Evoc Tailgate Pad Reviews & Buying Guide For 2023

Are you planning on using Evoc Tailgate Pads for your next mountain biking trip? Then take a look at our in-depth review on Evoc Tailgate Pad.

If you are planning to go on a mounting biking trip then tailgate pads are the best options to carry your bikes. Not only they are simple to install, but they can also get the job done perfectly without making you worry about your precious bikes.

That being said, not all tailgate pads are up to the standards that can withstand heavy usage. Now if you have been searching for a good tailgate pad in the market then you have already come across Evoc tailgate pads. And in this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of Evoc tailgate pads.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the review, shall we?

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Evoc Tailgate Covers – The Overview

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing Evoc tailgate bike pads. The choices depend on how many bikes you are going to carry and what your truck’s size is.

In general, you can divide Evoc bike tailgate pads into three groups:

  • Half size Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo for 2 bikes
  • Small (6 bikes) Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad for mid-size trucks
  • Large (6 bikes) Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad for large trucks

Now if you don’t have a full-size truck and don’t want to carry more than two bikes then the half-size Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo will be the best option. This is best if your truck’s tailgate is thinker than 5 cm. This small factor tailgate also comes with two variations regarding the thickness of the tailgate curve.

If you are planning to carry more than 2 bikes in the small truck then going with Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad DLX for mid-size trucks is the best option. By stats, you can carry six bikes but we recommend that at max you use five bikes instead of six.

This is only to avoid any unnecessary damage to your bikes or truck. That being said, if you can strap them properly and utilize every space, you can easily attach six bikes without facing any problems with this Pad from Evoc.

Now, if you own a full-size truck or take a full-size truck on your trip then you should opt for Evoc Bike Tailgate DLX Large Pad. This one also comes with two variations regarding the curve thickness. You can easily fit six bikes without any issues. This is recommended for tailgates that are at least 3 inches thick.

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Evoc Tailgate Bike Pad Reviews

Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo

Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo Bike PadEvoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo Bike PadCHECK CURRENT PRICE

The Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Duo comes in two colors: black and olive. Both variations come with similar features and characteristics. The pad is entirely made with silk and the exterior which is made of tarpaulin offers high resistance and protection against harsh environments. Meaning this pad is cut and water-resistant. It is also UV resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ruining the paint job of your truck.

This tailgate pad supports two bikes only and is suited for small-factor trucks. It comes with two straps that can hold your bikes perfectly and without any issues. The pad will also offer protection when you are unloading or loading the bike. You can also use it for any size of the truck although for perfect fit small size trucks are recommended.

You will also obtain 2 years of warranty on this product. Overall, if you want to bring only two bikes then this tailgate pad has almost zero competition in the market due to its fine quality and features.

Black Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad for Mid-size Trucks

Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Size M/LEvoc Bike Tailgate Pad Size M/LCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you are fond of the color black and have a small to mid-sized truck then Evoc’s medium size black tailgate pad is the one for you. This pad offers the efficiency of being small while providing space for 6 bikes easily. It comes with all the classic features of Evoc’s tailgate pads.

The performance is very good as you will get three straps to hold your bikes completely fine.

Even on rocky roads, you will find that your bikes are kept in place without any issues. You also don’t need to worry about the size as the width of this pad is 54 inches and can easily host 6 bikes. You will also have a large access flap for your tailgate and rear-view cameras.

Olive Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad for Large Trucks

Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad Size XLEvoc Bike Tailgate Pad Size XLCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Now if you want the largest option then you can’t go wrong with Olive Evoc Bike Tailgate Pad for large trucks. This pad is 63 inches in width and can hold up to 6 bikes with ease.

If you have a large truck then we recommend you go with this option instead of the mid-size as this way your bikes won’t be closely connected with each other which in some cases can harm the paint. The strap comes with 3 strong and sturdy straps, so you don’t need to worry about any loose ends. You will also have access to a large-sized access flip for tailgate handles and rear-view cameras.

So, if you have six bikes that you need to take for mountain biking on your truck then going with the large Evoc tailgate pad is the best option.

Evoc Tailgate Pad Guide

If you are going to purchase Evoc Tailgate pads then there are some general facts about the pads that you should know about. They are:
The Evoc Tailgate pads come in three different sizes. Each of them is tailor-made to fit specific sizes of trucks.

  • Half Size: This size is for small trucks and can take one or two bikes effectively.
  • Small: This size of Evoc tailgate pad is directed towards small to medium-sized trucks where you want to take 2 plus bikes on your trip. With proper space management, you can put 6 bikes easily with this model.
  • Large: This is for large-sized trucks where you will be able to put six bikes easily with ample amount of breathing space to put other stuff.

You can also fit the half-size and small-size Evoc tailgate pads on large trucks. There won’t be any issues if regarding this matter.

Number of Bikes

Now, the number of bikes that you can fit into each Evoc tailgate pad is different and solely depends on which type of pads you have got or want for yourself.

For half-size Evoc tailgate pads, you will be able to put in one or two bikes. Small trucks are suitable for this type of pad. But if you want to host more than two bikes in a small truck then that can be possible with the small size Evoc tailgate pads. These pads can host up to 6 bikes. The straps are also strong enough to hold onto the bikes even in the harshest of roads.

The large size is the safest option as you can easily fit six bikes without facing any issues. If you want you can add another one or two but that isn’t safe or recommended.

So, in general, you can take 2 to 6 bikes on your truck if you pick Evoc tailgate pads for your truck.


You will only have two color options if you choose Evoc tailgate pads: black and olive. Both of the colors can blend in with your truck and can provide an aesthetically pleasing look. The paint is extremely strong and stable so you won’t have to worry about any dematerialized paint on your pads. You can also be assured of the fact that the paint won’t wear out even after multiple washes.

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All Evoc tailgate pads are made with 100% silk. The exterior is made of tarpaulin. Making the pads water, cut, and UV resistant. The soft fleece lining on the pad ensures that your truck paint won’t be damaged even when the pad is entirely wet.

The inclusion of these materials also makes dispatching and reinstalling the pad much faster and easier. Due to these materials, Evoc boldly offers 2 years of warranty for their tailgate pads.


The pads with strong bike securing straps that can hold your bikes into their exact positions no matter what. For half-sized Evoc tailgate pads, you will get straps while for the small and the large variation of the pads you will find three straps.

Some might think they will need to add extra Velcro straps to secure their bikes but the included straps get the job done just fine. Adding something extra might do worse than good in this situation.

Opening and Access Flap

Large access flaps for tailgate handles and rear-view cameras are located in small and large versions of Evoc tailgate pads but you won’t be able to find them in half-sized Evoc tailgate pads.


Without any doubt, Evoc tailgate pads are one of the best tailgate pads that you can opt for trucks. They offer pads for different sizes and needs. Therefore, everyone can find the perfect pad no matter the condition of their trucks or the quantity of the bikes.

I recommend that you give Evoc tailgate pads a try for your next biking trip!

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