30+ Must Have Mountain Bike Accessories 2023 | MTB Accessory Guide For Beginners

Every mountain biker has had a sense of thrill and excitement on their first ride. While it is simple as you took a ride around the countryside, it is just as rough when you race down from the rocky hills. Whatever the setting, you won’t deny that it is an amazing experience. What improves this experience of adrenaline-built exploration is the numerous must-have mountain bike accessories out there.

As a beginner, you might not be as inclined to gear up since you’re only starting to figure out how it works. MTB gear and accessories grow on you when you learn to do longer trips and more complex tracks. As we established that you need to gear up, these are some must-have mountain bike accessories that we here at StateCyclist.com picked out for your ride.

Being a bike rider, I am quite aware that bikes barely remain for sole transportation. We desire to add accessories based on needs. Even sometimes, though we have one or two accessories on our mountain bike, we don’t get fully satisfied. We want more.

I also believe a cyclist never settles. We love to experiment and track changes. So, I have been trying out different accessories from the market. You would be glad to know that I have also found some extraordinary and unique products.

Here’s a “Once upon a time” for you fellow state cyclists who just started out. You already bought that shiny new bike you have been eyeing on for a while. Now that you have it, what do you do with it? Just riding it and feeling the wind in your hair must not be everything. A couple of months and you just remembered that bikes need additional gear for an optimal experience. Hence, you need to accessorize that new bike keeping the utilities in mind. This not only ensures your bike’s longevity but also to enjoy the ride.

For reducing the strain of long rides, a well-accessorized mountain bike ensures your comfort without escaping the fun of riding. Thus, you need to decide on how you are going to equip your bike with the right combination of useful tools that would enhance its brilliance on the tracks. Some beginner riders tend to buy high-end bikes but end up impairing them by not paying attention to accessory needs.

But, don’t you worry! As you will not have to go down that trail. We have articulated a brief yet functional guide for you to decide how you are going to brighten up your favorite two-wheeler.

From my perspective, I have been trying to enlist and review some of these products. So, let’s start with the essential accessories and see if we find them useful for our mountain bike or not.

This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase.


Safety & Security

1. Bike Helmet

Brooks England Foldable Helmet with Fabric CoverBrooks England Foldable Helmet with Fabric CoverCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Even the most expert of bikers tend to accidentally slip and hit the ground at unfortunate moments. But can you imagine how fatal the damage would be if you happen to be riding without a helmet? Therefore, you should consider buying a helmet first while accessorizing your bike.

Helmets are cool, but how cool does a folding bike helmet sound? Well, this helmet sounds and looks cool when we are talking about the outlook and portability.

Brooks England Folding Bike Helmet

Brooks England Folding bike helmet has gained popularity among mass users. If we talk about people’s reviews, you would only notice qualities over there. People have gone crazy over the unique model.

Coming in 2 sizes- medium and large, it fits in most of the heads. Even it meets all the EN 1078 and CPSC certifications. So, you can feel secure about the security of your helmet.

Along with the compact design, the helmet is 20% lighter than other similar-sized regular helmets. They bear the symbol of quality craftsmanship from Italy. You can feel the splendid aesthetics in Brooks England Helmet.

The lightweight strap can be used as an ankle strap. Besides, if your padding gets dirty, you can wash it.

Overall, the helmet is great compared to the money it is offering. But, this is not the best or most comfortable helmet in the market. It does pretty okay. Apart from the folding ability and aesthetics, this is another regular helmet.


To be both safe and not hard on the budget, you could easily opt for the Retrospect Bike Helmet. But if you want to add a bit of sophistication, the Epoch Range of Urban Helmets created by Thousand Helmets would blow your mind. If you want to bubble some laughs from the passersby, the Nutcase Urban Helmet is the to-go choice.

2. Bike Bell

Knog Oi Bike BellKnog Oi Bike BellCHECK CURRENT PRICE


No matter how much of an adept biker you are, a bell for signaling passers-by is a must-have for your bike. With the evolution of modern bikes, the bells now appear in variant designs, colors, and material. Undoubtedly, their chimes add a cheeriness to your bike while also saving you from causing any mishaps.

