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How to Carry Drink on Bike?

Let’s say you are on a bike path, riding your bike and enjoying the glaring midday sun. After a few minutes, you start to sweat profusely, and the warm midday sun becomes your worst enemy.

If you’re going on a long bike ride, it’s important to stay hydrated. While you can probably buy a drink at a nearby store, if you’re cycling somewhere far away, you often won’t get one. In this case, you should definitely take a bottle with the drink.

If you are wondering how to carry a drink on a bike, you’ve come to the right place to find out.


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What Type of Drink Should You Carry With You?

You should definitely take a bottle of water along with you. Not only is it much more healthy and natural than all those artificial drinks, but it can also help rejuvenate you much better. However, you could take other drinks as well.

But do note not to take any alcoholic beverage along with you. Not only will it not hydrate you, but it will also cause adverse effects that are usually involved with drinking alcohol.

Can You Carry Coffee on A Bicycle?

Everyone loves a cup of coffee from the nearest Starbucks while biking to work. So if you are worried about whether it’s possible to transport your coffee on a bike, it is time to stop worrying about it.

While the flimsy cups that coffee comes in are nothing but trouble, there are a few tricks you can use to transport a cup of coffee on your bike. One of them would be to attach a heat-resistant cup holder to your bike and transport the coffee on it. I have explored other ways of transporting coffee in my article about carrying coffee on the bike.

Can You Carry Water on Your Bike?

Water is the perfect solution to any dehydration problem. If you are going on a long bike ride, you definitely need to carry a water bottle.

Stowing water on your bike is completely hassle-free and easy. Most bikes are equipped with a down tube that can be used to store your water bottle. If this method does not suit you, you can explore other ways in my article about carrying water on a bike.

Five Ways to Carry Drinks on Your Bike

If you are worried about how to carry your drink, you’re right to be. Below, we’ve rounded up five ways to stow your drink while cycling.

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Using Duffel Bags

The most basic way for storing your drink is to store it tightly in a thermos flask and put it away in your bike basket. If your bike doesn’t come together with a basket, you could carry a duffel or messenger bag along with you. Store the flask inside the bag safely.

RAIN’s water proof duffel bags are one of the most popular internationally sold duffel bags. With these bags you won’t have to worry about getting your flasks dirty not about the water content leaking out and ruining the bike.


  • Provides resistance agains all weather and moisture.
  • Easy carry on your shoulder or bike basket
  • Spacious compartments.
  • Detachable shoulder starps and webbing handles.


  • Might be too big to carry.
  • Impractical to use if you are going to carry only a flask.

Using a Cup Holder

Most bikes come together with a classic cup holder of a down tube. You can keep your drink in a compact, durable bottle and secure it tightly over the holder.  This is a well known and the most popular design to use if you are going on a long leisurely journey on your bike. However, do note not to take anything hot if you use this design.

If your bicycle doesn’y have a built-in cup holder along the down tube, you can install one yourself. FiveBox Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage Holder are one of the most popular cup  holders because of their simple and cheap design. They come in various sizes fitting 23/24/25/26/27/28 OZ of water bottles.


  • Many different types of cup holders available.
  • Easily installable to the down tube.
  • Lasts long if properly installed.
  • Made of alloys so supports the flasks properly.


  • If your bike doesn’t have a down tube, the cup holder can’t be installed.

Use Rubber Cups

You could buy a dream cup from a nearby store and store your hot drink on it. Dream cups are simple rubber cups that could be attached to your bike or even unattached from it whenever you like. It gives a stylish look and is usually attached to your handlebar.

The DrinkPod reusable coffee cup might not have been made to support bikes, but they are a great option if you want to attach them to the handlebar. They come together with a silicon sleeve that helps itself  get attached to the bar.


  • Rubber parts make it spash proof.
  • The silicon helps in attaching.
  • Eco friendly method.
  • Various colors.


  • If the glass breaks, all water will leak out.

Using Styrofoam Flasks

Styrofoam flasks work similar to the dream cup. They are used to provide pressure to the cup you are carrying to stay fixated over the place it is in. The only drawback of using these items is that your cup must not have too much weight and must be hand-free.

The Gatorade water bottles are one of the most common Styrofoam bottles. They have a very sporty design and high flow top valve that makes them the perfect addition to a bike marathon or even on any long journeys.


  • Made for atheletes.
  • Easy to store in your basket or downtube.
  • Protects protection against water leaks.
  • Keep moderately heated drinks warm.


  • Damages pretty easily.
  • If the drink is too hot, the bottle might melt.

Using Handle Bar Cup Holders

Handlebar holders are steel holders that are permanently attached to your handlebar. It is an excellent tool for storing your drink at a hand’s length away. The only danger is that if you come across a bumpy ride, it might come off if the bottle is not kept tightly.

While there are many type of cup holders out there, the kemomoto oxford fabric cup holder might be clearly one of the best of their kind. While this isn’t clearly cheap- it offers greater flexibility.


  • Can be added and removed to the front handle when ever you want.
  • Keeps the flask warm.
  • Can be used in places other than the bike as well.
  • Clamps down to the handle strongly.


  • Do not support flasks that are very large.

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Tips When Carrying Drink Bottles in Your Bike

  • Check whether your bike can handle the heat from your hot drink.
  • Never overload your carrier.
  • It is good to carry multiple bottles, but only if it is possible.
  • Efficiently use the frame space between the bars in your bike to store bottles.
  • Carry a small filtering tool so that you can filter and refill your water flask if you come across a stream.


Cycling is a great pastime for people of any age. Just make sure to stay hydrated throughout your journey. The only way to stay hydrated is to take enough bottles of flask along with you.

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