Fox Tailgate Bike Pad Reviews & Buying Guide For 2023

Mountain biking has become increasingly popular as a recreational activity. However, the tricky part of the whole process is getting your bike to the trailhead. In the past, bikes were simply thrown in the truck bed and sometimes strapped down to some attachment point.

However, as bikes become more and more expensive, no one wants to carelessly put them on the truck. Transporting bicycles isn’t an easy task. There’s no correct answer, but one option stands out from the rest. And that’s to use a bike pad for the tailgate.

This article will introduce the Fox Racing and Fox Overland tailgate pads for your truck. You will get a better idea of the tailgate pads from these brands that offer the right balance of safety, affordability, and utility. Plus, you’ll learn about the subtle differences that can affect the loading process.

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Fox Racing vs Fox Overland

Your truck deserves a lot of attention. A bike pad for the tailgate will keep it from getting damaged. If your bike is your most prized possession, this is a basic requirement. It’s also versatile, affordable, and easy to use.

As the name implies, a tailgate pad is made of a thick foam that folds over the tailgate of a pickup truck. The front wheel and fork of your bike hang over the tailgate while the rest of the bike is cushioned on the inside. Many pads come with straps to prevent your bicycles from colliding when you hit the bumps on the road.

It’s easier to throw your bike on the tailgate pad than it’s to attach it to a bike rack. Since mountain bikes have larger frames, bike racks often fail to hold them properly. A tailgate pad is the best choice for you if you drive a pickup truck.

Some may wonder why you don’t just use a piece of foam? Technically, you can. But it’s neither safe nor secure. It’s okay if you’re driving a short distance, but it’s still a risky process. Plus, there’s a higher chance of damaging your truck.

Fox originated as a small company specializing in suspension components for bikes. The company split into different labels, and now two brands make Fox Tailgate Pads.

The first is Fox Racing.

Fox Racing is owned and operated by Fox Factory Holding. The history of the various Fox labels is closely intertwined. Initially, Fox Racing focused on the manufacture of off-road suspension components.

The brand also aims to offer freedom of movement to drivers and their vehicles. Therefore, each product is carefully designed with the best features. You can recognize the Fox Racing brand by its distinctive logo – the white fox head.

Fox Racing makes great tailgate pads for competitive cyclists. All you have to do is throw the pad over, lace it up, and load it with your bikes. Plus, these pads come with sturdy straps to protect your bikes from scratches.

The second brand is Fox Overland.

These newly designed tailgate pads offer extra protection for your valuable bikes. The Fox Overland tailgate pads come in small sizes for small and medium trucks. Also, these pads have a micro brushed inner lining. This lining keeps your vehicle and bikes clean and secure!

The best part about the Fox tailgate pads is the installation. They’re easy to install and remove. Once in place, all you have to do is strap on your bikes. Plus, you can leave them on all summer long. These attachments are unobtrusive and take up no space.

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Fox Tailgate Covers

Transporting bicycles is relatively easy with tailgate covers. They’re easy to use and ideal for your precious bike. Of course, you can only use them if you’ve got a pickup truck. If you’ve one, you can look forward to the best adventures of your life.

Fox tailgate covers and pads are affordable options. They’re significantly cheaper than hanging racks or hitch carriers, where the bill can be as high as $500. On the other hand, a tailgate bike cover will only cost you a fraction of that.

The most important thing is that your bikes are kept sound and safe. There are no risks associated with tailgate pads, even for your truck. Fox tailgate pads can carry up to five to six bikes. Can any bike rack make that claim?

The downside is that there’s no built-in lock system. People with nefarious intentions can easily pick up your tailgate bike pad. You need to develop a system that prevents others from grabbing your bike pad. There are cable locks that you can use for this.

Another problem you’ll have to deal with is dust. Dust is inevitable. It can get under the pad and ruin the paint on your tailgate. If you ride on dusty roads, you should be aware of this hazard. Cleaning the underside of the bike pad helps!

Now let’s take a look at some of the best Fox has to offer.

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover Small

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover SmallFox Racing Tailgate Cover SmallCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Fox Racing is at the forefront of mountain bike apparel. For performance athletes and enthusiasts, this tailgate cover is the perfect solution. It may be small, but it embodies the true competitive spirit of the brand.

Like every other Fox product, the small Fox Racing tailgate pad is the perfect blend of innovation and style. You can get it in two colors – black or camo. The black tailgate cover is engraved with the eye-catching white Fox head.