If you are looking for bells that are functional and pleasing to the ear, the Public Bell is the best choice. However, modern commuters who are all in for the aesthetics can easily pursue the Oi Bike Bells from Knog, which outsmarts any other bike bells in the market.

3. Bike Headlight

Cygolite Metro Pro 1,100 Lumen Bike LightCygolite Metro Pro 1,100 Lumen Bike LightCHECK CURRENT PRICE


If you enjoy nighttime rides, being equipped with a highly functional headlight supported with tail-lamp and spoke light is highly recommended. Nowadays there’s a wide range of front or headlights available that provide excellent illumination due to their LED properties. If you want to add a little bit of funky charm you could add the Cygolite Metro Pro that illuminates with 1,100 Lumen light beam.

If you want ultimate visibility, the SpokeLit Led Bike Spoke Light would work best. Alternatively, if you are heading to a fun-party the decorative lights will electrify your bike, you should grab the Glow Riders decorative lights. On the contrary, if you are willing to spend a good amount, you can pursue the Revolight Eclipse, deemed to be the best bicycle lighting system in the world.

4. GPS Tracker For Bike

Generic GPS305 Mini Hidden Bicycle GPS TrackerGeneric GPS305 Mini Hidden Bicycle GPS TrackerCHECK CURRENT PRICE


GPS-305 bike tracker is perfect for hiding within your handlebars, making sure that you don’t lose your bike ever again. The hiding aspect is great because your thief won’t even figure out that there is a tracker on it, making it easy for you to track him down. Besides being a good anti-theft device, it can also help to have an emergency location device to find you in case you run into any danger.

5. U-Lock Bike Lock

Bike U Lock with CableBike U Lock with CableCHECK CURRENT PRICE


The fear of losing adored riding companion to theft is all too familiar amongst the passionate riders.

Via Velo bike lock is one of the best bike locks out there. This bike lockset comes with three keys, one of which comes with an LED light and another with replacement options. This means that you can not only use the keys during night time without any inconvenience caused by the darkness but also replace the key with the code provided in case you happen to lose it.

A good cable lock is absolutely necessary to ensure that your bike cannot get stolen. And this one is strong and durable due to its PVC material making it nearly impossible to cut off easily. Its material also allows it to be dirt, dust, and water-free.


For your relief, while being away from the bike you could safeguard it by Ellipse, a smart-lock option that helps you to avoid the dealing of using keys. It has superior features like informing your dear ones if you fall victim to an accident, and also self-charging features.

Alternatively, you could buy the Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock that operates by mapping your presence. Doesn’t hurt to accessorize that new bike with your phone as well. When you are in its nearby range it will unlock thus preventing any intruder from having access to your bike. It is compatible with your smartphone through an intuitive app and also isn’t expensive.

6. Bike Mirror for Mountain Bikes

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle MirrorMirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle MirrorCHECK CURRENT PRICE


A Mirrycle Mountain Bike Mirror can be attached to just about any bike’s handlebar. It is easy to fit and install and fully adjustable. It comes with a three-inch convex mirror that is a wide view. You can adjust it to figure out view angles so that you don’t have to worry that your friends are falling behind on the trail or worry about anyone that might be chasing after you.

7. Bike Multi-Tool Kit

Vibrelli Bike Multi Tool - Performance Bicycle MultitoolVibrelli Bike Multi Tool – Performance Bicycle MultitoolCHECK CURRENT PRICE


How would you like to get stranded in the middle of the road, pleading at random strangers to offer you a ride, while your bike lies pitifully wrecked? Nobody would love that, and therefore you should always consider carrying a pack of the repair tool. This would prove to be very handy, for getting you back on the road by fixing minor issues.

Thus, the next time you are shopping to accessorize your new bike, jot down the all-in-one bike tool. It would enable you to adjust any part of your bike, or even tighten, loosen mechanical portions.

The 16 in 1 Multi-function bike mechanic kit is an absolute necessity for every rider regardless of how well you ride. You can encounter many issues with your bicycle while on the road. So, having a bike multi tool kit will help to fix any emergency problems in a jiffy.

This kit comes with 6 Allen key sizes, 3 socket hex wrench sizes, 6 hex key wrench sizes, spoke wrench, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers and other tools. So, this can be a handy pack for fixing just about anything. It is also of great quality and durability.

