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How Far Can You Bike in a Day?

Biking is fun until your legs get sore, and still, some extreme bikers can manage their usual sport even with the pain in their legs. But the pain apart, if you are sober and in a healthy mood, how far do you think you can cover up with your bike?

There are some things which you need to keep in mind while biking for 24 hours. Some questions might hit your mind- does it depend on my mood? Does it depend on the surroundings? Does it depend on the type of bike I’m using?

It is not impossible to cover a certain mile in a bike in 24 hours, but, yes, it depends on numerous factors. Even though biking for 24 hours is possible, there are some drawbacks too. And even for the drawbacks, you have solutions as well.

But for general information, let me tell you a person can cycle 40 to 60 miles a day on average.

That’s not enough. You have more to add in your bucket of knowledge, especially if you are a biker.

Go through the article to get your answers.

How Far Can You Bike in a Day?

Like I mentioned before, the distance you can cover up in 24 hours depends on many factors.

Factors such as-

  • Roads
  • Condition of your surroundings
  • Biker’s health
  • Type of bike

But I will get back at them later. First thing first, you need to know how far you can travel in a day with your standard bike.

If you are a normal biker and you have a perfect road condition and surroundings, then it is going to take you probably 100 km to cover up in 24 hours. If you own an e-bike, it is possible for you to cover up 80 to 98 kilometers in normal road conditions. But if you are cycling through the mountainous terrain, it might take you 40 kilometers in 24 hours.

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Factors that Might Affect Your Biking

Biking is all fun and games if you are a true bike lover, and amidst these lovable games, there are some drawbacks hidden- muscle pain, knee injury, body ache and what not. Also, there are some things which might create problems while you are planning to bike for 24 hours.

Let’s talk about the factors that are might affect your biking:

Physical Health

To go on a 24 hours bike ride, it is necessary to check whether your physical health is top tier or not. If you have been indulging in extreme activities or letting out steam the day before the cycling day, you need to have second thoughts and postpone the plan. Because your body needs rest, and cycling is not something you should do while being completely restless.


If you are a normal amature cyclist, then it’s going to be a challenge for you to cover miles in 24 hours. But if you are experienced, your body prepares you in that way so that you face less fatigue during cycling. Eventually, cycling gets your body in shape and prepares you to cover up more miles in the future.

Surface Texture

The surface your bike is going to run matters a lot because it determines your speed. If it is on a smooth surface, then you are going to bike faster than usual, but if it is bumpy, then the ride is going to be slower.


This is one of the important factors which might affect your cycling. If it is windy, you just have to back off, if it is sunny, you might get dehydrated but you’ll have enough energy if you consume water time to time, and if it’s cold, just wear a sweater and start biking cause winter is apparently the season where biking is easier, and if it’s rainy, you can sit quietly in your room.

Group Cycling

It has been proved that you cover more distance if you cycle with friends or a group.

Bike Type

You can’t even cover 1 mile if your bike is broken. The better the bike condition, the better your riding performance.

If you can overcome these factors, you can easily have a smooth ride on your bike and cover more distances in 24 hours.

How Do You Prepare Yourself for a 24-Hour Bike Ride?

To set yourself up for a 24 hour adventure with your bike, you need to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Between this journey, you might get tired, you can get dehydrated and also lose excessive energy because it is an extreme sport. So, you need to make sure that you are safely surviving the 24 hours challenge on your bike.

So, here are some things you need to consider before setting out to cover miles in your bike in 2 hours:

  • While you are still biking, keep drinking water or energy soda or any chocolate bar to keep yourself energized. Take some small breaks to consume some food to give your muscles some energy. You can eat a sandwich or some fruits to keep yourself ahead of the game. In winter, you can eat some roast potatoes or something hot to keep yourself warm.
  • You need to warm or cool yourself because excessive cycling might start hurting your muscles. 24 hours of intense biking would not be wise if you don’t stop and cool down a bit. Stop the bike for a moment and ease for a bit.
  • Make sure you are trained or professional enough to bike for more than 10 hours because an amateur might cause himself harm if he attempts to take such a big step without any experience.
  • Check if your bike is okay. Your damaged bike might not take you too far.

How Far Should You Plan to Bike Everyday?

The ideal distance is 20 to 25 miles.

Even if the weather is tiring or the roads are bumpy, it is easier to cover up 20 miles and still have enough energy left to do other work. Without any break, you can easily cover up 20 miles a day and be energetic.

What Might Happen If You Excessively Bike in a Day?

Are you cycling too much? Then stop!

Even though cycling is good for your muscles, there are limits. Excessive cycling might lead to feeling tired, and eventually you might start having bad mood or mood swings. Excessive cycling burns your calories and nutrients at an excessive rate, hence, you get weaker, and it makes your immune system weak as well. You might face a severe headache too.


Cycling brings joy in every biker’s life, and if you are a true biker, you need to know your limitations. I have listed down the drawbacks and solutions, and enough information about how many miles you can cover in a 24 hours bike ride. Hope it helps you.

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