Best Bike Seat For Your Balls – Best Bike Saddles For Men Reviewed (2023)

Ah well, let’s talk about balls. As sensitive as it is, men’s testicles gave birth to a good lot of rumors, including the most famous “does cycling cause ED?” one.

While the claim has not been scientifically proven yet, it is safe to say that cycling can cause acute testicular pain, if you don’t sit in the right position or if you don’t have the best bike seat for your balls.

We are here to make sure your family jewels are safe, sound, and happy!

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If you are in a hurry and want to go straight to the best bike saddle that is most comfortable for your male body parts, please check out my top pick, the Daway C66 saddle!

Why exactly does cycling result in testicular pain?

Even though the fertility rumors are still deemed untrue, we have to agree to the fact that cycling does result in your testicles being battered in a way that the perineal numbness remains for a good long time.

But to figure out which kind of bicycle seats for men will prevent such unfortunate occurrences, we need to figure out the way your testicles can get hurt during cycling.

Incorrect Saddle Position

The saddle plays a big part here. If the place where you put your body is placed in a too high or too low position, discomfort is bound to take place.

So, positioning your body in a balanced way is the key here if you’re riding for longer distances.

Incorrect Riding Position

Even if your saddle is at a perfectly horizontal position, you might still face discomfort and pain if you sit in the wrong position relative to your seat post. Your posture is important here, so we would suggest not shifting your riding position too much while cycling.

Leaning forward too much puts your body pressure in your lower parts including your testicular areas, so just don’t do that, maybe? Even if you shift, make sure your posture is right and comfortable.

Seams in Your Shorts

‘Seams’ may seem pretty naive and harmless on first looks, but trust me on this, it is one of the key reasons behind a sore testicle. People tend not to spend big on cycling shorts, but a low-quality short with seams can result in your balls getting hurt, so why risk that?

You can simply go for better quality padded bike shorts and seamless cycling shorts and keep your beloved testicles safe!

Top 5 Options of Best Bike Seat For Your Balls

Now that we know the requirements of the best bicycle seat for your balls, it’s time for us to jump straight into our five options. We have analyzed their features, quality alongside their pros and cons.

Let’s see which one wins!

Daway C66 (Editor’s Choice)

Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat - DAWAY C66 Foam Padded Leather Road Mountain Bicycle Saddle Cushion with Taillight, Waterproof, Soft, Breathable, Fit MTB, Most Bikes, for EveryoneCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you’re looking for comfort and high-quality visual satisfaction at the same time, then the Daway C66 saddle can be a decent pick for you. What differentiates this one from other usual bike seats is the big tail light. Make no mistake as this is no ordinary light that will go out of action within a few days. This one comes with three different lighting modes and has a work time of a whopping 36 hours!

The construction of this saddle is made in such a way that users are bound to feel comfortable. With a soft and elastic leather surface that is shock absorbing and wear-resistant as well, you can ensure your hips and testicles remain much more comfortable with this one for longer bike rides. High-end PVC leather is used in the bike saddles, which are both water and scratch-proof. The bike saddle is a foam-based cushion and is entirely shockproof.

But that’s not where the features end. This universal design also comes with a dual-rail and a rail clamp to provide extra protection and durability. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it as a mountain bike or a road bike – with this bicycle seat everything will seem comfortable.


  • Ensures great comfort with a soft leather surface
  • Includes a tail light for riding in dark places
  • Sturdy construction but quite comfortable
  • Wear and a water-resistant saddle
  • Seat surface made from PVC leather, highly scratch-proof
  • Dual rail system for stability
  • Easy to install and works well with bumpy rides
  • Free wrench, extra battery, and dust cover provided for free


  • Metal adjustment clamp might be problematic
  • Users concerned over the tilt-adjustment problems
  • The saddle cover may come loose upon heavy using

Opera Bike Seat (Advanced Design)

Opera Bike Seat - Road Bike Saddle Comfortable MTB Saddle Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bicycle Saddle Cycling Leather Soft Seat CushionCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Remember when we said in the first part of this article that the saddles with carbon bodies would be expensive? Oh well, the Opera bike seat makes us take our word back. It has high-end features all along, with a full-body made from carbon fiber, yet the price range isn’t as high as expected!

This very saddle is unique in almost every way. The versatility, the design, the comfort- the price, it ticks in all the sections, hence it gets to sit at the top of the list. The breathable soft microfiber-based carbon leather is deemed way better than the foam-based or usual artificial PU leathers. The leather here is thick, comfortable, and highly elastic, so say no to stiff saddles already!

To point out the scintillating design, they have also figured out a human-shaped ergonomic design that will help your perineum from getting any sort of pressure. Durable strong Seat Clamps are added within, and it is so compatible that the adjustment takes very little time. These clamps ensure the seat cover is firm and sturdy.