Alternatively, if you are an extreme rider, you could use the Topeak Alien II multi-tool which is almost as functional as a single repair shop.

8. Cycling First Aid Kit

Surviveware Small First Aid KitSurviveware Small First Aid KitCHECK CURRENT PRICE


A first aid kit is really important in case of accident-related emergencies. Surviveware kit can be taken out for any outdoor activities or bike rides. This is especially necessary for bikers who tend to be a bit more reckless and end up having injuries on the rockier side of the states.

This kit can be easily attached to the frame of your bike with its adjustable straps. The bag is also water-resistant and durable, which means it’ll last through your strides on rainy muddy days as well.

9. Survival Compass

Sportneer Military Lensatic Sighting CompassSportneer Military Lensatic Sighting CompassCHECK CURRENT PRICE



Having an in-built compass within your bike body is very much congenial when you are going on an adventure with your bike.

Even if you have your phone & tracking devices around, you might not always acquire the best results from Google Maps. To avoid the unwanted drama of losing tracks, you should consider getting a backup survival compass.

10. Keyper Tab

Maxpedition Gear KeyperMaxpedition Gear KeyperCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Maxpedition Gear keyper is a necessary tool if you’re one of the clumsy bikers who keep losing their keys. With this, you won’t have to worry about losing the key or having to rummage through your saddlebag to look for it.

This keyper has military-grade webbing that comes with reinforced stress points. This means that it will be securely attached to the loop belt. In fact, it is so tight and secure that you can even use it to attach maps, water bottles or any kits. You can be worry-free with this must-have item.

11. CO2 Bike Tire Inflators

Gorilla Force | CO2 Cartridges 16g or 25g Threaded | 5 PackGorilla Force | CO2 Cartridges 16g or 25g Threaded | 5 PackCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Pumping up your tires beside the road when your tires suddenly flats out during cycling is quite a chore. Fortunately, the CO2 cartridge inflator is a quick and effective alternative to regular big-sized inflators to inflate your tires.

Gorilla Force CO2 cartridges are one of the most convenient and fastest tubeless tire inflators to save you from the hassle. The high-quality cartridge provides threads that fit virtually with all threaded CO2 bike tire inflators.

These cartridges are lightweight so can you easily carry around the inflator while riding. Nevertheless, be aware of its exposable condition against heat, as it can explode if you heat it above 120 F or try to puncture. However, the Gorilla C02 cartridge inflator is a great tool for inflating your tires during a desperate time on a ride and allows you to ride for long hours on your bike.

12. Tubeless Tire Sealant

3 Bottles Stan's No Tubes Tire Sealant 2 oz Bottle Tubeless Tire Sealant Bike3 Bottles Stan’s No Tubes Tire Sealant 2 oz Bottle Tubeless Tire Sealant BikeCHECK CURRENT PRICE


We know how disappointing it is to see your tires leaking when are on the motion for an important race or an exciting mountain bike ride. Sealing the tire to avoid leaks and air escaping through the punctures is a mandatory deal to make your cycling smooth. In contrast, using tire sealant is a great option to avoid the mess of tire flat every time you go to ride.

Stan’s No Tubes Tire Sealant is one of the great choices for tire sealant out there to seal the punctures up to 6.5mm and stays liquid for long-lasting protection with its premium low-viscosity formula. This formula on the sealants resists it from freezing to work in environments as cold as -30-degree Fahrenheit and keeps the tire sealed.

You can easily apply it on the tires and can inject it through valve stems with its removable cores. Most bikers around the world use tire sealants for sealing their bike tires as it ensures lighter, reliable, and self-sealing performance.

13. No Leak Bicycle Valves

Muc Off 1053 Green Tubeless Presta ValvesMuc Off 1053 Green Tubeless Presta ValvesCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Mountain bike cycling is one of the passionate sources of outdoor sports and adventure. The nature of this riding requires many cautions and gear advantages. Going tubeless for mountain bikes has many good aspects including its lighter and less-puncture quality.

So, choose the best valves for your bike tires as they play a great role in holding the air pressure into the tires. It’s wise to pick the removable valve-cores as they work more efficiently for their easy installation and washable feature.

