How To Carry A Skateboard On A Bike?

Skateboarding from one place to another, especially over a short distance is never a hassle. The trouble arises only when you are a cyclist and you would have to ride your bike to the skatepark with the skateboard.

Flat wooden deck, with wheels on the bottom end. Skateboards, have no hooks, handles, or straps that you may use to attach them to any part of your bicycle when traveling on the roads.

Sometimes, even if the place where you wish to skate is not too far, you’d want to ride a bicycle to the place if the roads are not safe for skateboarding.

To answer your query about how to carry a skateboard on a bike, we have gathered some tested ways you could try to safely transport your board on the bicycle, without damaging either.

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How To Transport Skateboard On A Bicycle?

Skateboard Bike Rack

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No surprises on this one – skateboard bike rack or skate rack! It’s always the best idea to leave it to the experts and in this case, skate racks are what’s specialized to carry a skateboard on a bicycle.

These dedicated skateboard bike racks are lightweight and universal. This means you can attach them to any or at least most bicycles you can think of. The metal frames are sturdy and it is a breeze to install them. All you have to do is snap it in place and use the built-in Velcro straps to fasten it in place.

When you try to place the skateboard on the rack, you might notice a grip tape. You’d want to use the loop to secure the board on one truck while tying the whole assemble in one piece using a good quality bungee.

Although the skateboard bicycle rack is known to many cyclists, some are reluctant to invest in one because they assume there is a good chance that their heels would be restricted while pedaling and most possibly hit the board, making it almost impossible to ride. That’s quite the myth!

These racks are installed in such a way that they are placed behind the rear axle, so there is no chance of one’s heels be even in contact with the skateboard.

If you are worried about the installation process, here is a quick and easy tutorial.

Attach to the Bike Frame

If you want an absolute no-hassle method to carry your skateboard on a bicycle, clasping your board on the bicycle frame could be the quickest way to do it. What’s great about this method is you don’t need any additional equipment or installation. You won’t even need extra cords!

Here, the idea is to just haul the skateboard on the triangular bike frame between the handlebar and the seat post but to place it in a way that it sits on the frame like a piece of the puzzle. For that, position your skateboard so that when you place the board on the frame, the nose of the board faces upwards, and the tail to a downward position.

Next, place the trailing truck between the crank arms and the nearby frame. And nose or truck at the top frame of the bicycle. Rotate the crank arms to the text of they hit the board when pedaling. If there is some kind of obstruction, re-position your skateboard by slightly lifting the board. The bottom curve path will make way for you to paddle without hindrance.

People in Europe, especially school kids, have been carrying their skateboards in their bicycles precisely in this manner for years. That’s how easy it is!

Rear Bike Rack and Bungee Cord

Of course, this was coming. It is one of the most manageable and most practiced ways to haul just about anything on your bicycle, even a skateboard. All you need is two or more bungee cords, depending on how to like to tie it and how much security you would want.

When placing the skateboard on the rear rack of your bike, be sure you place the wheels between the caged spaces, so that they sit readily on the rack. Loop the cords around and secure a tight knot. For added security, attach any kind of platform. A plywood platform could be a low-priced and robust option.

Backpacks or Travel Bags

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This is possibly the most common of sights, one that you must have come across as well. Cyclists carry their skateboards on a bicycle backpack. It’s also one of the more convenient ways to ride with your board, as well as other gear if you need to.

If you have gloves, water bottles, helmets, and other bicycle accessories to take with you, a backpack with multiple compartments can fit all that, plus your skateboard. The only issue would be if the size of your board is longer than 35 inches, or if you have a longboard.

Another option is using a travel bag on your back while riding the bicycle. Although they are much heavier and can be quite expensive if you have one, you can use the travel bag to transfer your skateboard, but only occasionally. Some travel bags are convertible to bag packs as well.

Between the two, backpacks are a better and more comfortable option. For either, you won’t need any racks or cords to attach the board on the bike. This saves time and energy, especially if you are a skater and need to be carrying your board on the bicycle ever so often.

Shoulder Strap or Shoulder Bag

Cyclists love shoulder straps and bags. If you are fond of off-road adventures, you probably have one already. If you haven’t thought about it already, we’d like to pitch in the idea that should straps can be a good way of carrying your skateboard with you to ride your cycle. Your hands are free of obstruction, so there is minimal distraction or discomfort when you’re on the road.

One of the most useful benefits of using a shoulder strap is the freedom it gives you to adjust the position of the board. You can strap it on your back or side, or even on your front body. When cycling, however, it is always best to tie up the skateboard on your back. It’s lighter than using a backpack, and it’s also more affordable.

If you are confused between a shoulder strap and a foolproof backpack but want the security of one but the lightness of another, shoulder bags are the hybrid you are looking for.

They might have one strap and can be carried on the shoulder, but they can accommodate larger skateboards as well. The adjustable strap also allows you to place the skateboard carrying bag, across your body.


A lot of people choose to place their skateboard on top of their handlebars and fasten it in place with bungee cords. You probably have come across such an “idea” already. Remember, this is all things dangerous and distracting and can cause severe damage to your handlebar.

There is a range of great options when it comes to how you can transport your skateboard on the bicycle. All possibilities we have mentioned are safe, quick, and most importantly damage-free.


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