How to Lock Your Helmet to Your Bicycle?

It is not uncommon to struggle with properly locking the helmet of your bike once you make it to your destination. Sometimes you may decide to carry the helmet with you simply because you may not know how to safely lock it to your bicycle.

Let’s be honest- a good bicycle helmet is not cheap, and the last thing you want is to get it stolen because you forgot to lock it properly.

If you are looking for smart and safe ways to prevent theft of your bike helmets and lock them properly to your bicycles, you are in the right place. We have got some ideas to spill.

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How to Lock Your Helmet to Your Bicycle?

You must ensure you protect your summer or winter cycling helmet from getting stolen when you park your bicycle somewhere and need to leave it unattended.

This can be done by ensuring that you have safely locked it to your bike unless you enjoy carrying the helmet with you inside. We have got a few ideas to assist you.

There are different kinds of locks that you can invest in when you are thinking of using them to lock the helmet to the bike. Some of the locking options that you can investigate include:

  • Padlocks
  • Aftermarket cycling helmets
  • Bicycle chain locks
  • Pistol locks
  • Built-in bike locks

Using Padlock

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If you own a bike that does not come with a built-in lock, you don’t have to worry. You can buy a padlock for relatively cheap and easily fasten your bike helmet to it. Such locks are readily available in the market as well.

All you have to do is make sure that the padlock fits well with the correct place where you want to attach the helmet to your bicycle. This can be the foot area of the bike or the bicycle frame. Using the padlock is also pretty simple.

Using Bike Helmet Lock

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This is the best and safest way to lock the helmet to your bike. When you use a helmet lock, you are using a specifically made device to protect the bike helmet from theft.

The bike helmet locks are usually relatively small and light. They come with a cable that you can use to securely lock the helmet. The mechanism for locking using such devices can include a key code combination or simple key use.

These locks are also not expensive and are readily available in the market.

Using Bike Chain Lock

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When you have a spare bicycle chain lock lying around in your vicinity, you can simply use it to lock the helmet of your bike. The chain locks are usually not easy to take off.

One of the best reasons to use these locks is that the chains are usually pretty long, and you can easily attach them to a clear place on the bicycle. Furthermore, because they are long, you will never struggle with housing them.

Firearm Lock


This might sound pretty unconventional, but it can be quite a cheap and simple way to safely lock your helmet to your bike and prevent theft. Do you not have one yet? You do not have to worry. You can simply get a cable gun lock.

How to use a gunlock to lock the helmet? It is not that difficult. You will only have to tie the lock around the chin of the bike helmet and then attach the lock to your bike’s frame. You can choose your desired spot.

Built-in Locks

This might initially seem unconventional, but a few bikes of today include built-in bike locks. These locks can be used to lock the bike helmet to it. Depending on which type of bicycle you own, these locks can either be keyed locks or involve a hook somewhere underneath the bike’s seat.

However, you must be aware that such locks are only suited for helmets that come with a D-ring style fastener for the bike helmet.

How to use it? Well, it is pretty straightforward. You will only have to pass the buckle of your helmet through the lock and close the lock to enclose the helmet safely.

Where to Attach the Helmet Locks?

The next question that is likely to pop into your mind is where exactly to use these helmet locks in the bicycle. We have got some options for this as well.

The handlebars of your bike: for this option, you need to ensure that the lock cannot easily take out of the handlebars. This means the center position will make the most sense to use the locks on.

Under the seat: This is usually the most usual option- especially if you have a built-in lock or a long cable lock for bicycles.

On the bike frame: Once again, you need to ensure that the lock stays fit to the bicycle and it cannot be taken off quickly. You can choose your desired spot, but the different locations on the frame can work pretty well.

Concluding Remarks

The fear of getting expensive (both for how useful and costly it can be) bike helmet stolen can be annoying. It is essential to take enough precautions to ensure you have it securely attached to your bike when you have parked or left your bicycle alone.

It is a great way to prevent theft and ensure your safety while cycling if you know how to lock your helmet to your bicycle. If you ask me, I will suggest the bicycle helmet lock. It is the safest and most efficient way to secure your helmet to your bicycle as it is specifically designed for this purpose.

Additionally, built-in bicycle locks are a good option if you have a D-ring style fastener for your helmet. And you can also use these methods to lock the spare helmet to your cycle when riding.

Happy cycling!

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