  • Unique human-shaped design that protects your sensitive areas
  • Long and narrow shaped cut-out ensures protection and cools your sit bones area
  • Seat clamps are specifically designed to provide easy adjustability
  • It has been specially designed with the quite firm and solid construction of seat clamps
  • Highly elastic carbon fiber-based leather covers
  • Unbelievably inexpensive considering the expensive carbon body
  • Refund or replacement guarantee if any problem occurs
  • Carbon leather saddles are more breathable and comfortable
  • An excellent pick for long rides


Brooks England Cambium C15 | C17 | C19 (Classic Design)

Brooks England Cambium All Weather Bike Seat - High Mileage, Waterproof, Carved/Standard Bicycle Saddle (C15, C17, C19)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

This bicycle seat is like fine wine. The more you use it, the better, and more comfortable it gets. The most interesting thing about this is that even though the Brooks England Cambium saddle is a performance-bike type, it fits in for other bikes as well. Moreover, this one is a very low-maintenance bicycle saddle with commendable durability. Its sustainability mostly comes from the high-end organic fibers, and the steel rail certainly ensures shock absorption will be done.

The cover of this seat is made from cotton, and with cotton, the word ‘comfort’ is kind of interrelated. The best part about this is, the saddle will never feel stiff. Sure, it can go all bumpy at times, but that is the super-flexible suspension. Honestly speaking, the hammock-style bounces are essential for your protection in bumpy tracks.

It is said that center cutout saddles are necessary for the safety of your balls, and this one here makes your ride quite comfortable, to say the least. The fabric texture of this saddle ensures you get the necessary grips in long rides.


  • The organically grown cotton fiber used here are quite sustainable
  • Comfortable bike saddle style with cutout saves your testicles from internal battering
  • A flexible suspension system for hilly and bumpy roads
  • Pretty low-maintenance saddle considering the features
  • Quite affordable
  • Versatile saddle can be used in bike types other than the performance ones


  • Not mud-resistant and water-resistant
  • Back rails are often problematic
  • The break-in period is relatively long with this one.

Daway C99

DAWAY C99 Comfortable Men Women Bike Seat - Soft Memory Foam Padded Bicycle Seat, Bike Saddle Replacement with Wide Cushion for Peloton, Mountain & Exercise Bikes, Shock Absorbing, Waterproof, UniversalCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Another product from Daway makes the cut and this one is the Daway C99 model, a new, upgraded version of its predecessor, C66. This comfortable bicycle seat is unique for the same reason as the 66 one, the big bright beautiful taillight. But it has a few newer features that make it more unique and better in some aspects.

The padding remains the same, memory foam-based and PVC leather covered. But the texture in the cover has improved, alongside the wear-resistant feature now it is anti-slip too. The soft cushion is now of high-density premium memory foam, ensuring even more comfort than before.

Now comes the tale of the tail light. Instead of 3, this one now has 4 bright LEDs and the classic 3-mode lighting system. This new one comes with excellent dual suspensions too. Another good part about this product is the universal design, which comes with rail clamps. The clamps can help mount the seat position without the help of any other accessories!


  • Comfortable fabric that saves your buttocks from extra pain
  • The cut-out design makes sure your balls are relieved
  • The saddle adapter inclusion means you can mount the seats without additional tools
  • Seat rail clamps added
  • Has a waterproof and scratch-proof seat cover
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • The pressure from the user is equally distributed among the cycle
  • Universal – also among the best bike saddles for women


  • The batteries are not rechargeable
  • The seats are not as soft as promised
  • You may not feel the suspension at times

Bikeroo Men’s Memory Foam Saddle

Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men - Mens Padded Bicycle Saddle with Soft Cushion - Improves Comfort for Mountain Bike, Hybrid and Stationary Exercise Bike (Memory Foam)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

“Affordable, sleek, and saves your testicles!” If you were to make an ad tagline for this brand, I’m pretty sure you would have come up with something like this too. Unlike most other brands, Bikeroo is a relatively small family business that provides the high quality cushioned bike seats. Their products are great, and this is no exception. But this Bikeroo memory foam saddle is unique because of a very simple feature. It is ‘testicles-friendly’ to say the least.

The exceptional human anatomy-based cut-out design makes it popular in the world of saddles, because who would not want to save their balls from unnecessary stress and strain? It has an ergonomic shape that ensures all your pressure points are relieved even when you are cycling for a long time. The stainless steel rails can guarantee durability and a decent mounting system.

The good thing about using artificial leather in the cover is that they don’t wear off easily, and scratches do not do much harm to it. It’s standard quality soft memory foams will make your ride a joy ride. The versatility of this one is also eye-catching, you can use it to ride mountains, roads and even do stationary works!


  • Design is made with men’s anatomy in mind, hence very safe for cycling
  • Ergonomic and healthy shape
  • A deep cut-out for providing decent sit bone support and ensures airflow
  • Soft and comfortable memory foam padding
  • The price is surprisingly economic
  • An overall comfortable experience like a mountain bike seat
  • Good choice for long rides
  • Waterproof cover for the bike seat


  • The butt-bone padding may seem a bit too stiff
  • Made of artificial, not actual leather
  • It might seem uncomfortable to some users with different anatomical structures.

