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How to Deliver Drinks on a Bike Without Spilling?

Multiple beverages are challenging to carry, that we all can tell. And when your transport is a bike, it is very normal to be scared of making a huge mess. Drinks are either knocked over or spilled all over the place.

Some people even try to avoid delivering an order that has drinks in it. But that is not a good solution. This is why we are going to show you some of our tried-and-true carrier ideas for delivering beverages via bike.

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How to Deliver Drinks on a Bike without Spilling?

There are a variety of solutions available, varying from simple to secured. Carrying the drink with one hand is the easiest technique. This is ideal for quick delivery in low-traffic areas. However, it makes steering and braking more difficult.

If you are fortunate, the drink will slide into the water bottle rack on the bike. However, this is not always the case (we can say never). But if it does, it isn’t guaranteed to be stable.

This is where you can use these below-mentioned ideas.

Beverage Caddy

A beverage caddy is our first option. It is a compact box with a handle that can contain up to eight drinks.

The caddy may be carried in one of these ways:

  • in your hand by the handle
  • placed in a backpack
  • attached to a bike rack
  • in a bike basket

Putting drinks in a backpack has the disadvantage of forcing you to ride straight. You cannot lean forward and must ride with caution. So, if you are going for this one, first ensure you are an extremely skilled rider. Otherwise, things might take the wrong turn.

Here are some products for you to check out.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Deluxe Carry Caddy

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This sturdy Rubbermaid caddy is great for holding and delivering drinks, coffees, water bottles, smoothies, and other beverage items. It can carry up to eight 32-ounce bottles as well as other maintenance supplies.

BARGIFTS Wooden 6-Bottle Caddy

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This elegant Bargifts caddy is crafted completely of metal and wood. Its detachable inner partition can be used to store a variety of liquids, including 6 regular juice, milk, water, or beer bottles. The dimensions are 11 x 9.8 x 6.5 inches.

Caddy in a Bike Basket

Handlebar front bike baskets are less dependable than rear racks because rear racks give seamless movement.

Here we have reviewed front bike baskets and rear bike baskets.

Caddy on a Bike Rack

Carrying drinks in a caddy on a bike rack is a more reliable solution.

Front racks, on the other hand, help in keeping an eye on drinks and reduce the risk of clipping them while parking or dismounting. It is totally up to your comfort level but in our opinion, it is always better to ensure a smooth drive while delivering drinks.

Paper Bags

This one is a DIY project. You will need to cup carrier, paper bag, and cups. A pulp tray can be used as a cup holder. They are highly sustainable and will biodegrade in a brief period of time after dumping because they are built from reprocessed paper waste.

In the center of a moderate size bag, place the tray. Add double-sided tape to the tray’s base to make it more secure. You can use the bag handle can as a hook or handle.

Use Masking Tape

When it gets down to arranging delivery drinks, masking tape is a must-have. To avoid spillage, tape the lid of the drink cups. However, this is only a basic step that does not guarantee zero leakage. Although this will undoubtedly assist in reducing it. To keep it safer, you may even create caddies from cardboard to accommodate within your backpacks or above your bike racks.

What to Consider before Delivering Drinks on a Bike?

There are certain things to keep in mind while you are carrying something delicate as drinks for delivering. Such as-

Plan Your Route

Figure out which roads have less traffic and bumps. Take that route even if it takes longer.

When you are riding a bike with bubble tea, make sure you are keeping it on your back instead of your front rack. Also, ensure that you are on a route with no bumps or potholes.

Remember that other beverages are more difficult to carry than fizzy drinks with ice. The bubbles and ice dilute the liquid’s moving, reducing the likelihood of spillage. Pepsi on ice, like a hot cup of coffee, is susceptible to leaking. So, always check what kind of drink you are going to deliver.

Use Multiple Paper Cups Instead of One

It provides more stability while carrying. When you are carrying heavier loads make sure you distributed the load evenly. Use both front and back racks in this scenario.

If possible, invest in quality tires to reduce shock. Keep in mind that delivering the stuff there in one piece gets important than delivering it there quickly. Avoid bouncing sidewalks, try skipping hazardous routes, and keeping an eye out for bumps if you want to improve your riding technique.


Delivering food is itself is a tricky task. You need to think about hundreds of situations that make the job daunting. As it comes to carrying drinks, it’s a rider’s never-ending nightmare.

But with certain tips, tricks, and careful considerations it might get a little bit easier. We hope our ideas will help you in this journey. Good luck!

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