How To Bike In A Suit?
How To Bike In A Suit?

Cycling or biking is a great exercise to keep your body healthy and active. And if you spend a good amount of time working or can’t seem to make additional time for exercises after or before work, then biking to work is a great solution. But that being said, if your work requires you to maintain a dress code and you have to wear a suit to work, then a question you might face is, how to bike in a suit.

Now, if you are facing this sort of question in your mind then this article has a lot to tell you. As in this article, we will break down everything that you will need to know regarding commuting on a bike while wearing a suit. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

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Can You Bike in a Suit?

To answer in a few words, yes, you can definitely bike in a suit! It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first if you’re not used to it, but cycling in a suit isn’t completely forbidden. But, you have to be extra careful when you bike in a suit instead of biking clothes. There are high chances that you’ll ruin your suit if you don’t take proper measures. This is what we’ll cover in this guide.

How to Bike in a Suit: What to Keep in Mind

There are quite a few factors that one has to consider when planning on commuting on a bike in a suit. If you don’t get them right, then you will risk the chance of wrinkling or creasing your suit or worse sweating your suit. To avoid these scenarios, make sure that you follow the following factors properly.

Distance and Speed

The first and the most important factor that you will have to consider is the distance that you will need to travel. Because when biking on a suit, you will have to pick a pace that will ensure that you won’t sweat. Meaning you will have to go slow compared to the usual speed. So, find that speed limit beforehand, where you don’t sweat at all when biking.

And once you have figured out both distance and speed, you can plan on your timing. Because you don’t want to arrive late, just because you were biking while wearing a suit.

Adjustments and Type of the Suit

Now, if you are ae careful then you don’t have to change your suit for the most part. But to be safe and to get more freedom when biking while wearing a suit certain adjustments must be made. For example, the tightness of the suit should be less compared to your usual level.

This is because if your suit gets tighter while biking you will risk the chance of sweating more and this is something that must avoid at any cost.

Along with that, to be safer from the grease and dirt, you should use trousers straps. We suggest you use trouser straps similar to the Brooks trouser straps. The key feature that you should look out for is whether or not you are comfortable wearing it.

Now, if you want to go all out, then you can pick a suit specially made for biking to work. A Japanese company named Aoki has recently released a type of suit that they claim to be perfect for people who wants to wear suits while riding on a bike. You can check them out by clicking here.

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Add a Pannier Bag for Your Essentials

If you are wearing a suit while on your bike, then using a backpack is a big no as not only it will make you uncomfortable but it will also generate sweat on your back. And if there is sweat then your suit will be full of wrinkles and will crease in no time.

Therefore, to carry your essential goods, you should pick a pannier bag. Pannier bags are the perfect suit for your bike. They offer a copious amount of space which can help you to store your laptop, office files and other essential goods. This also offers you the chance to carry your shoes within the bags while you use sneakers or biking shoes for your biking session.

When picking a pannier bag, there are a few things that you will need to consider. First of all, pick a bag that offers a good amount of space so that you can put your necessary stuff without any issues. It should be durable and will also need to have a strong build quality that lasts harsh conditions. The waterproof feature is also something that you should look out for. We suggest picking something similar to the Vuudh Pannier bags.

And that’ it. This is how you can bike in a suit.

Final Thoughts

Biking in a suit can come as an odd scenario for many first-timers. But it is quite common in different parts of the world. Now, if you can apply the mentioned tips and follow them accordingly, then you can easily ride your bike while wearing a suit without any problems.

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