How To Carry Plywood On A Bike?

Carrying a standard sheet of plywood anywhere on a bike could be challenging to implement on, but not an impossible task. Most of the plywood comes in 4×8 feet size that needs extra support to carry the load.

We understand, not all of you own a separate vehicle to use in this difficult situation. To help you find a suitable solution with money-saving techniques, we have brought you a wide range of ways to rely on.

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Carrying Plywood on a Bike

Since plywood comes in 4X8 foot sheets, they become a double-sized bed material. You can’t simply carry a sheet of plywood using your hands to transfer elsewhere.

Yet, there are hundreds of options available to consider before investing in any add-in to transport plywood.

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Large Bike Trailer

Here, the trailer is usable of a large-designed, high-configurable product with 32 to 96 inches and a width of 19 to 27 inches. You can mount a set of black wheels to take in an extended load up to 15 feet. We all have seen a cargo trailer right? This bike trailer is the widest and largest version of that cargo trailer with no side borders.

For wheels, you can get a Duallie brand’s wheels on both sides to roll about six hundred pounds. Another thing that you can do is to build the trailer with no load floor. Cause, Plywood will not require a hard surface to load theirs weighs.

Bike Trailer with Wooden Base

Here is another solution using a solidly-built children trailer or pet trailer. You can install a wooden surface in the lower part of the trailer to load the weight of plywood. This trailer will be beneficial if we use a set of bungee cords.

Cargo Trailer

Cycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo TrailerCycle Force Trail-Monster Cargo TrailerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Cargo carriers are perfect for an additional tool to carry plywood because they are steel-made. You only need to find bicycle trailer axles with tubes, tires, and push-button wheels. Here is a cargo trailer from Cycle Force.

This carrier is similarly steel-made. Dethatch pins are added inclusion on both ends of the carrier so that the gates are easy-to-open. However, the carrier perfectly gets attached to most of the bicycle axles.

While carrying some oversized things, you can fold down the sides and put the object on top of them. Here, the trailer has a speed of 10 miles/ hour or a bit less. The trailer is easy-to-assemble and well attachable to a bike.

Foldable Cargo Trailer

Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo TrailerAosom Foldable Bike Cargo TrailerCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Here, we have attached a product named Aosom Foldable Cargo Trailer that has the highest carrying capacity. The front and back parts are detachable so that you can put your plywood in for safe transportation.

The trailer is steel-frame made with PE bottom providing a strong construction.  It would be a permanent solution to transporting plywood on a bike if you want to invest.

DIY Trailer

One can combine an old ladder with used parts to create a complete DIY trailer. If you don’t have used wheels available, you may need to buy them from other shops.

In the case of building a trailer, you have the chance of facing the problem to put the 4′ sheet of plywood into the exact 4′ wide trailer. One solution that you can apply is to use a metal rack to weld up of one-inch square steel tube. The triangular section of this tube will save plywood to not falling.

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Plywood Rack

A plywood rack allows us to carry plywood or sheets of drywall in a vertical shape. This causes less space on roads and works great. Bike trailers are also well-designed to carry 4X8 feet of plywood sheets over the fenders.

These racks are both easy to load and unload. You only need to put your cargo against the supports (steel-frame is better) to tie down with ratchets. Here you can learn more about plywood bike racks.

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Carrying a set of plywood sheets using a ladder is the most common DIY alternative one may use.

There are available cargo trailers with detachable sides, including a support system that will help you keep the plywood in your desired way.

This article discusses all the cost-effective and handy ways to try out as per your needs.

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