Best Truck Bed Bike Rack 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or love to experience Mother Nature, bike riding is one kind of passion for you. But, unluckily, most trail trips require a truck driving to taste of it. Some individuals may think throwing the bikes in the back of a truck bed is fine.

But a truck bed without a rack is nothing but total damage to your bikes. While you’re driving on rugged roads, there is a massive probability of jingling your bikes with one another. Most probably, this makes a disturbing sound that will be more uncomfortable and even unbearable. Also, you might end up getting scratches on your bikes or pilling of your truck’s paint. Fortunately, truck bed bike racks come in handy to provide us with a proper solution to this problem.

Thankfully, several popular brands offer multiple bike racks designed to haul bicycles on the surface of a bed truck. In this article, I have selected 5 Best Truck Bed Bike Racks that can satisfy you. Since I have made it through in-depth research, these top products can fulfill your demands. Additionally, I have mentioned three types of mounts to expand your choice list. Without further ado, let’s move on to our review portion and find the best bike rack for the truck bed!

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Best 5 Truck Bed Bike Rack Reviews

If you frequently plan to go on trailing trips with a couple of friends or solo, you should choose a high-quality bike rack to take an incredible feeling of your adventures. The best truck bike rack comes with some excellent features, though they differ from one another. Buying an overall good product is a great move to transport your bike on the truck bed. Since you’re using it to load your expensive bicycles, it’s a better idea to invest in buying the best product.

Otherwise, it can hamper your cycles and cause a significant loss. A bike mount helps you take your bicycle anywhere but also protects your bike and truck. It’s a great way to haul one or more bikes without any damage. You don’t have to worry about sudden stops or force since this bike rack firmly grips your bike.

In other words, the most secure way to hold bicycles on the tailgate of the truck. It provides the facility to store additional equipment like RV, camper, or small trailer when you’re not using it or keeping it in the garage to hold other gear. A must-have accessory if you are an outdoor enthusiast who has chosen a pickup truck for your outdoor activities.

In this section, let’s discuss the top 5 best truck bed bike racks I have selected for you.

Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack BedRack (Wheel Mount)

Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack BedRack,BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you’re looking for a strong and quickly assemble truck bed bike rack, I suggest you consider the Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack. This bike can hold up to four bikes in your tailgate truck without detaching your bike’s front wheel. So, you don’t have to face extra hassle. Moreover, it doesn’t require any tools to assemble it and a lockable cable comes with the product.

This bike load saver is suitable for 54.5 to 66.5 inches wide beds, and you can prolong it from 60.5 to 72.5 inches by using a full-size spacer. In an overall view, if you want an excellent combination of natural scenery and exercise, this bed rack can be perfect for you.

Design and Quality

This truck bed bike rack is made of steel material and offers anti-scratch truck paint. A soft-padding layer is attached to protect the bike finish. This truck bed rack provides additional advantages to use away from the truck as a standalone bicycle rack.

If you plan to go on a trip with multiple bicycles and want to keep them secure, Heininger Automotive can provide you with all facilities. This bed bike will attach tires up to 27 inches and is appropriate for 2.5 inches in width. The added advantage is its adjustable spacers that haul up many bikes in one place without removing wheels.


  • The weight is approximately 8 ounces
  • Fits with most truck beds
  • Measures 31 x 27 x 6 inches
  • Includes 72 inches locking mechanism·
  • Compact in size


  • Convenient and quick installation
  • Ensures stability
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Customizable securing bar
  • Lightweight item


  • Not ideal for some of the bed liners
  • Bike Rack needs straps

Thule 822XTR Bed-Rider Truck Mount (Fork Mount)


In my experience, Thule 822XTR BedRider is one of the top products among its market competitors. This fork mount rack comes with quick release skewers, which you have to adjust on the single side. This adjustment ensures stable and secure bicycle transport.

This bike bed rider includes 3 Thule One-key lock cylinders to fit the bicycles to the carrier and the carrier itself to the truck. If you want to mount many bikes, you can purchase Thule locking bed-rider add-on block separately.

Design and Quality

Thule Bed Rider comes with an aluminum telescoping bar and rubber feet, which holds the carrier on the side rails of the tailgate pad pickup truck without drilling holes. Since it’s a fork mount bed rider, you will need to remove the front wheel.

