How To Carry A Rifle On A Bicycle?

Many hunters and hunting enthusiasts found themselves intrigued by hunting bikes due to several reasons. One of them is being able to carry a rifle or weapon while riding a bike. As a person interested in hunting, you must be wondering how to carry a rifle on a bicycle.

When you are out hunting, there are two instances where you need to carry your rifle on your bicycle. One, when you are riding the bike for hunting, and two, when the weapon is not in use. You must carry the weapon in such a way so that you can easily withdraw it when you see your prey.

In this guide, we will discuss the three ways of carrying a rifle on a bicycle.

How to Carry a Rifle While Cycling?

There are several ways you can carry a rifle on a bicycle. In this guide, we’ve explored the most convenient ways for you.

Use a Gun Rack

When the question of how to carry a rifle on a bicycle arises, there is another way available. Carry your rifle on a gun rack that is made for ATV bikes when you go out hunting. You can mount these racks on your bicycle even though these racks are not made for regular bicycles.

The ATDAWN Gun Rack is a pretty good choice to consider if you are looking for a good quality gun rack for your bicycle. You can use this gun rack to carry rifles, shotguns, bows, and so on, on any vehicle. The two flexible and durable clamps and rubber straps of this gun rack protect the weapons and offer a custom fit.

Carry the Rifle on Your Back

One of the most common ways of carrying a rifle on a hunting trip is to strap it directly to your back. In order to ensure that the rifle rests comfortably on your back, make sure that the rifle is compatible with your height. You must be quick and stealthy in the wilderness as it is completely filled with trees and bushes.

If you want to carry a rifle on your back comfortably, you can also use an adjustable back sling. You can easily adjust the back sling to a length that fits your rifle. Before going out on a hunting trip with your rifle, make sure that you measure the length of your rifle in inches.

Extend your arms outwards fully and measure from your chest to your fingertips. Record the measurement and add an inch to the measurement. The measurement of the rifle and chest to fingertips is essential as this determines how long the rifle and sling should be.

Many people often overlook the step of taking measurements as they do not consider it essential. If you want to ensure that you are carrying the rifle comfortably, then the rifle and the sling must fit properly to the hunter’s height.

The correct way of carrying a sling is to put it over your back and under your shoulder. In this way, the rifle rests on the hunter’s back at an angle and saves it from colliding with the bushes and tree branches. It is crucial to ensure that the sling does not affect your mobility.

Make sure that you can still move freely with your sling in all directions. Practice with the sling properly before heading out for your hunting trip to ensure that you are completely prepared. Try moving in all directions and see whether the weapon remains still and does not bounce continuously. You can now go out for a hunt after you make sure that the rifle is in place.

Attach the Rifle to Your Backpack

You can carry a rifle on a bicycle with you easily by attaching it to your cycling backpack. The backpack can hold a lot of items you can use on the hunt including your knife. However, the problem arises when it comes to fitting the rifle into the backpack. The majority of rifles and shotguns are quite long, and this makes it hard to attach the rifle to a backpack.

When it comes to attaching a heavy object to the side of a backpack, you must place the end of the object in the bag’s side pocket. Strap the object on the sides of the bag to hold it in place. However, attaching a rifle to a backpack in this manner would be impractical.

The rifle would end up being above your head by several feet, and that would hinder your movements on your hunting trip. The easiest solution to this problem would be attaching the lower end of the rifle to the end of the backpack. This would allow the rifle to be more centered and balanced at the side of the bag. You can easily achieve this by using a back sling as well.

How to Carry a Rifle on a Hunting E-bike?

We know how to carry a rifle on a bicycle. There is not much difference between a regular bicycle and an electric bicycle. The ways of carrying a rifle on an electric hunting bike are the same as carrying a rifle on a normal bicycle. However, there is an additional way of carrying hunting weapons on a bicycle.

Hunting electric bikes have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and these bikes have customized cargo trailers. Hunters can use these cargo trailers to carry their weapons and equipment to the forest and also carry their prey back home.

Benefits of Using a Hunting E-Bike over a Regular Bicycle

Using an electric hunting bike obviously has a few noticeable benefits over a regular bicycle. The most popular benefits are:

  • Hunting bikes are almost noiseless
  • Hunting bikes require very less maintenance
  • It is a way more economical choice
  • These bikes can easily tackle even the narrowest terrains
  • It is easier to use and is lightweight

What to Keep in Mind

We all know that safety comes before anything. Although you can carry a rifle with you easily, you must not do so until you are 100 percent sure that it is safe.

There are two common safety precautions that every hunter must take before carrying a rifle on a bicycle. These are:

  • Do not forget to unload the rifle before carrying it
  • Make sure to lean a rifle against a safe and secure rest only

Even though almost all hunters know about these safety precautions, there is no harm in receiving a little reminder.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you concealed carry while riding a bicycle?

Here, you can see one of the popular ways of concealed carry for cyclists

Final Words

I am sure our expert guide on how to carry a rifle on a bicycle will be helpful to both hunters and hunting enthusiasts. It is essential to transport the gun safely to ensure the safety of the hunter and others nearby.

Experts highly recommend hunters purchase a high-quality gun rack to safely and comfortably carry a rifle on their next hunting trip.


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