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How To Ride Your Bike To Work And Not Stink?

Commuting to work on your bike is a very healthy and budget-friendly option if you want to keep a good physique and don’t get enough time due to long office hours. But that being said, biking is an exercise that tends to generate a good quantity of sweat, which can lead to body odors that can make you stink.

Now, if you are going to work right after your bike ride then you definitely don’t want to stink during that period. To help you with that we gathered a few of the best tips and tricks that you can use to ride your bike to work and not stink. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

How to Ride Your Bike to Work and Not Stink?

The main reason that your body stinks after a bike ride is the sweat that gets generated during your bike ride. Once the sweat sets in your body, that’s when your body starts to stink. So, if you can eliminate the sweat from setting in, then you won’t be stinking anymore. Here are a few tips that you can use for that.

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Take a Shower

Now, this might seem a little obvious but if possible then after your bike ride to your work, take a shower. If you don’t have shower options in your workplace then you can always go to a public gym near your workplace and take shower there. Use soap and shampoo so that you can completely get rid of the smell.

Use a Towel or Washrag

This is the alternative option that you can use if you don’t have a shower nearby or don’t want to take a shower after riding your bike to work. Make sure that you are washing away every possible location where sweat has been generated.

So, wash your face, neck, arms, underarms, and other areas where you feel sweat has been generated during your bike ride. You can also use wet wipes to wipe your sweaty areas.

Change the Drenched Cloths

You can also stick from sweaty clothes. So, make sure that you change them after reaching your workplace. Because a good amount of stinking odor comes from the cloths too, if they are sweaty enough. So, don’t risk that possibility.

Use a Second Set of Cloths

If you sweat a lot then just wiping the sweat from your body won’t do the trick because your clothes will probably be drenched after cycling. So, to avoid any unnecessary situation bring in an extra set of clothes with you. And if possible, keep some spare clothes in your workplace.

Don’t Wear Your Work-clothes During Your Bike Ride

This is not a biggie, but make sure that you never wear your work cloth while riding your bike unless you have a spare work cloth in your workplace. But even then, don’t do it because they might be uncomfortable for cycling in general.

Change Your Socks and Shoes

After a sweaty workout, your socks will stink the most and your shoes will face the same conclusion. So, if you want to be stink-free at work after commuting there by bike then change both of your socks and shoes. You can greatly benefit from having a work shoe in your workplace regarding this scenario.

Use Deodorants

If you stink then you can use deodorants to cover the stinking smell with something nice. But make sure to use them beforehand. As there have been cases where the deodorant isn’t compatible and gets mixed with the sweating odor resulting in a much worse smell.

We suggest using a deodorant after you have cleaned yourself properly.

Wear Light Clothing

Over clothing can increase the sweat rate by a large margin. So, it is suggested to use light clothing to deny that possibility. Therefore, unless it is very cold outside, you don’t need to wear heavy clothing because your body will be warmed up soon enough due to cycling your way to work.

Ride in a Slow to Moderate Pace

Heavy sweating occurs due to riding at a faster pace than the others. And it is completely possible to not sweat if you’re biking at a slow to moderate pace. It is much like walking and once you figure out the proper pace, then you can adjust it to your liking and the possibility will significantly go down.

Take Breaks to Cool Down

Now, if you are riding for quite a while it is best to take a breather to cool down your body and sweat generation. The cooldown time should depend on the distance you have traveled, your sweat level, and your overall pace. This can be very helpful if you are planning on keeping a low sweat profile on your body and dress.

Don’t Use a Backpack

If you don’t have the option to change your clothing or take a shower then your option is to keep your body sweat-free during your commute on a bike. And if you plan on keeping a low sweat profile then backpacks are a big no.

As backpacks are labeled as sweat generators because they stick onto your back the whole time. That is like having an extra set of clothing on your back. Even the best cycling backpack will generate a tremendous amount of sweat.

Now, if you need to have a bag to carry your stuff to work then you should opt for pannier bags. They offer a good amount of space and are perfect for people who bike to work.

Cut Your Hair Short or Use Dry Shampoos

Now if your head is sweating during your commute on a bike then the best option is to cut your hair short and you will immediately be safe from that problem. But if you don’t want to go with that option then use dry shampoos on your hair before going out to work. You can use shampoo similar to the Lush No Drought dry shampoo in this case.

Start Early Before the Weather Gets Hot

If you live in an area where it gets warmer the more the sun moves towards its apex then starting your bike ride early can help you do deal with less sweaty situations.

And there you have it. These are the tips and tricks that you can use to deal with sweat after your bike ride to work. Once you’ve dealt with your body sweat & clothes. Then it will mean you will stop stinking too.

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Final Thoughts

Nobody wants to get to work and smell bad. But if you go to work via your bike then you will have to deal with sweat most of the time. But hopefully, if you have come this far in the article then you know how to tackle this scenario. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to follow these tips and methods and ride your bike to work but not stink!


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