For premium quality and a range of fine features, you can choose Muc Off 1053 Green Tubeless Presta Valves for going tubeless. They can be your ultimate companion for easy-fit installation with the Allen key slot and leak prevention advantage. The best part of the valves is you can always remove the core from the valves to wash them to avoid jamming and fill up with tubeless sealant with ease.

The Muc-Off Tubeless Valves offers ten different vibrant colors so that you can choose your preferred one as your desire. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes but make sure to choose the one that best suits your rim size to ensure the right fit.

Gadgets & Electronics

14. Bike Speedometer & Odometer

Nellvita NWP-8 Wireless Bike Computer 12 FunctionNellvita NWP-8 Wireless Bike Computer 12 FunctionCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Bike Speedometers & Odometers (alco called cyclo computers) are a good tool to understand the different dynamics of your rides. You can measure your practice sessions and evaluate your improvement with it. You can find them as waterproof along with day and night mode for your ease of use at any time of the day.

These small but info-packed devices can display your average and top speeds, the distance you’ve traveled, the duration of the journey, and the time to name a few features. New records in terms of distance or time are also displayed as you surpass them, or alert you on your break times using vibrations.


The Beeline Smart Compasses up the game when you consider accessorizing your new bike. It would constantly steer you in the right direction by pointing watch hand like needles. It also has an elegant design interface thus beautifying your handlebar.

15. GoPro Camera Chest Mount

CamKix Chest Mount HarnessCamKix Chest Mount HarnessCHECK CURRENT PRICE


A CamKix Chest mount with a GoPro camera is exactly what you need to shoot your adventures with no trouble or worry. It has a hands-free option that enables you to shoot any video with ease. The adjustable straps allow you to strap it on any size or shape of the rider to fit right.

All you have to do is strap your GoPro Hero to your mount, attach it at your chest, adjust your angles and record your journeys through amazing sceneries over hills and forests. You don’t have to be worried about the camera tilting down or bouncing when you’re riding over rough terrain because this harness is strong enough to capture any action with no shakiness.

The GoPro is also great for taking pictures or capturing videos of any outdoor trip. You can even set the camera on a tripod and take pictures with a set timer so that you don’t always need someone to tag along to capture your moments. As long as you have this accessory, you will never have to regret not having your camera or not having it mounted on you to captures sudden and beautiful shots.

16. Bike Phone Mount


Roam Bike Phone MountRoam Bike Phone MountCHECK CURRENT PRICE


You definitely wouldn’t want your phone to slip off your pocket and shatter into a thousand pieces. Similarly, missing out on an important mail notification or emergency call is common if your phone stays in the back-pack. So, it’s clever to purchase a bike mount that handles all phone communications hands-free.

Roam bike phone mount has a universal cradle mount that allows it to fit onto any bike. You can use it to prevent your phone from slipping or falling off. All you have to do is secure it into the mount and lock it. You can release it easily with one button or use the phone while attached as well.

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17. Smart Trackers

SmartHalo - Bike Smarter | Smart Bike Accessory Cycling ComputerSmartHalo – Bike Smarter | Smart Bike Accessory Cycling ComputerCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Owning a boring and old-fashioned bike in this era is close to sacrilege. Fast forward to modern times and there’s plenty of scopes to convert your bike into a smart one with the incorporation of a single accessory. If you know how to efficiently accessorize that new bike to help to track your progress, monitor your fitness AND save your bike from being stolen, then you’re doing it right.

As a tracking tool, you can use Smart Halo, which would render futuristic facilities from communicating to being acknowledged about the weather, safe route, theft alert, and so on. Also, you could use Cycle-Meter if your priority is limited to tracking your speed, energy level, calorie meters etc.


18. Gel Bike Seat Cover

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover BS031Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover BS031CHECK CURRENT PRICE


Zacro offers Gel Bike Seat Cover to make every ride more comfortable. The cover cushions your seat to ensure that even rocky rides over high mountains can be a bit more comfortable. This is an even better accessory for beginners who find it hard to adjust to the bike seat.

This is not only great due to the comfort it provides but it is also easy to assemble and transfer from one bike to another without any hassle. So, whether you’re a pro cyclist or a newbie, a comfortable gel seat cover can make or break your ride.

