is this uncomfortable for the biker but also poses a great risk to the violin itself. Because one small incident will lead to permanent damage to your precious instrument. So, avoid this method for your violin’s safety.

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Final Thoughts

Carrying your violin on your bike isn’t something that most violinists plan on. But if you think there are no solid options then you are wrong. And if you have come this far in the article then you know why.

Hopefully, this article helped you to find the answer to the question, of how to carry a violin on your bicycle. And if so, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your violin on your bike and start your adventure as a violinist on a bike. Best of luck!

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