How To Clean Bicycle Seat – Bike Saddle Cleaning Tips

A clean bicycle seat is often overlooked, yet it plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. By maintaining a clean bike saddle, cyclists not only enhance the seat’s longevity but also simplify the maintenance process.

Cleaning a bicycle seat may seem challenging, particularly when dealing with materials like leather or seats with covers. Although it may appear to be an insignificant task that demands extra effort, keeping your bike saddle clean is essential. In this article, we’ll provide essential tips and steps to follow for effective bicycle seat cleaning, helping you maintain a comfortable and good-looking ride.

Key Takeaways

A clean bicycle seat enhances the seat’s longevity, simplifies the maintenance process, and ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience.
The cleaning process can differ depending on the material of the seat – vinyl, leather, or gel.
Use a Vinyl Leather Rubber Care (VLR) Cleaning spray and an applicator pad. Remove the bike seat, spray the VLR Cleaning liquid onto the vinyl seats, scrub a little, and then wipe it off with a wet towel. Apply a conditioner afterwards to protect the vinyl seat.
Regularly wipe down the leather and the frame with a soft towel. Never get the leather seat wet. Condition it using a recommended brand of oil to make the saddle softer and secured.
Use soapy water at a very low temperature. Soak the cover for a few minutes, then scrub using a clean towel and dry it very well. Use a waterproofing agent to keep it away from water.
Invest in top-notch leather quality for leather saddles. Only use recommended waterproofing agents. Avoid getting the bike seats wet. Clean carefully as the cleaning process differs for different materials.

How To Clean Bike Seats?

This is an additional component of the bike seat that you should also be cleaning when cleaning the seat itself. This is because, when you are biking outdoors or long distances, you will sweat a lot. The sweat particles will get into the bicycle seat or seat cover.

You need to keep the bicycle seat and the seat covers clean to keep the saddle cushion clean. This will help you have a bicycle seat that can always smell fresh.

You might risk the growth of bacteria on the seat cushions if you do not regularly engage in cleaning the seats. There can even be the growth of fungus in the worst situations.

When it comes to gel bike seat covers, those cannot be washed. However, for most bikes, the saddle cushions should be machine washed and air dried.

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Different Types of Seats

There are bicycle seats made from different types of materials – vinyl, leather, gel, etc. The cleaning can differ between the seats depending on what material they are made from.

Cleaning Vinyl Bicycle Seats

It is quite simple and easy to clean vinyl seats of bicycles and will not take up too much time or effort from your end. You can get it to look all fresh and new in no time. We will elaborate on the steps to follow to reach that goal.

What Do You Need to Clean Vinyl Seats?

The items that you should have before you clean the vinyl seat of your bike are:

  • Vinyl Leather Rubber Care (VLR) Cleaning spray
  • Applicator Pad

The Cleaning Business

The following steps need to be followed to clean the Vinyl seats efficiently.

  • Remove the bike seat. (This is only needed if you are willing to also clean the plastic under the bike seat.)
  • Take a clean applicator pad or towel
  • Take the VLR Cleaning spray and make the towel or applicator pad wet
  • Start to spray the VLR Cleaning liquid into the vinyl seats. You can start to see the black dirt coming off fairly quick enough.
  • You can scrub a little to facilitate this.
  • You can wipe it off with a wet towel to have a nice, clean seat.
  • Allow it to completely dry.
  • You can also go on to apply some conditioner. This conditioner will help in protecting the vinyl seat from random cracks or from becoming too dry.

As you can imagine, the process is pretty simple and easy to follow. You are likely to be contented. All you need to focus on is using the right cleaning liquid- using something that contains harsh chemicals can be harmful because it can lead the vinyl surface towards wear and tear too early. Furthermore, those materials are bad for the environment.

Cleaning Leather Bicycle Seats

Leather bicycle seats are pretty common. However, to have the leather shine and stay with you for long enough, you need to clean it regularly.

The leather saddle needs to ‘break in’ like any other jeans, boots or shoes, to make you feel comfortable using it. Once the saddle breaks, it will start to feel like a part of you in no time. This will come fast if you frequently ride your bike.

The Cleaning Business

When you get a leather seat for your bicycle, you should remember some tips and tricks to take care of it and to clean it properly.

Regularly wipe down the leather and the frame. This might seem pretty simple but is crucial to keep the bike seat free of dirt or any kind of microbial growth. When trying to wipe down the seat, we advise you to use a soft towel.

Take the towel and clean the surface as well as the underneath of the leather seat by wiping it down.

You should never get the leather seat wet. This is because wet leather can give rise to severe issues that you may want to avoid.

Conditioning is an important step when it comes to cleaning leather bike seats. For this purpose, you need to use oil. However, do not use just any oil. A recommended brand of oil should be used to help in making the saddle softer and secured.

This conditioning can also help break the leather seat in the case of many bike brands. However, mostly, this is meant for softening and protection.

Conditioning will help protect your leather seat from several elements. For example, when you have biking plans in rainy areas, wet and muddy regions, this can be useful. In these situations, a bike cover becomes imperative.

If you are looking for recommendations for bike covers, we will advise you to opt for waterproof bike covers.

For leather seats, you can also use a leather brush and some light dish soap to scrub. However, you must use a dry rag to remove any residue from the soap.

Gel Bike Saddles

Cleaning gets harder for the gel bike saddle cushions. You need to use soapy water (in this case, we recommend detergents) at a very low temperature. However, there is more for the cover. You can soak the cover for a few minutes – up to 15 minutes.

Then, you can scrub using a clean towel and dry it very well. You may even try to use some waterproofing agent to keep it away from water at every cost.

Here we have a blog post going into detail about washing the gel bike seat cushions.

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Some Tips

Before winding up, we have some last tips for you to keep your bike seats clean and to clean them well:

  • When buying the bike seat, if you are looking for leather saddles, invest in top-notch leather quality so that it can withstand wear and tear.
  • When making use of waterproofing agents, only use what is recommended.
  • Avoid getting the bike seats wet.
  • Clean carefully, you cannot clean a leather seat the way you would clean a vinyl bicycle seat.


In wrapping up, I want to reiterate the importance of understanding how to clean bicycle seats. As we’ve learned, a clean bicycle seat isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable cycling experience. It’s about hygiene, comfort, and even the longevity of your bike seat.

Whether your bike seat is made of vinyl, leather, or gel, each material requires a specific cleaning process. For vinyl seats, using a Vinyl Leather Rubber Care (VLR) Cleaning spray and an applicator pad can help you achieve a fresh and new look. Remember, using the right cleaning liquid is key to avoid early wear and tear.

Leather seats, on the other hand, require regular wiping and conditioning. It’s important to never get the leather seat wet and to use a recommended brand of oil for conditioning. This not only softens the saddle but also protects it from various elements.

Cleaning gel bike saddles can be a bit more challenging. Using soapy water at a very low temperature and soaking the cover for a few minutes can do the trick. A waterproofing agent can also be used to keep it away from water.

In my experience, maintaining a clean bike seat can significantly enhance your cycling experience. It’s a small task that can make a big difference. So, next time you finish a long ride, take a moment to clean your bicycle seat. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it.

Remember, the key to a comfortable ride is a clean bike seat. So, keep these tips in mind and have a great time on the saddle!

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