How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In A Basket?

Riding a bicycle with your dog is fun. While you are riding your bike, you can pet them and have a good time. But it’s not as easy as it looks.

Most dogs get nervous when you put them in a basket. Also, your lovable dog can fall off without knowing the proper way. Don’t worry.

With practice and patience, you will be traveling with your dog on your bicycle in no time.

Is It Safe to Ride a Bike with a Dog in a Basket?

This is a question only you can answer. It depends on your and your dog’s experience and bonding. If you have a calm dog who loves to sit quietly, you have no worries. On the other hand, an unruly dog can get both of you injured. So make sure your pet is agreeable to riding a bicycle.

But don’t get disheartened when it’s not. With enough practice, you can ride like a true professional. As for safety, riding a bike with a dog is pretty safe. You just need to follow the traffic rules and be cautious. Don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy the scenery with your dog while you ride.

What You Need to Know Before Riding a Bike with a Dog in a Basket

So, before putting your dog into a basket, you need to look at a few factors. The most crucial thing is the size of your dog. For small to medium dogs, fitting them in a basket isn’t that much of an issue. But when your dog is a bit large, it can be troublesome.

You may need to buy a custom basket for your dog. The same goes for your bicycle size.  Also, make sure the basket is perfectly placed when riding.

Before setting sail with your dog, you must maintain a few rules. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

Staying Calm

It’s your responsibility to make yourself, and the dog stays comfortable and calm. Things can get rough when you are riding the first time. Most dogs get nervous as they have never had an experience like that. Take a bit of a break when things get out of control. Make your dog understand that riding is fun. Before riding, play with your dog for some time.

Keeping Your Dog Secured

You may be thinking that you and your dog have a special bond. There is no way the dog will run off while riding. Well, you never know. But the most important reason to leash your dog is for its safety. There are tons of cases of a dog falling out. The first few times, the dog will most likely get startled. So, it’s best to attach it to your bicycle. If you can’t seem to attach it to the bike, just wrap the leash with your hands.

Practicing before Riding

Before the first ride, you must make your dog accustomed to the basket. That’s why take your dog out in an open field and practice. When you get a hold of it, you can start your journey. Make sure to treat your dog after every ride.

Taking Snacks and Water

Dogs get hungry very fast as they do not have enough endurance. While doing an activity like riding, it can get tiresome. So make sure you take enough snacks with you. Also, it’s a good way to calm your dog when it gets nervous while riding. Reward him with a few snacks when you start your journey and at the end.

Also, bring an adequate amount of water with you on your bike ride. Riding a cycle in warm weather with the sun above the head can get the dog thirsty. So, take enough water and pack a plastic cup to drink the water out of.

Putting In a Blanket

A basket is not the most comfortable place to be in for a dog. Your dog can get easily irritated. So, it’s best to put something in the basket that your dog is comfortable with. It can be a blanket or its favorite toy. The blanket is the best choice as it gives a cozy feeling. A dog bed is another great choice. By putting this, your dog will feel like it’s in familiar territory. Therefore, it would be in a calm state.

You can also take out the basket and put it in your house. You can practice with your dog there. So, during the actual ride, your dog won’t be able to understand the difference.

How to Ride a Bike With a Dog in a Basket?

Now that we’ve understood the basics of it, it’s time to do it. Here are the steps to riding a bike with a dog in your front or rear bike basket.

Step 1

Put your dog in the basket and see how it reacts. Appreciate and give her some encouragement. If you notice your dog is getting nervous, don’t force it. Try it out another time. You shouldn’t ride unless your dog assumes that riding is a perfectly normal activity.

When it gets a hold of it, then you should ride. After putting your dog in the basket, start slowly walking. Just take a couple of steps at a time and check if everything is ok.

Step 2

If your dog seems comfortable with it, then start riding your bicycle. Make sure to gently pet her to encourage her now and then. You may ask how do I know she is enjoying it or being nervous. Well, it’s quite easy. Your dog will try to smell the unknown world and the wind. It won’t move around too much. Your dog will be steady, and it will glance at all the beautiful things around.

Step 3

This step will make or break it. Now it’s time to test if your dog is fully comfortable or not. Look for a bump nearby. Slowly ride over it and see how your dog reacts to it. If your dog reacts normally, congratulations. You have done it.

Step 4

Now gradually increase your speed. Make sure that your dog doesn’t stand or jump. Sudden changes in movements can make your bicycle tough to control. That’s why pet her and treat her well when she stays calm. After completing all the steps, you are ready.

It wasn’t so difficult, was it? You and your dog will get a lot of attention from your community. It’s not common to see dogs in baskets. People will often ask about it. Enjoy all the attention.

Final Thoughts

Riding with your dog will increase the bonding between you and your dog. It’s memories like these that we can never forget. The first couple of times will be difficult. You will face a lot of hurdles. But once you and your dog get hold of it, you will never stop riding your bicycle.

Your dog will come to you to get a ride on the bike. You will make lots of memories that you will cherish forever. Make sure to take pictures.


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