19. Bike Cup Holder

Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup HolderIbera Bike Handlebar Cup HolderCHECK CURRENT PRICE


It would be super convenient if you could carry your favorite decaf/mocha coffee or iced tea on your way to work while being on the bike. That’s why you should try out the Ibera Cup Holder.

If you want to add a definitive style, pursue the Bookman Cup Holders that work on both sides, easy to assemble, and flairs up your bike with its luster of chrome or copper.

20. Bike Grips

Ergon - GA3 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar GripsErgon – GA3 Ergonomic Lock-on Bicycle Handlebar GripsCHECK CURRENT PRICE


For the grip handle of your bike, you obviously wouldn’t want something that is slippery.

You can purchase aftermarket grips and add some definition to your grip handles.

21. Bicycle Frame Handle

TOURBON Leather Bicycle Frame HandleTOURBON Leather Bicycle Frame HandleCHECK CURRENT PRICE


If you are a city commuter, you already know that it requires a lot of carrying your bike around. Sometimes, it’s due to traffic congestion, an unexpected blockage, or a flight of stairs. But, you shouldn’t try to lift such a thing with your bare hands; rather buy a good bike handle. To ease up your daily commute you can choose to buy a leather bicycle frame handle.

22. Bike Water Bottle

PRO BIKE TOOL Insulated Bike Water BottlePRO BIKE TOOL Insulated Bike Water BottleCHECK CURRENT PRICE


While cycling for hours bikers need to stay hydrated as much as possible to reduce fatigue and dehydration. Mountain bikers need it the most as they go through more rumbles on rugged tracks while cycling. Carrying a water bottle insulated on bike frames makes your ride easier and convenient.

Pro Bike Tool Insulated Bike Water Bottle allows you to keep your bottle with an adjustable loop while riding on the roads and mountains. One of the most advantageous features of this bottle is its lightweight feature and easy squeeze that allows maximum water flow one squeezing.

Its dual-insulation stainless steel wall with foam liner insulation in between walls keeps your water cold and serves you coolness in hot summer. In short, its healthy material and premium construction make it an ideal gear to keep you hydrated throughout your sports and fitness activities.

23. Brake Handle Silicon Sleeves

Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing and Comfortable Brake Handle Silicone Sleeve Universal Brake Lever Protection Cover for Road Bike and MTB,2 Pairs (Black)Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing and Comfortable Brake Handle Silicone Sleeve Universal Brake Lever Protection Cover for Road Bike and MTB,2 Pairs (Black)CHECK CURRENT PRICE


Safety is a major concern while cycling in the woods and mountains, checking the brake condition and the handy operating secures you from many unwanted accidents. Therefore, choosing the brake with anti-slip construction gives you an added advantage to enjoy a worry-free ride on the go.

In addition, you can always use the protection cover with anti-slip and shock-absorbing silicone sleeves. They also offer a universal design and brake lever protection cover for a comfortable grip on Road and Mountain bikes. You can use these covers in rainy to summer all season as they are waterproof and durable with optimum wear-resistance to tear materials on the bike handles.

This durable feature and anti-slip technology provides maximum grip on your hand and avoids slipping away from the brake lever for sweaty hands.

Moreover, its universal fitting and lightweight built to make it a go-to option for almost all sizes of the brake lever. All you need to do is just spray hot water or soap water on the brake to easily wrap it over the brake.

24. Carrier Straps

Granite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap for Tools and Inner TubesGranite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap for Tools and Inner TubesCHECK CURRENT PRICE


It has always been a concern for the bikers to carry out the tools and tubes along with his bike without carrying them into an extra bag or package. Using straps for carrying these things just by a simple around the leg of your bike frame with a hook saves you from a lot of hassles.

For a lightweight and sturdy carrier strap, you can pick the Granite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap for carrying your essentials with a tight hook-and-loop fastener to secure your tools and inner tubes attached to your bike.

It comes in a versatile design and shape to fit in all kinds of bikes offering 11 different color options. This Rockband carrier strap provides an easy-to-swap fastening and allows easy swap on bikes while you are cycling.

Therefore, it reduces one of the major hassles of bikers for carrying extra weights and speed up your game it enjoy the ride with energy.


