How To Carry Bow On Bike?

If you are a hunter or an archer, you might have to quietly transport your bows from one place to another, and carrying it on a bicycle can be a good option.

I will discuss various methods of how to carry bow on bike, including carrying it on your back and tying it to your backpack. I will also suggest some products that can help travel securely with your bows.

I will recommend the best way to carry your bow on a bike is by using a handlebar bow holder, such as the ATV TEK V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility Rack, or Quietkat Bow Holder. These holders will keep your bows made of high-quality materials that make them durable and long-lasting.

Now, let us look into some of the methods.

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How to Carry Bow on Bike?

Carrying a bow on a bicycle bike isn’t too complicated if you know the proper ways to do it. In many ways, the solutions are similar to those of carrying a rifle on the bicycle.

Let’s see how you can easily carry your bows on your bike.

Carry It on Your Back

You can strap the bow to your back and carry it while riding a bike. However, make sure your bow is not too big to fit your height. It should not make you comfortable while riding the bicycle.

If you feel like you are getting unbalanced due to the bow’s weight try other methods, you can also use a back sling to tie the bow to your shoulder.

Tie the Bow to Your Backpack

While tying the bow to your cycling backpack make sure to tie it horizontally and not vertically. The best solution is to place the lower end of your bow below the backpack.

So, even if your bow is heavy, it will balance its weight perfectly. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can use an over-shoulder sling.

Using a Bow Rack

A bow rack is very helpful and manages to perfectly fit the bow onto your bicycle. Bow racks have great grip, your bow will not fall off even if you are riding over a mountainous track or a bumpy road. These racks are made of rubber-coated straps and are hinged.

Bike Bow Carrier

SUNYA Neoprene Compound Bow SlingSUNYA Neoprene Compound Bow SlingCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Did you know that bike bow carriers can hold guns and other long objects for you too? Many types of bow carriers will fit any type of bicycle.

Sunya Neoprene bow carriers are one of the best in the market. It can fit any bow from 28 to 35 inches long. The carrier is easy to transport and causes no noise or friction.

They come with a neoprene padded shoulder sling that makes carrying your bows more comfortable. They’re made with high-quality materials and come with buckles for added safety.

Bow Sling

Southland Archery Supply SAS Compound Bow Cover Sleeve SlingSouthland Archery Supply SAS Compound Bow Cover Sleeve SlingCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Bow slings are used to hold bows and crossbows. You will find all kinds of bow slings depending on your bow type. Southland archery sling is a popular bow sling that has good reviews it is made of durable fabric and has extra space to keep your arrows.

The sling has been tested for durability and you can fit 36-inch long bows in this sling. Your bows will remain tightly fixed and scratch-free in them.

Handlebar Bow Holder

ATV TEK V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility RackATV TEK V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility RackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Handlebar bow holders are one of the most convenient ways to carry a bow on your bike. You can check out ATV TEK V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility Rack bow holders. They are custom-designed to fit any kind of bicycle. It also contains an air trek suspension system to keep your bows protected from vibrations in the road.

With variable fit technology, these bow holders offer the most customized and comfortable fitting. These are made with premium materials that make them durable and long-lasting.

Quietkat Bow Holder

Quietkak bow holders are one of the bestselling handlebar bow holders in the market. They can carry light to medium weight bows as they are made of heavy-duty nylon. The bow holders can also be tilted to adjust the bow’s position.

Rubber straps are included for holding tools securely. You can also use these bow holders for carrying crossbows, shovels, and farm tools.


The Bowkaddy is a device designed to hold onto the limbs of your bows. Bowkaddy’s are highly useful to keep your bow secured while traveling on a bike. Archers or hunters who carry bows in their bicycle prefer Bowkaddy for its patented design for good durability.

The Bowkaddy has 4 parts: an octahedral base, two arms that can swing, and a solid main arm for support. Each of the parts will be molded into your bicycle for the perfect balance and support.

Cogburn Scabbard

Cogburn Scabbard is another well-known brand that manufactures racks that are universal for all bicycles. They can fit and carry all types of bows regardless their weight as the Cogburn Scabbard bow racks are made of airplane-grade aluminum.

They are specially designed to fit onto the rear rack of your bike. You will find no other equipment carrying rack better than Cogburn Scabbard racks.

Final Thoughts

It requires proper planning and execution if you want to learn how to carry bow on a bike. The most efficient methods include using a bow rack, a bike bow carrier, or a handlebar bow holder. The ATV TEK V-Grip Gun, Bow & Utility Rack is the one I recommend as they are sturdy and durable.

No matter which method you choose, make sure to secure the bow properly and keep it balanced to avoid accidents. You can now safely transport your bow on your bicycle and enjoy hunting or archery with ease.

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