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How To Carry A Laptop On A Bike?

Some things are just essential to carry nowadays, and one of them is the laptop. Although carrying laptops isn’t much of a hassle usually, things can get pretty tough if you’re looking forward to carrying them on a bike.

To make things easier for you, we’re going to share all the possible ways in which you can carry a laptop on a bike. Once you go through this article, you’ll get to know multiple viable ways of how to carry a laptop on a bike so that you can choose the best possible way for yourself out of them.

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Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop BackpackVolher Laptop BackpackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Firstly, you can try carrying the laptop in a laptop backpack. What makes these backpacks different from regular backpacks is that there’s usually a special compartment inside the backpack that’s built to keep your laptop safe from scratches and dents.

You can usually get one of these from the store you’re buying the laptop from. If you don’t get it during the purchase of your laptop, you can usually get one from any online marketplace, and we recommend doing that because you’ll get to choose from a higher variety of products on online stores.

When purchasing a laptop backpack, it’s important to ensure that it’s waterproof. Imagine carrying your laptop in a backpack while it’s raining. If the backpack isn’t waterproof, you’ll only end up ruining your laptop, along with all the data stored in it.

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This is why a laptop backpack is considered a safe method of carrying a laptop on a bike. In fact, you can carry your backpack on these easily no matter what your medium of transport is. These are comfortable to wear around your back, and you can choose a bag depending on the size of your laptop so that you aren’t forced to carry a bag bigger than absolutely necessary.

If you’re looking for a quality laptop backpack, we highly recommend this one from Volher. You can get this in both 17 inch and 15.6-inch dimensions, which makes it perfect for carrying laptops. Although it’s a laptop backpack, it offers just enough space to carry other things alongside your laptop. It’s built like a tank and it’s water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ruining your laptop in rain. You’ll be able to store other electronic devices in it too.

Other than that, it comes with some extra features like a hidden anti-theft pocket, built-in USB charging cable, and USB jack, all of which serve to make this bag more functional and safer.

It’s definitely one of the best backpacks that you can purchase right now.

Regular Backpack

Under Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 BackpackUnder Armour Adult Hustle 4.0 BackpackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you don’t want to get a laptop bag, then you can definitely make do with a regular backpack. The thing with regular cycling backpacks is that, unlike laptop backpacks, they aren’t built to help you carry a laptop. If you aren’t looking forward to carrying other stuff along with your laptop, then you’ll be well off with a laptop backpack.

However, if you’re going to carry other things with your laptop, then getting yourself a regular backpack is the better choice.

If you’re looking for a quality regular backpack, you can take a look at this one from Under Armour Adult Hustle. It’s built with tons of amazing features, so we guarantee that you’ll love it. It offers water-repellant pockets where you can carry your electronic devices. It also offers a 15” laptop sleeve where you can carry your laptop safely. This is why this backpack is much more suitable for carrying a laptop than other regular backpacks.

It offers two side bottle pockets, and there’s also a D-ring on the front panel for additional attachment points. The bottom panel is tough and abrasion-free. There’s also a large shoe/laundry pocket on the bottom of the bag, and it makes it even more convenient.

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Messenger Bag


Another thing that you can do is carry your laptop in a bike messenger bag. Messenger bags are great ways of carrying your laptop if you don’t prefer carrying a backpack with you. These will rest along your shoulder and your back comfortably, and these are pretty easy and convenient to carry as well.

The main problem with these is that it’s tough to find a messenger bag that’ll allow you to carry a laptop comfortably, as most of them aren’t designed to store a laptop. To help you find the right one for yourself, we’re going to share a product that we’ve come across during our research.

We’re recommending none other than the OIWAS messenger bag. This bag is made from a waterproof material that has a 600D strength, so it’ll be able to protect your electronics even in rainy conditions. The sole weight of this bag is 1.22 lb, and its capacity is 14.2L. Its design will allow you to carry it either as a messenger bag or as a laptop bag.

It’s not only crafted to be a premium bag, but it looks very premium too. Overall, it’s an amazing bag and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for something other than a backpack.

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Bike Pannier

Rhinowalk Bike Bag Waterproof Bike Pannier BagRhinowalk Bike Bag Waterproof Bike Pannier BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Finally, we have the bike panniers. These are like universal solutions to carrying anything on a bike. As long as you have a bike pannier, you won’t have to worry about carrying stuff on your bike. These are to be attached to your bike, and they will allow you to carry a ton of stuff at once.

Most bike panniers come with some sort of water resistance. However, as your main focus is to carry a huge electronic device, we’d recommend focusing on getting a waterproof pannier. And for that, we highly recommend the pannier from Rhinowalk.

Rhinowalk offers a high-quality, lightweight, waterproof bike pannier that can be attached to the rear rack of your bicycle. It comes in a beautiful, vibrant yellow color that can be seen from afar even in the dark. It’s crafted with high-quality 840D double-sided TPU waterproof material that’s IPX5 waterproof. It’s also wear-resisting, cold-proof, anti-tear, and heat-resisting. You won’t need a rain cover to prevent water from entering this.

It also offers 27L of carrying capacity, and there are different sections in the pannier that’ll allow you to carry different devices and documents, including your laptop.

As you can see, it’s not only built like a tank but it’s built to facilitate laptop carrying as well. This is why we highly recommend this pannier.

Dos and Don’ts of Carrying a Laptop on a Bike

Carrying a laptop on a bike is easy, but things can go very wrong very fast. However, if you’re cautious about the dos and don’ts, then it’ll be easier for you to keep your laptop safe. In this section, we’ll go through the dos and don’ts so that you can get yourself a bag that can help you carry your laptop safely.

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The first thing that you need to do is look for a waterproof bag. If the bag isn’t waterproof, you won’t be able to protect your laptop from the water. Most bags come with some level of waterproof level. You should go for the highest rating that you can find out there. We guarantee that you won’t regret making this choice.

Another thing that you must consider before buying a suitable bag for carrying a laptop is its dimensions. If the dimensions of the bag don’t match that of the laptops, then you won’t be able to fit the laptop properly. If the bag is smaller, then the laptop won’t fit. If it’s bigger, then the laptop may tumble around.


No matter what, never carry your laptop without any bag. You never know when it’s going to rain, and if it really does, then you won’t be able to protect your laptop. When you look for a bag, make sure to go for a waterproof one, otherwise having a covering won’t matter that much either.

Another thing to ensure is that you actually feel comfortable with the medium you’ll be choosing. Let’s say you settle with a backpack. However, you may feel that you’d have done better going with a pannier. Make sure to consider all of your options properly so that you don’t regret what you settle.

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These were the best methods of carrying a laptop on a bike. Now that you know all of them, it’s time to pick the right one for yourself. Well, there’s no perfect or best option here. All of these methods offer some advantages and some drawbacks, and whether a method will suit you depends completely on you.

As everything boils down to your preference, we highly recommend considering every method so that you can find the right one for yourself.

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