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Race Face Tailgate Pad Reviews & Buying Guide

For the ones looking for ways to safely transport your bikes with the help of your truck, the Race Face tailgate pads might just be your knights in shining armor. Not only does the tailgate pad create a barrier between your truck and the bike itself, but it saves your bikes from incurring any damage on the way as well.

When you’re blasting out several loops on the bike trails, tailgate pads are especially beneficial for folks who commute with their bicycles, as it’s fast and easy to sling multiple bikes on the tailgate of a truck. Furthermore, they are great for getting around town, getting in and out of the trailhead, or even lengthier adventures. There are multiple Race Face tailgate pads that shall do the job for you. Keep reading to relieve the hassle of carrying your bikes that could damage them- use a tailgate pad instead!

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Race Face Tailgate Covers

The following are the Race Face tailgate covers that happen to offer the best deals for you. There are choices in colors and sizes- to please your needs the best. The detailed description shall walk you through your journey of acquiring the ideal choice for you!

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad S/M (Small)

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad in-Ferno, S/MRace Face T2 Tailgate Pad in-Ferno, S/MCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Race Face T2 tailgate pad comes in two sizes- a small and a large. For the small one, it is applicable for 5 bikes to be carried upon your truck. It arrives in black and inferno colors to offer you the variety in looks that you wish for. Often, people like to match the tailgate pads to their truck or bikes; this makes the whole look fashionable.

The tailgate pad comes with a camera panel in the rear side that is adjustable for your convenience. The raised bumpers along with the downtube straps provide extra safety and precaution to the overall design of the tailgate pad. The small size holds medium-sized bikes; if yours falls within the description- this tailgate pad is the ideal one for you!

This is one of the tailgate pads that will fit any current full-size vehicle, including Silverados, Fords, and Rams. The cushion is tailored to the strange shape of these modern truck tailgates with six straps. Its four primary straps hold it more snug than some other pads’ three straps.The grommets enable the pads and bicycles to be secured to the truck using a (not supplied) chain or lanyard, which you may purchase at the hardware store easily. The issue is perfectly solved by the redeemable pads that provide access to the rearview camera and tailgate latch.


  • Secure mechanism
  • Adjustable rear view camera
  • Fits most bikes


  • Installation might be tough to understand and execute

Race Face T2 Tailgate Pad X/XL (Large)

RaceFace T2 Tailgate Pad Black XLRaceFace T2 Tailgate Pad Black XLCHECK CURRENT PRICE

This T2 tailgate pad arrives in black and inferno, if you’re somebody who wishes to coordinate the colors of their tailgate pad to that of their truck and bikes. The pad holds 6 bikes of a larger size. Thus, if your bike wasn’t fitting in the smaller version of the Race Face T2 tailgate pad, the X/XL size is going to be perfect for you.

With the PVC tarpaulin material, the tailgate pad aims to achieve maximum durability. It further has a micro-brushed inner lining, that adds to the strength of the tailgate pad. It could hold 5 or 6 bikes, depending on the capacity you want. If you’re looking for the tailgate pad for traveling, this size is the perfect one recommended by travelers around the world.

This size also provides security for your bikes and the truck, with straps enabled along with the durability feature. However, you need to install it perfectly, or it won’t be serving you that well.


  • Maximum durability
  • Fits bigger sized bikes
  • Secure feature


  • The latches need to be installed with extra care
  • The straps might be too short

Race Face Tailgate Pad Guide

Before setting your foot forward to actually buying the Race Face tailgate pads, it is crucial you understand the key features and considerations. There are a plethora of details you need to verify before purchasing one finally. Start noting the points below and create your customized list of requirements for the tailgate pads.

Interesting facts

The Race Face tailgate pads are actually quite similar to the Fox Overland pads, if you haven’t noticed already. Ever wondered why that is so?

Well, Race Face has been owned by Fox Factory since the beginning; the fact has been mentioned in Article 261 as well. This is why you can find quite some similarities between the T2 tailgate pads of Race Face with the Fox Overland ones!


As you can understand from the detailed reviews, the tailgate pads from Race Face arrive in two sizes- S/M and X/XL. While the smaller size holds 5 medium-sized bikes, the larger version is able to hold around 5 to 6 bikes that are big. This makes the size factor quite essential to be understood before you go out to purchase the tailgate pads.

Ensure you know the size you wish to go for, and that it will fit your bike perfectly. You do not want to cram your large bike up into a small tailgate pad (not that it will even fit) and you certainly do not want your bike to thrash and roam in a pad that’s clearly too big for it. Therefore, get the size right and enjoy the tailgate pad’s service!

Number of bikes

Do you know the number of bikes you wish to transport at once? Are these the same kind of bikes?

You must comprehend why you require a tailgate pad within your truck in the first place. It is essential to understand that a tailgate pad which belongs to a racer and the tailgate pad of a regular rider will undoubtedly differ in a myriad of ways. If you don’t emphasize on your requirements, you may find yourself disappointed or with too many possibilities. Again, it is preferable if you conduct your own study into the product evaluations to see what best meets your demands; don’t rely only on others!

Depending on the number of bikes (in this case 5 or 6), you shall decipher the size of the tailgate pad you need to be seeking. All the features are connected to one another, so you need to draw out a map before embarking on the journey.


The Race Face T2 tailgate pads arrive in four colors- black, inferno, floral, and patina. The black and inferno options are more available and sought out after due to the mature look. The floral and patina are more of the options for people who want a little more detail in their tailgate pads. Since the pads are going to display on your truck, you might want to purchase one that suits your preferences and personal style. The durability and features on all 4 colors are exactly the same; you do not have to worry about one performing better than the other.


In comparison to most tailgate pads on the marketplace, the Race Face T2 Tailgate pad is made of similar materials. The pad’s exterior is made of PVC Tarpaulin, while the interior is totally made of a micro-brushed liner. Four straps strung through ordinary plastic adjusters secure the T2 to the actual tailgate. You can expect the best service from these materials, as they promise premium service and durability through these premium materials.


When it comes to transporting bicycles, we must consider safety and security measures. This is, in reality, a fundamental characteristic. To keep your bike in place, you’ll need pads. You may have squandered money if that bike tailgate pad is still not properly supporting your gear. In addition, you must think about the safety of your truck. You should be searching for one that will protect your truck from being damaged by banging at the tailgate. It must hold strong on the tailgate while effectively holding the bike to be considered one of the greatest tailgate matting.

Opening and Access Flap

The rear view camera is a detail that has been mentioned a lot in this review, due to the absolute convenience and adjustability of the feature. The opening and access flap lets you adjust the rear camera to your liking; you don’t have to keep thinking about it for the rest of the journey!


The tailgate pads from Race Face are a bundle of features that you wish for in a full-proof pad. It is safe and secure for your truck and bikes, while being durable to be carried along in a journey. The camera adds extra points to the already great reviews this tailgate pad has. Get your preferences sorted out and get your ideal tailgate pad now!

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