This fork mount Thule bed rider doesn’t appropriate for a 135mm large hub. It can haul up two bikes in its 9mm swift-release style fork mount. Moreover, this rack features a One-Key lock system. So, it perfectly secures your 2 bicycles when hanging your dual crown fork over the tailgate pad.


  • The measurements are 50.3 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Available in silver color
  • It weighs 9.25 Pounds
  • Strong and Light


  • Straightforward installation
  • Affordable price
  • Compact size allows storing easily
  • Overall good quality
  • Offers convenient usage


  • Not compatible with rail type bed liners

INNO RT201 Truck Bed Bike Rack (Side Mount)

INNO RT201 Truck Bed Bike Rack - Bike Mount for Standard Pickup TruckCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you’re looking for a space-saving truck bed bike rack, I could not find a better truck bed rail rack than INNO RT201. INNO bike rack will help you transport your bikes using a pickup vehicle. The economic design allows you to mount the bicycle to your truck’s bedside rail without any drilling or bolting.

The package includes two mounts, a couple of D-rings, and ratcheting holders. You can quickly secure your bike by maintaining enough cargo space in your truck’s flat surface with all these things. INNO manufacturers offer another model, the  INNO RT202 Rack for Pickup Truck with C-Channel Track Systems.

This model is a lightweight rack that comes with a space-saving design, freeing up 90% of your tailgate truck bed to carry other arsenals.

Design and Quality

The blend material makes the rack durable to hold your bicycles in the bed tightly. Additionally, this truck bike rack is manufactured to carry any bike in the bed of most tailgate pickup truck—the adjustable rods aid in storing the bike securely by its front fork.

The convenient part is that you don’t have to eliminate the front wheel. The INNO truck bed holder is extremely versatile, offering a secure mount for heavy-duty applications. This side clamped bed rail rack protects your bike from sliding when you’re riding on bumpy roads. Moreover, you can install it quickly and easily than other similar racks.


  • The weight is about 4 pounds
  • Includes all essential components
  • Measures 12.5 x 10.3 x 2.7 inches
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Offers bike mounting in both inside and outside of a tailgate truck


  • Easy to install
  • Well-built and lightweight
  • Holds the bicycle firmly, with no movement
  • Budget-friendly


  • There is a possibility that clamps can scratch your bikes

Thule Insta-Gater Bike Rack (Wheel Mount)

Thule Insta-Gater Bike CarrierCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you need a solution to prevent your bikes from the paint pilling off while loading them in the pickup truck, the Thule Insta-Gater bike carrier can provide you with a stable solution. I have learned that this truck bed bike mount offers complete security as it holds the bicycle by grabbing the front wheel.

The product is made for 20 to 29 inches wheel diameter and fits in most cases up to 3 inches wide tires. You can conveniently load and unload the bike by raising and lowering the ratcheting arm above the wheel. If your truck’s tailgate is 51 inches wide or wider than that, you can utilize it for up to 3 instigators. On the other hand, up to 2 instigators can be used with tailgates 34 inches or more than that.

Design and Quality

This rack Thule is made of steel with a vinyl-coated finish makes it enough sturdy and durable. Thule One-Key lock cylinder is available for grappling the bike to the tailgate truck rack. It offers the easiest and quick installation in your pickup. You don’t have to drill or bolt to assemble it means hassle-free operation.

The Thule rack comes with one 501 Insta-Gater racks, two-arm bearing halves, one hook for a short ratchet arm, a locking ratchet arm, one bearing clamp, 10 Philips screws, and two molded straps. All you get in one package, so you don’t need to buy anything separately. A guide manual is attached to assemble it correctly.


  • One-bicycle holding capacity
  • The rack dimensions are 30 x 17.8 x 9 inches
  • Suitable for head tubes of bikes of 68-degree or more
  • Wheel-mounted fitting type
  • The weight is about 9.9 pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Frame-welded innovative design
  • Offers lockable safety
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-standard built


  • Can’t lock on the truck bed until the tailgate pad lifts
  • A little bit pricey

Saris Kool Truck Bed Mount Rack (Fork Mount)

Saris Kool 2-Bike Truck Bed Mount RackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Saris Kool comes with two bike carrier racks with swift release skewer levers on fork blocks. This pickup truck rack can be mounted forward or backward a little to keep the handlebars of each bicycle from jingling into one another. Whatever you’re hauling, you can use it to secure them.