25. Baleaf 3D Padded Bike Shorts

BALEAF Men's Padded Bike Shorts Cycling Underwear 3D Padding Mountain Biking Bicycle Riding Liner BikerCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Have you felt the numbness in your crouch after a long time biking? Or, do you feel that your scrotums hurt after a while? I have sensed the irritation in my scrotum after mountain biking. This solely ruins the fun of biking and ends in a painful experience.

Well, you can shift your shorts to some of the more comfortable ones and leave the irritation behind. Baleaf 3D padded bike shorts have been specially designed for bikers. It doesn’t only come with soft breathable material but also offers you extra protection.

While the normal bike shorts contained wool chamois pads, Baleaf has gel pads. It minimizes the vibration on your body. Thus, the 3D padded bike shorts prevent your private parts from getting hurt.

Additionally, with the gel padding, they also have a 3D cushion. You can feel the softness by just touching the 3D padded part. I have hardly seen any short that has put so much effort into bikers’ comfort.

Coming to the details, the short is made with 90% polyester and 10% Spandex. Air can easily get in while your thigh and inner parts remain free from moisture. Baleaf 3D padded bike shorts also have high elasticity. In fact, it stretches in 4 directions. Thus, you can be sure that, if the size fits you, it won’t tear down so easily.

Talking about the size, there are 6 sizes available. You can choose between colors and sizes.

Overall, if we are talking about the outlook, this hardly looks like a simple short. The padded design, color aesthetics, and strips describe the elegance of a professional biker.

Though this might be an expensive option for many bikers, Baleaf definitely deserves a try.

26. Mountain Bike Gloves

Arltb Bike GlovesArltb Bike GlovesCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Arltb winter bike gloves are perfect for any rider expecting to keep hands warm during winter bike rides, whether it is a casual cyclist or a full-on mountain biker. It has palm pads that reduce friction and add comfort while its lightweight, breathable material of terry cloth keeps your hands from sweating.

Luggage & Cargo

27. COMINGFIT Bicycle Luggage Cargo Rack

COMINGFIT Bicycle Luggage Cargo RackCOMINGFIT Bicycle Luggage Cargo RackCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Mountain bikes have this issue – they barely have carriers. You won’t be able to carry a lot of stuff on your regular bike.

But how about an attachment that allows you to carry up to 180lbs on your bike? The World of transportation would open in front of you. Some of you might even think about carrying your partner with you. That’s how strong ComingFit is.

ComingFit is an adjustable luggage cargo rack that has been specially designed for mountain and regular bikes. To be more precise, you’ll need 2 inches clearance between the seat and the rear rod frame for its adjustment.

After unboxing, you’ll find 9 different types of accessories without any manual. So, you would need to download the pdfs from the online store or Comingfit’s official site. Anyhow, I felt that the whole setup is a bit confusing. You might even give up after trying.

If you actually complete the whole thing, you would love to see what you have created. The frame is sturdy enough. High-quality aluminum alloy comes with 4 legs.

It also has a red rear reflector lamp that reflects light in low light scenarios. Thus you don’t need to worry about installing separate lights for your bike.

While the whole set up can be a bit troublesome, you would love the sturdiness, security features, and all the facilities you are having within a reasonable amount of money.

28. BV Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable Hooks

BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable HooksBV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers with Adjustable HooksCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Bike racks are great but they are not secure enough to carry small items. Like, you can keep large items in aluminum bike racks, but you can’t safely facilitate papers and letters on a rack. For such small items, you need racks that work as a bag.

So, looking for such a rack, I discovered BV Bicycle Panniers. You can simply imagine them by thinking about the carrier bags that postman’s used to carrying in their bike during the Second World War era. The design itself is very antique and classic.

When talking about how much they have modernized, there are lots of features to include. Bikepak USA has installed detachable Bungie hooks that are adjustable in different heights. The zippered pockets are large enough to install a good number of items. Pull tabs are also used for more flexible and comfortable operation.

Besides, many of you want to carry the bag with you while the bike remains locked outdoor. Addressing this purpose, BV bicycle pannier also has a handy carrying handle.

Additionally, the rigid structure of the back panel makes it easy to carry our items easily. Even, the pockets are angled so that you can have enough leg space for properly pedaling.