The Fox Racing tailgate pad provides excellent protection. It cushions both your bike and your truck. Plus, the thick padding prevents unwanted scrapes and scratches. The tailgate cover also comes with five webbing straps.

Plus, you won’t have to fumble around during installation. Just throw the cover on, pull it tight, and voila! You’re done. The small size fits small or mid-sized trucks like the Toyota Tacoma or Honda Ridgeline and lets you transport up to five bikes.

However, there’s one drawback to this size. The down tube supports the weight of the bikes. Therefore, it can be damaged, especially on bumpy roads. To secure your bike and avoid unnecessary damage, you should use anchor straps.


  • Width – 54 inches
  • Number of bikes – up to 5
  • Color options – black and camo
  • Access flap – small


  • It has a robust and durable construction
  • This pad has an easy installation process
  • It securely holds the bikes
  • Good quality for the money


  • The small handle flap doesn’t fit all tailgates comfortably and will probably cover the rearview camera.
  • It’s a basic tailgate pad with no additional features
  • You can’t lock the pad onto the truck

FOX Overland Tailgate Pad Medium

FOX Overland Tailgate Pad MediumFOX Overland Tailgate Pad MediumCHECK CURRENT PRICE

FOX Overland has updated its popular tailgate pad with this design. This pad comes with a durable PVC tarpaulin. Whether you’re traveling in summer or winter, this pad will stand up to any weather. This feature also helps prevent abrasions.

The Fox Overland tailgate pad also features a micro-brushed inner lining. This allows the pad to hug your truck perfectly without leaving any marks. The thick padding also allows you to park your bikes without worry.

The medium-sized FOX Overland Tailgate Pad holds up to five large bikes. You can also buy the large or extra-large version for full-sized trucks.

Unfortunately, this tailgate pad only comes in black. However, its sleek design leaves little room for complaint. Engraved on the back of the cushion is #RIDEFOX. It also features FOX FACTORY on the front. You’ll also discover a cheeky fox tail!

Like any tailgate pad, this one can leave abrasions on the bike frame. This is because the bike has multiple contact points with the tailgate pad. The constant rubbing can leave unwanted scratches. You can attach a soft cloth under the fork to reduce the pressure.


  • Width – 57 inches
  • Number of bikes – up to 5
  • Color options – black
  • Access flap – large, fits the backup camera


  • Large enough for five bikes
  • The micro-brushed lining prevents scratches and abrasions
  • The tarp makes an excellent weather coating
  • This has an easy installation system


  • There are numerous points of contact with the bikes
  • It comes in a black design only
  • It is difficult to safeguard the pad

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover Large

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover for Mountain Bikes, Camo, LargeFox Racing Tailgate Cover for Mountain Bikes, Camo, LargeCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Fox Racing large tailgate cover gets the job done at a lower price. These tailgate pads are functional and affordable. What’s not to like? It’s pretty easy to install, too. It attaches with a buckle and strap.

That way, you don’t have to fumble around with your bikes. Everything is easily accessible. You just throw your tailgate cover on and buckle it down.

The pad is coated with a water-resistant material. So you can be sure it’ll stand up to wet climates or muddy areas. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the design more rugged, but it hugs the truck perfectly.

The straps are adjustable and user-friendly. The hold on the bike is absolutely secure. Regardless of size, you can adjust the webbing loop to fit different bike frames. You should keep an eye on the down tube straps, though. They are not secured to the pad.

The only downside is the handle on the tailgate. It’s a bit on the small side, but it’s a good fit for most trucks. If it doesn’t fit your vehicle well, you can use Velcro to roll up the handle.

There’s no doubt that the Fox Racing tailgate cover is simple and effective. However, there’s room for improvement. You won’t find divider bumpers to keep the bikes aligned. They need to be strapped down. Otherwise, they’re constantly juggling around.

The pad comes in two different colors. The camo combination has a subtle design and features the classic FoxHead logo. This design comes out better on the black pad. The contrast is more pronounced.

As for the size, this tailgate cover easily accommodates six bikes. You can opt for a smaller size if you have a mid-sized truck. This size can only hold up to five cycles.


  • Width – 62 inches
  • Number of bikes – up to 6
  • Color options – black and camo
  • Access flap – medium size, may or may not fit the backup camera


  • It comes at an affordable price point
  • It has a simple yet attractive design
  • The tube strap is adjustable
  • The webbing loop can accommodate any bike size
  • Installing the pad takes little effort


  • The tailgate handle is relatively small
  • The pad has no separation bumpers
  • There’s no locking system to prevent theft

FOX Overland Tailgate Pad Full Size

FOX Overland Tailgate Pad - Full Size, BlackFOX Overland Tailgate Pad – Full Size, BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The FOX Overland Tailgate Pad comes with six straps that can carry your entire crew. This keeps all your bikes safe from unwanted scratches and scrapes. The pad fits most large trucks and can hold up to six bicycles.

