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How To Become A Bike Mechanic

A bike mechanic’s job is one of constant learning and self-improvement. Other than repair work, they may also help a customer choose a bike that suits their needs. Most of the time, you’ll see a bike mechanic working in a bike shop or a repair shop of their own based on how skilled they are.

A good mechanic must have not only hard skills but also some soft skills. Many ways can lead you to grow your skills as a mechanic, and we will discuss them below.

How To Become A Bike Mechanic

In order to get started as a bike mechanic, you must have some experience with repairs and some retail work, as a job in a bike shop may have you working the sales floor or customer service along with repairing bikes.

One of the main ways a mechanic learns is on the job training, by observing and assisting a professional, they learn key skills before they are able to work on a bike by themselves.

Another way to enter the field is to take an introductory bike repair course before entering a professional environment to familiarize yourself with most repairs and jobs.

How Do You Improve Yourself As A Bike Mechanic?

As is the case with most technical jobs, a bike mechanic only gets better the longer they work and the more different things they encounter in their day to day.

A much recommended tip is to look for certification and qualifications. Though not necessary to become a bike mechanic, being certified gains you credibility. It also helps if you are unable to work in an apprenticeship. There are many courses designed for beginners and professionals alike.

With the rising trend in improvement of technology many manufacturers run seminars and courses for amateurs and professionals in their own classrooms or in the field.
There’s also gaining experience in the field. Getting acquainted with the local racing scene by providing voluntary services is a great way to gain knowledge of different bikes and building overall. In addition, it can often lead to professional teams hiring you to work for them.

Job Of A Bike Mechanic

As a bike mechanic you will be expected to do a variety of different tasks, these have been listed below in detail.

Building A Bike

Sometimes, rather than purchasing a bike outright a customer may want a bike built to their specifications, perhaps for a specific task. Experienced mechanics are often tasked with these jobs as it takes a lot of skill to be able to build a bike from scratch.

Bike Diagnostics And Repair

Other than selling bikes, a bike shop’s bread and butter is servicing damaged bikes. These jobs differ from bike to bike and each problem has different skill levels when it comes to solving them.

A beginner may be given a simple repair such as a flat tire. Other times, an experienced mechanic must find out what problems a bike has before attempting repair.

Cleaning And Lubrication

During repair and servicing, bikes are often cleaned, to the point where grease is removed from important locations. Lubrication is important if a bike is to run smoothly. An apprentice or an experienced mechanic may do either of these tasks.

Customer Service

Repairs aren’t only conducted at bike shops, but also sales, whether they be refurbished or brand new bikes a mechanic often helps a customer with finding a bike that is correct for them.

Inventory Management

A mechanic must know what’s in their shop. So they must keep track of available parts and know when to order new parts.

Attending events to provide technical support: One of the ways to progress further as a bike mechanic is to take part in the local racing scene. Aiding with and providing repairs can lead to becoming a pro mechanic, who works in professional racing teams.

What Can Bike Mechanic Courses Offer You?

For the most part a bike mechanic course is a guided class on the repair and maintenance of a bike but it can offer much more. The first thing that a course gives you is confidence, by providing learning materials and expert instructors, students are able to learn a great deal about tools, the inner workings of bike parts, complicated repairs and the like.

From a beginner’s course to an advanced learning course partnered with a parts manufacturer, there is a learning course for differently skilled mechanics.

As said above, the beginner’s course teaches the basics of maintenance and repair, made for enthusiasts and career-minded mechanics alike. Advanced courses are geared towards those seeking a career as a bike mechanic.

Not only are advanced topics covered but also prepares the students to work in a bike shop. In addition, mechanic’s courses from some schools offer industry certification.

In order to be able to repair newer bikes and service newer parts, a continuation course is also offered. Sometimes, parts brands partner with these schools and have seminars and classes on specific parts. Completion can lead to being a certified technician for brand-specific parts.

What Is It Like To Work As A Bike Mechanic?

Most of the time, a bike mechanic works in a bike shop with other people who share a passion for bikes, and most of the time, the customers are also enthusiasts.

This can lead to a very relaxed work environment with friendly coworkers and customers. In addition, working with passionate coworkers improves overall work satisfaction.

Becoming a Bike Mechanic in Different Countries

Most of the article circles out how you may become successful bike mechanic in the US. Most of the above information can be applied to countries such as Canada, UK and Australia with some minor differences.

How To Become A Bike Mechanic In The UK

The UK requires that you have completed your IGCSE’s, it’s similar to having a high school graduation certificate in the US.So it’s not only imperative if you want to work in a bike shop and if you want to seek further education to earn certification.

How To Become A Bike Mechanic In Australia

Australia requires that you have completed year 10 in order to be able to enter into the field of bike repair and maintenance. Alternatively, you can also attend TAFE before you start working in a bike shop.

How To Become A Bike Mechanic In Australia

Finally, in Canada obtaining your high school diploma is enough to get your foot into the door of most bike shops and learning courses for career based learning.


Though a blue collar job, a bike mechanic is someone who is not only passionate towards their work but also one that is constantly learning and improving with the advent of newer and newer technologies. The pay may not be glamourous but the work sure is satisfying.

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