How To Carry Work Clothes On A Bike?

Riding your bike to work promotes a healthy lifestyle for many who can’t put on extra time for workouts due to heavy hours in the office. Now, if you commute on the bicycle and have a strict dress code to maintain in your workplace then you need to know how to carry work clothes on a bike. Of course, you can try to bike to work in your suit but there are so many ways that can go wrong that I do not suggest trying it.

And this might come as a surprise to many, but trasnporting your work clothes on a bicycle can be quite a challenge if you want to have your work clothes free of sweat, wrinkles, and creases.

But don’t worry as in this article, we will go through the three most useful options that you can use to carry your work clothes while on a bicycle. We will also include a few methods that you should leave out. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

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How to Carry Work Clothes on a Bike?

Here are the best methods that you can make use of to carry your work clothes while riding your bicycle to work if you want to avoid getting sweaty and ruining your office attire.

Using a Backpack to Carry Your Work Clothes

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Bike backpacks are a great option for carrying anything sort of clothing in general. And if you can use them optimally then you can easily carry your work clothes in them. The key point that you will need to look out for is how to fold your work clothes so that they don’t crease.

The backpack must come with ample breathing room for the work clothes but shouldn’t be too large so that your work clothes change position and start creasing when the bicycle is going through a rocky landscape.

Make sure that the backpack is waterproof and sweatproof because backpacks generate a lot of sweat during a bike ride. Also, ensure that your backpack comes with good shoulder straps, as they will be holding the bag for you.

A little con you might run into when using a backpack to carry your work clothes is that small backpacks won’t be able to carry your shoes. So, unless the backpack is quite large, you won’t have a good option to carry your shoes. Therefore, if you need to carry your shoes too, then you will have to opt for a different option.

Now, that being said, you can easily solve this problem by adding a front or rear carrier to your bicycle. We suggest a backpack that comes with similar features to the Osprey Ultralight Stuff Pack .

Using a Pannier Bag to Carry Your Work Clothes

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Another great option that you can use to carry your work clothes is pannier bag. Pannier bags come with a large capacity which can be helpful for you to place your work clothes properly without creasing them. And the extra space can be filled with your accessories like laptops, shoes, towels, and more.

Now if you are picking a pannier bag for your work clothes then there are a good number of features that you should look out for. You should make sure that the pannier bag comes with the following features:

  • It should have a strong reinforced polyester fabric as the primary material.
  • Must include fast equip and detach feature.
  • The bag should come with water resistance.
  • The bag should also be able to prevent friction.

For recommendation, we suggest getting something similar to the Vuudh Pannier bags.

Carrying Your Work Clothes on a Rack Bag


This is a bit uncommon method but if your work clothes come with a heavyweight then we suggest you go with rack bags as they offer more durability and offer a good amount of space at the same time too.

We suggest using bags that offer features that are similar to Bluetop Bicycle Rack Bag, which offers ample storage capacity and breathing room for your clothes and other equipment. Ensure that the top cover has ¾ double zippers so that the bag has a solid and secured zipper. This will be extremely helpful on long rocky roads.

Another useful attribute that you need to look out for has a strong handle & shoulder strap. As you will have to carry your bag from time to time. Therefore, getting a rack bag that comes with a strong handle and shoulder straps is necessary, to say the least.

These are the top three methods that you can follow to transport your work clothes on a bicycle. There are some other options that you might consider but they don’t provide as much safety and security as the mentioned methods.

If you are looking for ways to bring your suit to your office, you should check out my article about ways to carry a suit on a bike.

What to Avoid when Carrying Your Work Clothes on a Bike?

Now there are quite a few options that one should avoid to carry work clothes on a bicycle.

Do Not Carry Work Clothes In Your Hand While Riding a Bike

This is a risky option and we don’t encourage you to try this. As many things can go wrong. The most critical issue with this option is maintaining the balance of the bicycle. Balancing a bike with one hand is very hard for most cyclists and even that is an understatement.

Now, even if you somehow managed to maintain your bicycle’s balance you can’t guarantee that your work clothes won’t get ruined in the process.

Therefore, don’t try to carry your work clothes in one hand and ride to your work. It will risk your safety immensely and might lead to serious injuries.

Final Thoughts

Commuting on a bike can be very difficult regarding maintaining the quality of your clothes, let alone work clothes. So, it is safe and quite important to know how to carry work clothes on a bike. But many step down to take this initiative because they don’t find it very difficult, to begin with.

But now that you know the options and the methods that you can use to carry your work clothes, we hope that you will start putting them to good use almost immediately. So, start preparing for going to work while carrying your work clothes on a bike, and best of luck!

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