Fox makes the most versatile tailgate pads for its price segment. Plus, these pads are compact and portable. If you’re looking for a durable tailgate pad with soft cushioning, this is it. Plus, you can fold the mat into a small package for easy storage.

It also has the classic Fox tailgate cover design. Unfortunately, this size only comes in black. However, the white Fox head stands out against the black padding.

The FOX Overland Tailgate Pad comes with Velcro frame anchoring straps. This feature prevents your bikes from bumping into each other on long rides. However, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind. Compared to other tailgate pads on the market, the padding isn’t that thick. Therefore, this pad is ideal for cruising and steep (but smooth) trails.


  • Width – 62 inches
  • Number of bikes – up to 6
  • Color options – black
  • Access flap – large, fits the backup camera


  • This pad offers excellent padded protection to your trucks.
  • There are six webbing straps for your bikes.
  • It’s cheaper compared to other brands.
  • Installing it takes little effort.


  • The top straps can often dangle below the tailgate if not appropriately secured.
  • The pad doesn’t have a locking mechanism.
  • It’s not ideal for smaller bikes.

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Fox Tailgate Pad Guide

You now know the different options for Fox tailgate pads. Tailgate pads minimize damage to your bike and your truck’s tailgate.

To find the best fit for your vehicle, you’ll need to look at a few features. Most pads offer the same basic features. However, there are some subtle differences. Here’s what to look for.


Fox Tailgate pads come in two sizes – smaller (medium) and large. The width of the pad determines the size. You need to consider the number of bikes you want to transport.

If you only want to transport one or two bikes, the smaller pads are the best choice. If you’re going to transport several bicycles, you should choose the larger models.

Number of Bikes

The FOX Tailgate Pads and Covers typically come in two sizes. The smaller medium-sized pad can easily fit up to five bikes, while the large ones can carry up to six.

The small medium tailgate pads are designed for mid-sized trucks like the Ford Ranger or Nissan Frontier. The large tailgate pad can accommodate up to six bikes. These are ideally made for larger trucks like the Toyota Tundra.

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The Fox Tailgate Pads come in two color combinations – black or camo.

The black FOX tailgate pad has a simple but elegant design. The white fox head logo contrasts nicely with the black background.

The camo pad has a similar design. However, the fox head is black instead of white. Of the two, black is the more eye-catching choice. However, the bike does leave stains after frequent use. If you don’t clean it regularly, it’ll leave a stain.


All Fox Tailgate pads have one thing in common. Each of them has a soft lining material on the bottom. This area comes in constant contact with your tailgate. The softness prevents abrasions and scuffs.

These pads are made of durable materials to withstand rough treatment. They can also withstand unpredictable weather. However, these pads are also susceptible to sun damage. The fabric starts to degrade after prolonged exposure to the sun.


Fox Tailgate pads come with webbing straps. These lock and buckle straps keep your bikes securely in place. This system can be cumbersome, especially if you frequently dismount. However, it prevents your bikes from colliding with each other. The loop straps keep your bike in place and prevent it from flapping around. This option is beneficial on rough roads.

Opening and Access Flap

The Fox Racing pads have small flaps for easy access to the tailgate handle. Many users complain that these flaps obscure the rearview camera. However, Fox Overland pads don’t have this problem. There is a backup camera-compatible window to avoid this problem.

Of course, this is different for every truck. Therefore, you should check the compatibility of your vehicle before buying it. Overall, the FOX Overland tailgate supports have a better opening design to accommodate the rearview camera.


The Fox tailgate pads and covers may not be flashy, but they do the job. These pads are functional and straightforward. They’re also quick and easy to install. The pads have the traditional feed-through and buckle design.

Compared to the other tailgate pads on the market, you can find the ones from Fox at reasonable prices. In addition, tailgate pads are coated with a water-repellent fabric that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The straps are adjustable to fit all types of frames. Unfortunately, the tailgate handle opening is on the smaller side. However, the FOX Overland Tailgate Pad Full Size and large Fox Racing Tailgate Cover don’t have this problem.

Ultimately, you’ve to focus on your needs. What kind of truck are you driving? How many bikes do you plan to haul? What kind of roads are you traveling on? Make sure the straps are secured, and you’re ready to go! Get one of the FOX tailgate pads for easy travel!


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