How To Carry A Folding Chair And Beach Chair On A Bike?

Transporting a chair without a car can be daunting but a necessary task. You may need to carry a folding chair on a bike on many occasions. Moving chairs to beaches or poolside parties is commonly seen. These’ll become much easier if you can carry a folding chair on a bike, but in the right way.

There are several methods by which you can carry a folding chair on a bicycle. In this article, we’ll discover the most popular of those methods. So, let’s get started.

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How to Carry a Folding Chair on a Bicycle?

There are many accessories that can help you transport a folding chair on a bike easily. In this section, we’ll explore the easiest way of doing that.

Beach Bum Bike Caddy

Beach Cruiser Bike Caddy Sports Equipment Chair Holder AccessoryBeach Cruiser Bike Caddy Sports Equipment Chair Holder AccessoryCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Bike caddies make carrying folding chairs a breeze. A versatile one like the Beach Bum bike caddy will work wonders. It hooks onto your bicycle to give you a secure fit. You can then attach your folding chair to carry it with ease.

One thing you’ll love about it is just how solid the build quality is. It’s made from alloy steel. So, it’ll last you for a long time.

Mounting is a breeze too! It installs in mere minutes, so you can go from not carrying a folding chair to carrying a folding chair in no time.

Speaking of carrying a folding chair, the clamp is robust. You can tighten it to ensure the chair isn’t going anywhere. However, this robust screwing mechanism is its minor downside. It’s a bit tedious to screw in.

Every time you want to carry a folding chair, you’ll need to unscrew the clamp to loosen it. Then put a folding chair in place and then screw it back on. It just takes a bit of time.

That being said, this mechanism is very secure. We’re confident you can easily carry a folding chair with this caddy. It’s only 1.55 lbs, so you won’t add much excess weight. Overall, this bike caddy from the guys over at Beach Bum is a very convenient and effective way of carrying a chair.

EBC Surf Board Rack

Let’s get a little creative. You can also carry a folding chair on this surfboard rack from EBC. It features an easy bolt-on mount which is seamless to install. That will save you time and also help you get going in minutes.

The build quality is fantastic too! We loved the solid aluminum tubes with durable stainless steel hardware. You don’t need to worry about it snapping when carrying a folding chair. Since it’s made for carrying surfboards, the u-shaped holding area is pretty spacious.

It’s designed to carry surfboards between 7 to 8 ft. That’s plenty of space to have a folding chair with you. Place the chair sideways into the two u-shaped holding areas, and you’re golden.

Mounting this surfboard rack on your bicycle is easy too. It has clamps that lock in place right under your seat. As a result, your cycle won’t feel side-heavy. We loved how versatile this rack is, and it is perfect for transporting foldablechairs.

Adjustable Beach Chair Carry Strap

2 X Adjustable Beach Chair Carry Strap Universal Folding Chair Carry Strap Bed Chair Carry Strap - 2 Straps Per Pack (Chair Not Included)2 X Adjustable Beach Chair Carry Strap Universal Folding Chair Carry Strap Bed Chair Carry Strap – 2 Straps Per Pack (Chair Not Included)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

Another excellent solution for carrying a folding chair would be an adjustable chair carry strap like this one. It works if you don’t want to strap or attach anything to your bicycle. For example, carbon fiber bikes might get damaged if you hook additional gear onto them.

In those cases, carrying the folding chair with a strap is better. You can hook the strap on your shoulder and attach the other ends to your chair. Easy peasy.

This strap is made from rugged polypropylene and is durable too! You can carry folding chairs and even beach umbrellas. Plus, the adjustability allows you to increase or decrease the height accordingly.

One major gripe we have with this strap is it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. There’s no comfortable neck strap. It could slightly bruise your neck. However, this is not a deal breaker. You can wrap a small napkin or add some DIY padding yourself.

Beach Chair Rack for bicycle

You’ll find certain racks on the market that are specially designed to allow you to carry folding chairs on bicycles. These racks not only allow you to carry these but tons of other stuff as well, making them versatile.

Plus, the chair racks don’t add much extra weight to the bicycle, so you shouldn’t struggle to carry them along with the chair.

Carrying Camping Chairs

You can always find ultralight camping chairs on the market. These chairs are built especially for camping, but they are great for carrying on bikes too. These chairs are usually ultralight, so they are easy to carry. You can carry them without stressing yourself.

Plus, the frames of these chairs are specially designed in a manner that they can be folded. Once you fold them, they will become completely flat, so you’ll be able to carry them in a little space.

Tie to Rear Bike Rack

Another viable option is tying the folding chair to the rear rack of your cycle. This won’t work unless your cycle has a rear rack.

However, installing rear racks doesn’t cost much, so you can always go for this. It’s pretty straightforward too. You must lay the folded chair flat on the rear rack and tie it.

If the width of the rack is too much and if laying it flat doesn’t seem viable, you can put it on the rack vertically as well. This will make it a bit harder to balance the chair, but you can manage to keep it still if you use multiple ropes to tie the chair tightly. This will also reduce the effective width of your bicycle, eliminating any risk of scraping the chair against a surface while riding.

Tow A Cargo Trailer

You can buy bike trailers or build them yourself. These are small carts that you can carry by attaching them to the bicycle. What’s best about the trailers is that they allow you to carry multiple chairs at once. Plus, you can always carry other stuff too. The trailers are often used to carry fishing gear too.

If you’re looking for a trailer to carry chairs especially, you can customize it to make it more suitable for carrying oversized items. What’s great about this method is that it’ll allow you to carry many chairs at once. You can carry other stuff in these if you aren’t carrying lots of chairs.

This is why this method is highly recommended for those who need to carry chairs or other heavy stuff on their bicycle often.


These are the major ways of carrying a folding chair on your bike. As you can see, all of these methods are very different from one another.

If you have a decent budget and need to transport large items with your bicycle, you can get yourself a trailer. Bike carriers are cheaper, but these don’t offer space for carrying multiple chairs. Caddies are affordable, allowing you to carry one folding chair safely and comfortably.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply tie the chair to your bike’s rear rack. You’ll only have to pay for the rope or bungee, but this isn’t viable if you don’t have a bike rack.

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