Types of Bikes – Bicycle Type Guide
Types of Bikes – Bicycle Type Guide

From the addition of pedals to improving aerodynamics through technology, the bike industry has gone through a ton of changes. Bikes nowadays are much more efficient, lighter and comfortable than they used to be.

Now you have a wide range of bike types to choose from in terms of the frame design. Understanding these designs and what they are good for doesn’t necessarily need to be a complicated process.

The frame of a bike not only determines the look of a bike but how it performs in various conditions as well. Knowing the right frame design and their features can come in handy when buying a new bike.

We will talk about how the various frame designs in bikes affect the performance of a bike and what you can expect to experience from them. With the information, you could figure out what kind of bike works best for you. So, without any further delay, let’s get right into it.

Road Racing Bike

These are designed as lightweight and intended for road race events. In case, you are not looking to race, they are great for fun runs around the block.

Higher-end versions of the road racing frame design are built using carbon fiber. The material reduces weight significantly. Steel, aluminum, and titanium are also used for making these frames, with each offering different feel to the frame.

There’s a belief that this design makes the bike uncomfortable, however, you only have to set it up correctly to fix that. Professional racers ride on these for weeks, after all.

Touring Bike

The touring frame comes with pannier racks that help you with carrying the luggage. When deciding about the must-have accessories, you at least get a rack in the rear and mudguards that keep you dry from puddles. The frame tends to be longer and has more gaps to accommodate these features.

Similar to the sportive design, touring ones have a long head tube and an upright position for riding. Steel is commonly used for making these frames still. The frame offers durability and a springy feel.

Sportive Bike

The sportive is the road racing design’s softer version. It is intended for improving comfort for anyone participating in a short challenge event. The frame usually has an upright position for riding, which is achieved through a short top tube and a long head tube.

This kind of bikes will come with disc brakes suitable for all types of weather as they aren’t built to race. The frame can also absorb road vibrations.

A wide array of materials is used in the frame, from custom titanium and steel to lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. You also get features like drop handlebars and narrow saddles.

Mountain Bike

Frames used in mountain bikes are better suited for rocky and steep trails. The handlebars are usually flat and wide. You get suspension on both of the wheels.

These bikes come with frame variations as well. You can get hardtails ones with the suspension forks to ride those general trails, any-terrain dual-suspension bikes for trails and much more.

There are mudguards and rack mounts on these bikes and some of the variants already have them fitted on them.

Cyclocross Bike

These are designed for the winter times and riding on shorter courses. Usually, there is a combination of obstacles and surfaces.

The design offers height, which in turn provides clearance from the mud. Occasionally titanium and steel are used to make the frame. However, often you’ll need to pick up the bike and run in the course, which makes carbon fiber as well as aluminum more preferable.

Cyclocross bike’s frame can take wider tires making it great for potholes. The frame can handle any terrain as you change its tires.

Folding Bike

Modern bikes with foldable frames offer great portability when you need to change your means of transportation. The top quality and newer ones can be folded in a matter of seconds.

The compact storability means that you can even put it underneath your work desk. The frames are designed with aluminum or steel frames and the wheels are small. You lose some comfort in your rides but you get to fold it and carry it around as a tradeoff.


These are only a few of the popular bike frame designs available out there. You can easily get a bike that will suit your needs better from endless choices in the market.

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