How To Carry A Rain Jacket On A Bike?

If you’re going for a leisurely bike ride, you may need to take a few basics with you to keep everything moving. If the weather cooperates, you may have more time to enjoy your ride. But if it’s chilly or rainy outside, you’ll need to bring a rain jacket.

If you take a jacket with you on your bicycle ride but don’t wear it, you need to know how to properly carry it. And that’s what we’ll discuss in this guide on how to carry a jacket on a bike.

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How To Transport A Rain Jacket On A Bike?

Among the basics you need on your trip, the jacket is one of the most important. Sometimes it can be pretty messy and confusing to carry your work clothes including the jacket on your bicycle because there’s not much space.

Here are a few options and tips for you if you need to figure out how to carry your jacket on your bicycle.

Top Tube Bags

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Depending on whether it’s going to rain or if it’s just going to get a little chilly, you may want to stow your rain jacket or other clothing in a top tube bag (sometimes also called a bike bento box). It is an excellent strategy to leave your clothes unzipped because you don’t want to spend time fiddling with the zipper to put them on quickly as soon as they come out of the bag.

If you arrange your jacket correctly, there’s enough room in that bag for the small pump or CO2 cartridge. Fold your jacket in half three times and slip it securely over the pump. With a bit of persuasion, it’ll fit snugly in this bag.

The eoGEAR Medium or Large Century Bag is a top tube bag for a phone, small camera, maintenance kit, battery pack, food, and emergency bike gear. It attaches with three hooks and loops just below the handle and has no elastic band to keep the bag from wobbling. The surface is made of rugged 400 or 420 denier nylon.

A thick, water-resistant zipper secures the center pocket. There are reflective strips on the corners. A 3 mm foam padding is sewn into the bottom to protect against bumps and shocks on the road.


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The most important things to carry in the saddlebag are mainly tools like tire levers, inner tubes, patch kit, and valve extender. A small saddle bag is enough to carry all the tools you need. So if you want to store your jacket in the saddlebag, you should choose a larger model like this one from Rockbros.

But try your old saddlebag first! If your small saddle bag can hold all the tools along with your jacket, you don’t have to spend money on a new bag!

Jersey Pocket

There is another option for you: the jersey pocket. Roll up your jacket into a cylinder and tuck it into your jersey pocket, so it sits on your back.

Make Your Own Bag

If you are good at sewing and enjoy crafts., this is something for you. Invest in some lightweight nylon bags that you can find in the camping section of any store. These bags are often sold in three packs, so choose the size you need.

Now sew two 6-inch strips of Velcro to the edges of the bag, perpendicular to the height of the bag. Sew the Velcro down the middle, not the bottom. Place the jacket inside the bag and secure it with the canvas clip provided while you wrap the Velcro around the handlebars.

What To Keep in Mind

You must consider a few factors before transporting your jacket on your bicycle. Let’s take a look at what they’re.

Folding is the Key

Your jacket doesn’t just “fit” in the bag. There’s a certain way to correctly put the jacket in the bag pocket or compartment. To the untrained eye, it seems to be a roll. But there’s a catch: it depends on the folding.

Take the sleeves of the jacket in your hands. Pull the arms inward and fold them in half. Fold the fabric in half again, this time with the sleeves facing in. Pull it horizontally in half and pull all open ends inward. Fold again. Half of the jacket should extend beyond the back middle pocket.

Do Not Tie Your Jacket Around the Waist While Riding

This is extremely dangerous. Accidents can occur because of loose parts hanging around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transport my jacket in my backpack?

Yes, your cycling backpack is an excellent way to carry your jacket while riding your bicycle.

Final Words

I have presented you with several carriers that you can use when you want to learn how to carry a rain jacket on a bike. There are several methods and bags such as a top tube bag, saddle bag, or a DIY bag and jersey pockets as well. Each method has its advantages, but the best ones recommended are the top tube bag and saddlebag. I recommend a saddle bag, such as the ROCK BROS Bike Saddle Bag Seat Bag, which is great for carrying a jacket as well as your essentials.

Make sure you are always prepared for changing weather conditions too. Now you can enjoy a smooth cycling ride without wrinkling your jacket!

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