A Bike Seats For Men Buying Guide: What kinds of seats are good for my balls?

Cycling has many benefits like reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate by 30%-40%. But let’s face it, a poor choice on bike seats can result in men getting problems like erectile dysfunctions, groin pain, and urination difficulties. So whatever your ride is, you must have a decent bike seat to save your balls. You must be asking yourself, ‘But how do I choose the best seat for me?”

There is nothing to worry about, we have just the pointers and criteria a decent bike seat has to fulfill.

Shape and Fitting of the Seat

This depends entirely on the preference of the rider. If you prefer a comfortable ride on your bike, you would prefer a wider cushion while faster riding requires relatively narrow sized cushions. The type of your bike also matters; performance bikes, electric bikes, and recreational road bikes provide different shapes of seats. Some prefer cut-out shaped seats, some don’t- so preferences do play a part here.

The V-shaped bike seats are generally for basic recreational uses; they are wide with thicker padding and have springs beneath. The T-shaped ones are specialized for mountain biking. Racing or performance bikes provide thin T-shaped seats with minimal cushion and a long narrow nose.


The right amount of padding is necessary for saving your body from harmful side effects. It’s a misconception that more padding means more comfort because thicker paddings can turn out to be extremely uncomfortable when in long rides. The soft paddings often get squished and seat bones might come out, causing pain instead of comfort. There are two types when it comes to padding-gel and foam system. The seats with Zacro gel material are preferred by the comfort-seekers while Foam is for the long distance riders.

What padding you want depends on your regular amount of cycling. If you ride the bike on a day-to-day basis for a limited time, you will need comfortable soft cushions, leather can be a good pick for you on this accord. But if your preference is road mountain biking, then you will require fewer cushions. The same goes for professional bike racing and performance bikes.

Materials and Price

What material is used in the production of the saddle is essential for ensuring durability and overall quality. For example, the cheaper cruiser saddles are made from steel alloy rails whilst the expensive ones are made from lightweight carbon rails. Here comes the choice of preference, again. If you need a good quality lightweight new bike seat, you have to go for the expensive carbon saddles. But if your preference is comfort, then the steel or titanium body does it.

Flexibility and comfort come from the shock absorption abilities, and titanium rails are kind of the master of this art. But apart from your preferences, you should understand that pricier bike seats are much lighter and the low-budget ones are relatively heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my balls when cycling?

There are 3 different options for how you can make your bike saddle more comfortable:

  • you should get a comfortable bike seat that is compatible with your anatomy
  • if you believe that the seat you have works well but you are looking for a bit more comfort, you should get a gel bike seat cover. They come in different types and sizes, so be sure to get a cover that is compatible with your seat
  • get padded bike shorts – you will not believe how much more comfortable riding a bike gets in these shorts


There we have it, the five best bike seats that can save your balls from getting hammered while riding a bike and prevent erectile dysfunction. But we are not supposed to just figure out the five best options, we need to find that best bike seat for your balls.

Choosing between these classy and quality saddles is not an easy job. Most of them among our list is highly featured with quality materials and equipment. But we decided to stick to the criteria we have enlisted in the beginning.

Considering them, we have finally selected a clear-cut winner. It has a carbon body, is inexpensive, and perhaps the best choice for your beloved pair of testicles.

Yes, we are talking about the Opera Bike Seat.

You must be having questions now, since brands like Bikeroo or Cloud 9 are more well-known, and Opera is relatively lesser-known. But that didn’t stop us from electing it as the king of bike seats, mostly because it ticks into all the boxes we needed to examine.

But as you have probably heard, often one size does not fit all. There are some situations where you might be looking for an alternative to the Opera seat. Then the Bikeroo seat is a sure bet.

The whole purpose of this article is to find a comfortable bike seat that doesn’t hurt balls, right? Other cycling saddles are comfortable, thick, and decent, and many more- but no other saddle can protect your testicles and prevent ED (Erectile Dysfunction) better than this one. That is kind of reason enough for choosing it, but we looked for other seat features too. And guess what? This one passed with flying colors regarding all the others too. It has a comfortable shape, it’s cheap, it’s durable, and it provides comfort. Case closed.

Again, we have said this lot of times, the best bike seats for your balls depend on your preferences. Finding the most comfortable bike seat for men depends on your size, your usage, your purpose, and your affordability. We hope you keep all of them into consideration while going out shopping for such products.

Happy Cycling! Keep your balls safe!

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  1. I consider the Sunlite Cloud-9 Cruiser the right bike saddle for numbness. It has an ingenious design: dense on the butt section, tapering towards the groin to support the butt cheeks while removing the pressure off the perineal area. It was made by premium-quality vinyl material for durability, underneath it is a gel foam-reinforced cushion. Its 10.5-inch wide rear section is sufficient to support a male or female cyclist’s buttocks without causing discomfort.

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