How To Carry Helmet On A Bicycle?

When it comes to cycling, having a helmet is very important for safety. But, once you reach your destination, it can be a hassle to carry it around with you. Lucky for you, you can learn how to carry a helmet on a bicycle without any difficulty.

I am going to discuss 6 methods, but I recommend one of the easiest and most effective methods which is to use a bike net, such as the ones from Zoe Sunny, as they are quite flexible.

Let us now explore some of the options in depth.

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How To Carry a Helmet On A Bike?

Bike Net

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One of our favorite ways of carrying a helmet on a bicycle is putting it under a bike net. You can always purchase a bike net of regular quality and install it on the rear rack. Whenever you aren’t using the helmet, you can slide it under the bike net.

There are tons of options out there, and we highly recommend the bike nets from Zoe Sunny. This pack offers two bike nets that are durable and can withstand years of use without any problem. We prefer this one because of how they can stretch to fit items like a winter bike helmet. Plus, the size of this net bungee is perfect for the rear racks of bicycles.

Another amazing thing about these is the hooks on the ends. These hooks aren’t made of plastic, but metal. So, these won’t break even under harsh conditions, providing years of usage without any hassle.

Carabiner Hook with Cord

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You can always store your helmet on a bicycle by attaching the helmet to the bike with a carabiner hook. We highly recommend taking a carabiner clip with a bungee cord as these offer more flexibility that can help you store the helmet more conveniently.

In this regard, we highly recommend the KEEPER bungee cord with a carabiner clip. This one comes with a 48” long cord that’ll allow you to rest the helmet however you want to. As it’s a bungee cord, it can even be stretched if necessary and can be used for other purposes as well.

We recommend this specific product because of the durable build and reliability that it provides. It also comes at an affordable price. The outer jacket of the cord is UV resistant and weather-proof, so you won’t face much problem using it.

However, we wouldn’t recommend you follow this method when you’re cycling, as the helmet may end up hitting the saddlebags or even the tires. However, if you can manage to hold the helmet in place on the rear rack or lock it to the bicycle, you shouldn’t face any problems.

Stem Drape

If simplicity is your thing and if you don’t want to spend a penny more than you need to, this is the method for you. In this method, you need to take the drape the strap of the bicycle on the bolt of the stem. After that, simply rest the helmet over the handlebars.

In this way, the helmet will stay in its place naturally, thanks to gravitation. Although the helmet may fall off if you aren’t driving straight and will result in a decent bit of rattling. Other than that, this is a perfect method that requires no investment.

The Hood Dangle

This isn’t the best way of storing your helmet on your bicycle when you’re riding. In fact, if you store the helmet like this when you’re riding, the helmet may end up falling down.

However, this is a great way to store your helmet on a bike when you are stationary. Simply take the loop of the helmet straps through one end of the handlebar of your bicycle, and let it rest there. As the helmet rests in a dangling state, it’s named the hood dangle.

Front Bike Basket

Retrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with HandlesRetrospec Bicycles Detachable Steel Half-Mesh Apollo Bike Basket with HandlesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

A front bike basket would allow you to carry your helmet without any hassle. These can be installed easily, and once installed, they won’t require any maintenance. Plus, you’ll only need to put the helmet in the front basket to carry it, which means zero hassle.

If you’re looking for a quality front bike basket for yourself, we’d highly recommend the front basket from Retrospec. This basket is detachable, which not only makes it easy to take apart but easy to install as well.

The basket is constructed of steel alloy which makes it extremely durable. It’s very lightweight and stands at 2.79 pounds only. You won’t need any tools to install it on your bicycle.

It’s built to house things such as cycling helmets, so you shouldn’t find any problem carrying your bike in it. Then again, the bottom part of the basket is made of mesh which will keep the smaller accessories from slipping in between the grills.

Overall, it’s an amazing basket and will help you carry your helmet easily.

Clip to Backpack

Another amazing way of carrying your helmet is by clipping it into your cyling backpack. Bicycle helmets come with some sort of opening for better aerodynamics, and you can utilize these in this case.

To do so, just take a clip through one of these openings, preferably the openings in the middle, and take it out through another. Then, simply clip the helmet firmly with the bag. This will be enough to hold the helmet firmly in place, and you’ll be able to carry it with your backpack wherever you go!

Bottom Line

You do not have to worry about how troubling it is to take a helmet everywhere you go after you learn how to carry helmet on a bicycle. The 6 options range from using a carabiner hook with cord to clipping it to a backpack.

I prefer installing a bike net over the read reach, such as the one from Zoe Sunny., as it is durable and stretchable, making it easy to fit items of different sizes. Some options, such as the hood dangle, can be a bit impractical as, while it is a cost-free option, it can not be used when riding as the helmet may fall off then.

Now, you can go on with your daily activities without worrying about your bicycle helmet being stolen!

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