This fork mounted rack fits truck bed sizes from 50 to 74 inches perfectly. It has a built-in adjustable hydraulic pump with a pressure-release valve. You have to push the release button simply to free the bicycle rack. While the valve extents protect your truck bed walls, the pressure pump holds the bike rack in one place.

The significant difference between fork-mounted and other frames is that fork mounted rack doesn’t require to sit on the top of the truck bed rails. This feature makes the fork rack a versatile load stopper.

Design and Quality

This full-size truck mount bike is built with 100% recyclable and non-rusting materials, so wholly environmentally friendly. It includes pivoting rubber pads that will adhere to most surfaces or bed-liners. Moreover, the feet region axel to contour to truck bed walls.

Though this rack comes with two fork mounts, you can attach additional mounts, sold separately. These truck beds can also be used to secure your pickup from sliding around the tailgate truck bed. The installation process is quite simple. Just use your bike’s quick-release to strip off your onward tire, put the forks in the blocks, strengthen them down, and it’s done.


  • Holds two bicycles of any size
  • The measurements are 47 x 5 x 3 inches
  • The weight is nearly 7.15 pounds
  • Features friction seated feet
  • Scratch-proof


  • Easy to install
  • Great multi-purpose item
  • Excellent adjustable bike rack
  • Can be placed anywhere in the truck bed box
  • High-quality built


  • Difficult to fit with through axle quick-release bikes

Bike Rack For Truck Bed – Buying Guide

While choosing a truck bed rack, you need to appraise some essential features and make sure that the must-have qualities do not compromise in any way. You should pay attention to the product quality rather than the cost. Because an inferior product not only a huge loss, but it’s also an extra nuisance. Here we are mentioning some crucial factors that you should think about before purchasing a mounted bike.

What Are The Types of Truck Bed Bike Racks?

To find the best bike rack for truck bed for your needs, you should consider its mount type. Most importantly, you have to focus on which kind of truck bed you have and what kind of mounting fits your bicycle. In our article, we have reviewed three different types of truck bed bike racks:

  • wheel mounted
  • fork mounted
  • side clamped

These three come with various amenities. Try to pick one that flawlessly meets your needs.

Wheel Mounted Truck Bed Bike Rack

This kind of mounting doesn’t require drilling or bolting to secure your bike to the rack. All you have to do is attach the front wheel of your bike to the bed rack. Suitable for holding heavy loads and offers three to four bikes holding capacity. If you just want to stow two or three bikes into the back of your bed and promptly cross the trails, this one can be a perfect option for you.

Fork Mount Truck Bed Bike Rack

The fork mount probably requires drilling into the truck’s bed to secure rack to your truck. Most remarkably, you have to remove the front wheel of your bike to fit with the rack. Though this fork rack offers a hassle-free operation, it needs a little bit of time for installation rather than a wheel mount. These types of bike racks secure your bicycle with a thru axle and keep your bike tightly while bouncing on bumpy roads.

Side Clamp Truck Bed Bike Rack

Another available option is side clamped mount. You can install the carrier at any side of your truck bed without sacrificing precious cargo space. It can fit with any size of the bicycle as it comes in an adjustable feature. Moreover, it has built-in D-rings that offer tie-down points. A simple and hassle-free installation and doesn’t need any drilling.

Number of Bikes

The number of bikes is another vital point that can’t be avoided. In other words, this feature depends on your requirements, how many bicycles you want to haul into your truck bed rack. Some racks offer up to five bike capacity, while two to four bikes is the norm for most carriers.

It is important to remember that the width of your truck bed is an important factor that will limit the number of bicycles you will be able to transport in your truck.

Besides, a wide range of bike racks come with a one bicycle mounting capacity. Suppose you often love to ride with your friends or family members; you have to consider a mounted bike that can easily attach multiple cycles or even come with the facility for integrating additional holders. Choose a suitable tailgate rack that can provide enough space for maximum storage.