29. Bike Backpack

Osprey Syncro 20 Men's Bike Hydration BackpackOsprey Syncro 20 Men’s Bike Hydration BackpackCHECK CURRENT PRICE


Accessorizing a new bike involves gearing yourself up too! You are already aware that going on a bike ride without a backpack is not a desirable mess up. Additionally, you’d often need to carry your laptop, phone and other office/school junk on your bike ride that only a spacious, multipurpose bag can provide for. Your needs might vary depending upon your commute pattern and destination.

If you use your bike to reach your work-place, the commuter bike backpack is useful. But for long and rough commute, the Messenger Bag would do. On the other hand, if you are apprehended about your night travels in the dark routes, the Turn Signal Commuter Backpack would do the trick though at a fair deal of price.

30. Bike Travel Bag

evoc Bike Travel Bag Proevoc Bike Travel Bag ProCHECK CURRENT PRICE


EVOC Bike Travel Transport Bag is quite a stylish travel bag that is easy to carry. It comes in different colors for a variety of choices. This travel case has been made to carry bikes around large distances. If you’re worried about your bike ending up having broken wheels or damaged frames while shifting it from one place to another, this case can come in handy to ensure that your bike is secure and flexibly strapped.

This bag has a frame that is securely strapped with pouches for wheels to prevent them from rolling around. The case has wheels too, which means you won’t have to drag it around with a lot of effort at the airport. So, if you’re planning on going on a trip where you want to take your bike along or if you’re moving to a new place and have a bike to take with you, you definitely need this.

31. Handlebar Mounted Basket

SUNLITE Willow Bushel Strap-On BasketSUNLITE Willow Bushel Strap-On BasketCHECK CURRENT PRICE



Looking back on old fashioned designs, doesn’t a bike seem incomplete even now without a basket mounted in the front? Definitely, the front baskets are not only for visual pleasure. They are very handy for grocery shopping, while also for heading into the wilderness or just sifting through daily city life. Moreover, there are so many to choose from that you will always find you desired one.

The Front Willow Basket from Sunlite will add colors to your bike as well as provide you with flexibility, as it is conveniently removable. If you are a fan of classic styles, the Wicker Bike Basket that comes in with pretty liners will up your game to accessorize the new bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do different bike types require different MTB accessories?

You can choose specific sets of gear for certain activities based on your personal preferences. There are different mountain bike accessories specifically designed for such purpose. But the truth is, you can use these accessories for any sort of biking and get great use out of them.

How many pieces of mountain bike gear do I need to bring with me?

How many and what type of MTB accessories you need on your trips depend on many factors. The most important factor is safety, for which you will need basic tools such as a first aid kit, a GPS tracker, a lock, and more. This is especially important if you’re going on a long ride very far all alone. Besides that, the longer your ride is expected to be, or the riskier your path is supposed to be, the more must-have MTB gear will be needed on the way. You need to determine that beforehand.

How do I figure out if a mountain bike accessory is right for me?

An easy way to know whether an accessory you have your eye out for is the right one is by talking to people who have used it before. You can learn about its usage, quality, durability, and compatibility while also getting suggestions on getting the best product out there.

Besides that, you will need to go through a bit of a trial and error phase to finally land on the mountain bike accessories that are truly designed for you. So, don’t hesitate to look around.

Do I absolutely need every accessory on the list to go riding?

A: Whether you need any accessory depends on what kind of mountain biking experience you’re seeking. If you’re a beginner just looking to take occasional rides, you might not need all of these pieces of gear, except the basic safety tools that have been mentioned. However, if you’re seeking more out of your riding adventures and hitting the trail hard, it is better to be geared up for the most enjoyable and the most comfortable experiences.

I already have most of this gear. What else do I need?

The list of accessories for mountain bikers is endless.

Make sure you have:


With these accessorizing cues in mind, you can groom up your bike for your future adventures. Additionally, it is required to monitor the overall functionality by budgeting on the pieces of gear after investing in your two-wheeler. That’s how you accessorize a new bike and can keep chasing your passion without any losing a lot of your bike investments.

At the end of the day, MTB accessories won’t just be vanity items that you rarely get to use, but actual tools that will come in handy on any mountain rides.

Hopefully, this list has been able to give you a proper guide on different additions that you need to consider and answer any queries that you may have had.

Finally, I would like to know which accessory you found most useful. Tell me in the comment sections.

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