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How to Carry Drink on Bike?

For cyclists, a bike ride on a warm, sunny day is the perfect outing. But long bike rides in hot weather can lead to dehydration. You could get rid of dehydration by stopping at a nearby store that offers water or drinks, but that’s not an immediate solution. Instead, you could take water or another liquid with you on the trip. This will make the trip easier and prevent you from getting heat stroke.

Even though carrying liquids on your bike seems like a hassle to most people, there are some ways to carry them without straining. You don’t even have to worry about spilling them! If you want to know more about how to carry drinks on your bike, keep scrolling!

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Can You Carry Coffee on A Bicycle?

Yes, you can carry coffee on your bicycle but you should get the right container. Only if you put your coffee in a sturdy mug (see further down in the article), you can go on the sweet journey with your coffee!

For caffeine addicts, cycling in the morning without coffee could be exhausting. It would be even better if you could sip your coffee while riding, right? In that case, we’ve got something for you.

You might be thinking that carrying coffee on the bicycle is out of the question. Here’s the good news: there are a few ways to carry coffee while biking. You just need to change the container you carry the caffeine in; flimsy cups and fragile bottles don’t stand a chance of survival.

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Can You Carry Water on Your Bike?

Yes, there are a number of ways to carry water on your bike without worrying about spilling it. Plus, the water doesn’t even have to be a certain temperature, as long as you don’t want to drink it hot or cold, depending on your preferences.

Water is essential for all cyclists. Whether you’re cycling in extreme or moderate temperatures, you’ll inevitably be dehydrated as your body works at full speed to get the bike moving. Therefore, your body needs water as an immediate response to the fluid loss you’re having. A few years ago, carrying water on a bike ride may have been limited, but now you can choose from a number of options.

This way, you can continue your bike ride and drink water whenever your body needs it. You no longer have to wait hours for a store to quench your thirst!

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Containers For Carrying Around Drinks On The Bike

Of the many ways to transport drinks on your bike, the following are the most effective. You can use some for hot drinks like coffee and others for room temperature drinks – the choice is yours!

Water Bottle

Polar Bottle’s water bottle is a great way to carry water with you on the bike. Polar Bottle happens to be the first and only BPA-free sport thermal water bottle on the market. The new Sport Insulation Water Bottle has triple wall insulation, which keeps your drink 2X colder than previous models.

Pull to release a rapid spray of water, then push to lock for leak-proof transportation. During an engagement, the Dash Handle allows for quick access. It’s convenient to transport as well as handle.

For sports, the gymnasium, the classroom, or on the path, this is your go-to sports container. Designed to fit comfortably in your bike rack, bag pocket, or even cup holder. It’s simple to hold and press. It’s dishwasher-friendly, and surely the best to carry your ideal beverage in!


  • Insulated
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in cup holder or bike rack


  • Typically meant for cold drinks

Insulated Cup

If you’re looking for an insulated option to carry both your hot and cold drinks in, the Yeti Insulated Cup might be the perfect match for you. The YETI MagSlider Lid, the one and only cup lid that employs magnets to hold your water, drink, or preferred liquid on lock, comes equipped with these insulated cups. The cups are BPA-free while being dishwasher-safe, and feature a No Sweat Technology to keep your hands dry while drinking.

They’re composed of Dracut, a long-lasting color finish that won’t fade, tear, or crack over time in the field and adds more grip to the insulated cup’s outside. Including an 18/8 stainless steel frame, the firm has over-engineered the double-wall insulated mugs, ensuring that your drink maintains its temperature regardless of how hard this cup is damaged.


  • Holds the temperature of your drink
  • Durable material
  • No sweat design


  • They aren’t leak proof

Insulated Bottle

An insulated bottle might be the first option that arrives in your mind when you think of carrying drinks on your bike. The bottle’s tempshield technology contains a special double-wall vacuum insulation which keeps the temperature stable for a long time.

So you may stay rejuvenated for any activity, cold drinks stay freezing cold while hot drinks stay sizzling hot. It’s crafted of 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel for pure taste but no flavor transmission, and it’s built to withstand whatever life throws at it!

The powder coat ensures an easy-to-grip, sweat-free, yet extra-durable bottle which you can take with you wherever you go. When closed, the Flex Cap is leakproof, allowing for worry-free transportation. Flex Strap is lightweight and convenient to carry.


  • Extra durable material
  • Temperatures remain for hours
  • Leak proof cap


  • Not all of these fit in cup holders

Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups come in different shapes and sizes, so if one doesn’t fit the cup holder on your bike another will. The coffee cups are generally meant to keep your coffee in place and safe.

However, it might not keep the temperature fixed for too long. You could go about your morning cycling spirit with some coffee in the reusable coffee cup, and not worry about it spilling. It’s essential to understand that there are better options for carrying coffee, as the coffee cups might not be damage proof in bumpy trails.


  • Easy to use
  • Fits into any holder
  • Eco-friendly


  • Not damage proof

How To Carry A Drink On A Bike?

There are countless ways you could carry drinks on a bike, even if the bike itself has limited space. Use whatever you’ve, and voila! You can transport your favorite drink on a bike.

In The Water Bottle Cage

On the market, there are water bottle holders of different brands that you can choose from. It’s a lightweight measure that you can use to carry your water bottle or insulated bottle. It can’t be spilled or fall down and you can reach it easily.

In A Backpack Or Messenger Bag

The backpack is suitable if your bottle is leak-proof. If not, the leak could affect other items in your bag. A leak-proof bottle can be stored in your backpack; this is the easiest way to transport your bottle because you don’t have to attach any additional bicycle accessories.


In A Bike Basket

Bike baskets are available for both front and rear bike racks, depending on what you prefer. You can carry your water or coffee in it and not worry about it staining your clothes. However, you should be careful if you’ve a bumpy ride ahead of you, because that could affect the bottle if it’s not made of a sturdy material.

On A Bike Rack

Bike racks are very popular when it comes to carrying stuff on your bike. They take the weight off your shoulders. There are both front and rear racks for your bike. You can use either of them to carry your favorite beverage!

In Handle Bar Cup Holders

Handle bar cup holders are pretty common. The simplest cup holder is a plastic or metal ring that can hold a regular coffee mug or travel mug without a handle. However, many people avoid handle cup holders because they’ve an obvious disadvantage.

For a cruiser traveling at a moderate pace over familiar, asphalt roads, this is all fine. However, when unexpected hurdles, bumps, craters or anything else unusual comes up, this solution may not be the best choice. One little jolt and all that caramel macchiato is hot and smeared on your clothes, which can be unpleasant to say the least. Then if you’ve whipped cream on it, good luck getting the stains off!

Tips For Carrying Drinks On Your Bike

  • Take more than one container with you. If one gets damaged, you’ll have the other as a backup.
  • You should have a bottle that you can drink from while cycling. It can have a squirt top or easy sliding lid.
  • Carrying a heavy bottle may not be the best choice.
  • Before your trip, make sure you know the road you’ll be riding on. If it’s too bumpy, you shouldn’t take fragile bottles.


Carrying drinks on your bike is a priority for many cyclists, mainly because of the thirst you’ll inevitably feel while cycling. Also, on most routes you’ll ride in the countryside, there won’t be any cafes nearby. In this case, you’ll have to rely on your own coffee supply to recharge your batteries. Read through the article to find out the best way to carry drinks on your bike!

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