Permanent or Temporary Installation

A bike rack can be installed permanently or temporarily. If you want to store your bicycles more securely, you can accommodate the permanent installation. For this setup, you have to place your bike in the exact spot and measure it correctly. Then remove the cycle from the installation spot and drill holes according to your bike’s specifications.

Since you’re installing the rack permanently, you don’t have to face extra hassle while going on a trip. If we talk about temporary installation, this one is the easiest and most convenient operation for your transport. The quick installation offers you to utilize your truck bedside for multiple purposes.

Whenever you want to haul a bike on truck’s bed, you can install it. After that, when you don’t need it, you can remove it quickly. Since trucks are designed for heavy-duty applications, it’s not better to use it only for carrying bicycles.

Bike Protection

Some carriers can damage your bike while riding on bumpy roads. It would be best to pick one that comes with straps and cable-lock to grip your bicycles firmly. Moreover, your tailgate rack should be adjustable and have a proper distance between each mounting to prevent scratching.

To avoid this problem, you can place your bicycles in a convenient place where they aren’t clinging to each other. Using paint protection film can be another good move for bike protection.

Bike Security

If you have to leave bikes in your absence, bicycle security is an essential factor. Tighten your cycles with carriers by using a strong cable lock so that any potential someone can’t steal your bike and rack.

Some truck bed racks come with useful locking features that help protect your bicycles from unpredictable conditions. Make sure to lock your bikes properly if you need to leave that place for any critical reasons.

Additional Functions

Though it generally holds bikes, it can be used for other functions. You can utilize this tailgate rack to secure your truck bed linings by giving it sufficient force. In other words, we can say it a support bar.

Not just during transport, you can utilize it to hold your bikes while keeping in the garage. Since you can secure your bikes from scratching or jingling, bike rack can be a suitable carrier for other considerable gears.

Ease of Storage

Choose a lightweight and compact size yet strong that you can stow easily while you’re not using it. Most popular models come in space-saving design and provide you with complete freedom when installing the rack into the truck bed. It’s not a good idea to keep it on the truck all the time, so pick one that serves you the ease of storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you properly transport a bike in a truck bed?

Trucks are generally designed to haul heavy loads. If you plan for trail riding and want to carry a bike in your vehicle’s bed, you need an effective solution to avoid damaging your bicycle scratches. You do not want just throw your bikes in the bed of your truck.

There are 3 ways to properly transport your bicycles in your pickup truck:

You can learn more about these transportation methods in my guide to transporting bikes in the pickup truck.

What do you think about Pipeline Racks Bike Rack for Full Size Trucks?

The Pipeline Racks Truck Bed Bike Rack is a versatile and robust solution for transporting bikes. With a wheel mount design, it eliminates the need for front wheel removal and doesn’t require any holes to be drilled in your truck. It’s adjustable for 20″-29″ wheel diameters and .75″-2.8″ tire widths, and can even accommodate 3″-5″ fat tire widths with an optional fat tire tube kit. I will review this rack as soon as I get my hands on it but at the moment is seems to be tricky as the availability is limited.


Investing in a high quality truck bed bike rack is not just about transporting your bikes but also about ensuring their safety and the longevity of your truck bed.

I have discovered and shown that there are several types of rack you choose – whether it’s a wheel mount, fork mount, or side clamped – depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Among the products we reviewed, the Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack and the Thule 822XTR Bed-Rider stand out for their robust design and ease of use. The Heininger model is particularly impressive with its ability to hold up to four bikes without the need to remove the front wheel, making it a great choice for group outings. On the other hand, the Thule 822XTR Bed-Rider offers a secure and stable transport solution with its quick-release skewers and lock cylinders.

The best truck bed bike rack for your truck bed is one that fits your truck, accommodates the number of bikes you need to transport, and falls within your budget. It should also be easy to install and remove, offer good bike protection, and provide additional functions if needed.

As a cycling enthusiast and future pickup truck owner, I can attest to the importance of a reliable bike rack. It not only makes your cycling adventures more enjoyable but also gives you peace of mind knowing your bikes are safe and secure. So, take your time, consider your options, and make a choice that will serve you well on your cycling journey. Happy biking!

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