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Indoor Cycling Clothes – What To Wear For The Indoor Cycling Session

Indoor cycling has been gaining momentum over the last few decades and is getting increasingly popular. With advancements in technology, indoor cycling has given people the opportunity to explore sports safety and privacy. Digital home trainers such as Zwift and Strava allow users to have a real-life experience and take up challenges while being stationary in a suitable environment.

However, to compete or practice in indoor cycling sessions, gearing up is also a vital issue. People are gradually paying attention to the type of clothes worn in indoor cycling to perform better and get the most out of indoor cycling. Another reason to do so is to incorporate an outdoor feel into indoor cycling by wearing these clothes.

Indoor Cycling Clothes

The most important issue above all is that these clothes help adjust body temperature by allowing air inside the body and dispersing sweat out of the body. They are produced bearing in mind the issues of heat management and moisture limitation. That is why, indoor cycling clothes provide comfortability, helps enhance performance and provides an amazing indoor cycling experience for cyclists.

For an optimal indoor cycling experience, there are four types of clothing that people must look out for.


Shorts are one of the essential clothing for a comfortable cycling experience. For outdoor cycling, shorts are great for aerodynamics. However, it is not just limited to aerodynamics.

Shorts allow cyclists to easily make a transition between standing and sitting. The padded cycling shorts are more comfortable and prevent the skin from chafing. Furthermore, the full bib shorts that come with shoulder braces prevent the padding from shifting during cycling.

The padding of the short is made of synthetic materials that help to keep away moisture. Also, the short acts as a smooth and soft surface for your skin during cycling. However, when selecting a short, note that the shorts of men and women are different because of the differences in their anatomy. A women’s short’s pad placement will be different than the men’s and should allow a little more room in the hips.

The shorts are meant to be worn without any undergarments so that it always remains in contact with the skin. Otherwise, the feature of providing a smooth surface and lessening friction does not function properly.

Furthermore, undergarments act as absorbent and do not allow the moisture to move away from the body. There are many undergarments for cycling that are available in the market if you are comfortable with wearing one. Overall, shorts allow a cyclist to reduce friction and drain away moisture and make the cycling session more comfortable.

Base Layer Tops

Some indoor cyclists prefer riding without upper clothing. However, it is best to use a lightweight base-layer top. It helps cyclists to drain away body sweat, does not create friction, and does not get heavy from the moisture.

They are made of quick-dry and moisture-wicking fabric to help you cool down. They move the moisture away from the skin allowing the air from your movement to cool you down.

They are body-fit and help to reduce air resistance during cycling. They also have a longer backside so that you can have enough coverage as you bend forward. The pockets are located at the back. It allows cyclists to carry important items without disturbing their movement.

Most cycling jerseys can also be used indoors. You might not need the close-fitting feature of a cycling jersey since air resistance is not a concern. But you will benefit from the quick-dry fabric of the cycling jersey to keep you cool. However, make sure that the jersey is designed for summer wear so that there is no overheating during sessions. You can also use any short-sleeved or sleeveless top as long as it is made of breathable, quick-dry fabric.

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Socks are another needed piece of clothing when it comes to indoor or outdoor cycling. They are super light and play an important role in heat dissipation. A good pair of cycling socks makes the feet cooler, disperses air, and drains away moisture. During cycling, they are certain painful spots that are created below the foot. With a good pair of socks, these spots can be easily eliminated.

Most of the non-sports socks become bulky if they are used in cycling as they do not have heat dissipation features. Cycling socks refrains from getting bulky when the feat becomes sweaty by removing moisture and heat.

Cycling socks are available in various sizes. Some reach exactly below the ankle whereas some reach one to six inches above the ankle. They are also several exotic designs from which cyclists can choose.


Be it indoors or outdoors, shoes are a critical piece of clothing for cyclists in any type of environment. Choose a good pair of them will enhance your cycling efficiency to a great extent. Always choose a pair of shoes with your socks on. Doing so will allow the shoe to provide a better grip on your feet.

You can also install cleats to clip your shoe into the pedal of your indoor cycling bike. Some cyclists prefer to clip their shoes to increase efficiency. In addition, it prevents the feet from slipping in the most intense moments of training. There are a variety of shoes that you can select from. Remember to select the shoes, cleats, and pedals that are all compatible with each other.

Also, the type of pedal is a factor here. If your bike has flat pedals, you can discard the cleats. However, there are chances of slipping during intense moments. Clipping to the pedals provides the cyclist with many benefits.

Also, make sure that the soles of the shoes are stiff and do not bend on the pedal.  For most indoor cycling classes, their spin bikes are equipped with SPD (Shimano Pedalling Dynamics) pedals. These pedals are compatible with mountain bike shoes. This type of shoe has a recessed sole and two-hole design wherein you can attach the SPD-type cleats.

Unlike mountain bike shoes, road bike shoes do not have recessed soles. Thus, the cleats that are attached to them protrude from the shoe and it can be quite difficult to walk around in them. Above all, whatever type of shoe you choose, always remember to wear socks so that you can prevent your ankles from chafing.

Optional Items

Now, let’s look at some of the items that are optional but also helpful for an indoor cycling session.

Sweat Headbands

All sorts of clothing deal with sweat problems on the body. However, some cyclists might feel the sweat on the face irritating.

If you want to keep the sweat out from your body, you can wear a sweat headband. It will also help to keep your hair out of your face.


You can always keep a towel if you sweat excessively. In an intense session, sweating can get heavy. If you prefer, you can always bring a towel to your online cycling session. Towels can also be used to drape the handlebars for extra grip in case the hands get sweaty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my cycling kits with other clothes?

The best advice is to wash your cycling kits separately instead of washing them all together with other clothes. There is a chance that other pieces of clothing might damage your cycling clothes.

Turn them inside out before you put the cycling clothes inside your washing machine. Also, it is best if you wash your clothes directly after you complete your indoor training sessions instead of washing them later.

Can I put my cycling shorts in the dryer?

It is best to avoid using the dryer for your cycling shorts. The best thing to do is to dryline them. At best, they may tolerate a low-tumble dry setting. Before washing your bike shorts or drying them, it is always best to check the care instruction of your clothing.


Indoor cycling is all about comfortability and safety. It not only boosts your physical fitness but also elevates your mental well-being. To get the most out of indoor cycling, gearing up to the outdoor standards is necessary.

Putting on proper indoor cycling clothes will also keep your body from overheating which is a critical problem in indoor cycling sessions. So, before beginning a session make sure to have all the indoor cycling clothes the best experience.

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