How To Carry Tools On Bike?

Mounting biking is full of rush and excitement. However, you can come across many unfavorable situations on the road. That is why you need to carry tools for emergencies. The trouble is how to carry tools on bicycles.

In this article, we are going to help you find the answer. The first thing you need to consider is deciding which tools you need to carry. Then it would be best if you decided how to bring them with you comfortably. Always remember to consider your safety first.

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How to Carry Tools on A Bicycle?

Carrier accessories are the best solution to carry tools on cycles. Here are some of the handiest accessories you can find in the market.

Frame Strap

Granite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap for Tools and Inner TubesGranite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap for Tools and Inner TubesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

There is a range of frame straps for mountain bikes on the market. These are very popular among cyclists. So, if you do not already have one, you have probably seen one.

These Velcro frame straps are commonly used to secure an inner tube and other small equipment to your bikes, such as tire levers, pumps, or a CO2 canister. They are pretty inexpensive and highly adaptable.

The strap works by securing your belongings with either rubber bungees or inside magnetic straps.  The strap is then twisted around the frame. Then it’s taken through the plastic loop and back on itself before being pushed snugly into place on the frame.

You can set the frame strap to where the seat tube joins the down line and the space between the top and down tubes near the head tube. These frame straps can also tie up a broken brake lever if the clamp is shattered in an incident. Granite Rockband Mountain Bike Frame Carrier Strap is a good pick.


  • Easy to attach.
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Secure connection


  • Does not support carbon frame

Steerer Tube Tools

Topeak Ninja Master+ ToolBox T16Topeak Ninja Master+ ToolBox T16CHECK CURRENT PRICE

The steerer tube of your bike is a great storage place. You have two alternatives for storing tools: the Specialized SWAT CC tool and the OneUp Components ECD tool.  The first one comes with a more straightforward setup. The entire assembly replaces the fork steerer’s star nut and top cap by clamping together from top to bottom with its own top cap and lower brace under the fork crown.

The tool holds a small multitool. There is space to add a quick link. These two pieces can be used as chain breakers.

On the other hand, the latter requires more effort to install. The steerer tube must be tapped, the assembly must be screwed in place, and the tool fit into the steerer. A few more features on the ECD tool, such as tire levers, spoke keys, and a CO2 canister. Topeak Ninja Master+ T16 is a top choice among SWAT CC tools.


  • Full-featured tool
  • Good SWAT alternative
  • Compact design


  • Toolbox is not included.

Bottle Cage with Tools

LEZYNE Flow Storage Cage - with Storage for Multi-Tool, Patch Kit, C02 Pump and Cartridges (Not Included)LEZYNE Flow Storage Cage – with Storage for Multitool, Patch Kit, C02 Pump and Cartridges (Not Included)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

Lezyne builds accessories that combine a bottle cage with a multitool. These are very convenient accessories for your bikes. It is another clever approach to ensure you always have a multi-tool with you. However, if you do not have much room for a bottle cage and a larger bottle, these may not suit your frame since most cages come with high stacks.

In addition, I have found, a ‘tool keg or caddy’ can also be fitted into a bottle cage. This is a water bottle with a larger diameter aperture at the top for inserting tools. Some have a neoprene lining inside to keep tools from bouncing about on the plastic while riding. These are useful if you do not want to carry a water bottle or have more than one pair of bottles.


  • Comes with co2 straps
  • Comes with tire plugs
  • Compartment for a patch kit


  • The valve only fits Presta

Frame Bags

Serfas Ark Expandable Half-Frame Bicycle Bag (Black)Serfas Ark Expandable Half-Frame Bicycle Bag (Black)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

There are frame bags for all types of bikes and purposes on the market. It’s up to you to figure out what size you’ll need, how much you’ll put in it, and what shape would best fit your bike. I think an A-frame bag might be handy for storing a large amount of food, maps, or additional clothing on longer rides. If you can load these bags with goods, it’s advisable to do so because smaller objects tend to move and hop around inside the area otherwise.

Because there is more room within the front triangle of hardtail mountain bikes and all types of gravel bikes, it will be simpler to accommodate bags. However, I think special attention must be given to ensure that you can still reach and get to your water bottle if you are using one. Serfas Ark Expandable Half-Frame Bicycle Bag is a good choice for a frame bag.


  • Quite durable
  • Budget efficient
  • Excellent storage


  • Uncomfortable for long rides

Saddle Strap

Dakine Hot Laps Gripper Bike BagDakine Hot Laps Gripper Bike BagCHECK CURRENT PRICE

A saddle strap is similar to a Velcro frame strap, except that saddle straps are longer. Much of the same equipment, like the tube, tire levers, etc., may be safely stored under the saddle. Again, compact packs that fit neatly under the saddle are preferred over bulky backpacks that protrude from below the seat post.

These little packets are more suited to rigid posts than dropper posts since they obstruct the operation and scrape the stanchion. Small tool rolls, such as those made by Dakine, connect to the saddle rails and fit into the same area as a saddle pack, but they don’t contact the seat post, allowing it to move freely.


  • Quick and easy to attach
  • Versatile design
  • Compact and durable


  • It May not be the best choice for a carbon frame

Top Tube Bags

ROCKBROS Top Tube Bike Bag Bicycle Front Frame Bag Top Tube Bag Bike Accessories Pouch Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max 7/8 PlusROCKBROS Top Tube Bike Bag Bicycle Front Frame Bag Top Tube Bag Bike Accessories Pouch Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max/XR/XS Max 7/8 PlusCHECK CURRENT PRICE

These are generally sized and fit on the bike’s top tube, right below the stem, whether a mountain bike or a gravel bike. Some gravel and adventure bikes have bosses on the top tube where the bag may be bolted for added security and reduced wobbling.

Food, a phone, money, and other ‘easy to reach’ essentials can all be stored in top tube bags. They wouldn’t seem out of place on a mountain bike on days when you’re putting in long hours and need something to eat.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long-lasting use
  • Easy to attach


  • It can be a bit pricy

Which are the Potential Storage Locations on the Bike?

The important thing while carrying tools on the bike is proper storage allocation. You need to understand where you can attach the accessories or the tools. Here are some potential storage locations on your bike.

Steerer Tube

I suggest a Steerer tub as a creative storage space on the bikes. An increasing number of tools are intended to fit within the steerer tube from above and below. 1-inch, 1 1/8 inches, 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches steerers are the most common sizes. You could come across a 1-inch threadless steerer now and again, although threaded steerers are more common in this size. However, 1 1/8 inches threaded steerers are relatively popular. So, you can easily attach these tools to the body of the tube.

Handlebar Ends

The handlebar ends can be used to store a variety of items. In fact, this is a common storage hack a lot of rides use. They are mainly used for tire plugs. Cyclists can pick handlebar ends most suited to their individual riding styles from various lengths. Mountain bike bar ends may be fitted to any bicycle with a simple one-piece clamp.

Top or Lower Tube

You can add extra storage space to your bike by adding a top or lower tube. A spare tube can simply be connected to the top or down tube using a strap, gaffer tape, or incorporated bosses. This is a quick solution. The best head tube angle for trail bikes appears to be in the 67-68 degree range, with seat tube angles settling around 74 degrees across the board.


You have to learn how to carry tools on a bike if you want to be ready to make bike repairs in the middle of the road.

Many carrier accessories are popular for carrying tools. Among the six methods I discussed, I recommend a bottle cage with tools, such as the LEZYNE Flow Storage Cage, since it is very spacious.

Every method can be effective if applied correctly. Choose a carrier accessory for your bike tools wisely as you do not also want to carry too much weight.

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