How To Prevent Theft Of The Tailgate Pad?

If you have bought a brand-new tailgate bike pad that you love for transporting your bikes on the truck, we understand if a worrying thought has crossed your mind already. What if your tailgate pad gets stolen? How do you make sure it is not?

You’d be astonished to know that thieves usually target the tailgate itself, and not so much the tailgate pad. More and more truck owners are complaining about how their truck tailgate has been stolen. This is because tailgates have a hefty resell price.

Thieves make thousands of dollars reselling tailgates to repair shops. Not the same situation when it comes to tailgate pads though. Tailgate pads are inexpensive, so reselling them does not earn thieves a lot.

Having stated that, your tailgate pad is still can be targeted by thieves, especially if you have a pad with eye-catching design like pads from Fox Overland. They will steal anything that is not secured, including your tailgate pad. Plus, pads are so easy to take and run. Thieves just need to cut the straps and lift the pad.

How to Prevent Tailgate Bike Pad Theft?

It is always wise to know how to prevent the theft of tailgate pads without any intricate gear or expensive tools. Here are a few options that might help:

Use Lockable Tonneau Covers

A hard, lockable tonneau cover is incredible protection for your tailgate pad. Most tonneau covers come with extra locking devices that ensure complete security for your tailgate pad.

Additionally, tonneau covers prevent destruction and theft of other goodies in the truck as well.

Sew Pad and Lock with Connectors

For this, you will have to stitch the back edge of the pad using nylon webbing. You can seam the bottom and top parts using a machine stitch if you have one. When you sew, leave a channel between the stitches.

Next thread stainless steel dual cable and crimp connectors through.  Following this, all you have to do is use a hammer and smash the connection so it molds together.

Padlocks and Chains

Some people like to leave their bikes on the tailgate pad when their truck is parked. Thieves see this as an opportunity to unhook the straps of the pad and take away both the bikes and the tailgate pad.

To prevent this, buy padlocks and heavy-duty chains. You can lock this chain with the pad for more protection of your bikes and pad. If you think the chains would be too noisy or damaging to your truck bed, cover the chain using bike tubes or cables.

Park Your Truck in a Safe Place

This might sound like a no-brainer at first, but it is easy to apply and a useful tip. Whether you are unloading your bike for a ride or stopping to run errands, park the truck where there is a crowd.

At night if you plan to keep on the bike pad on the tailgate, keep your truck inside a locked garage. This prevents theft of your tailgate and your tailgate pad.

Use Vinyl Coated Cable Locks

Cable locks or utility locks are heavy duty and constructed with steel. The vinyl coating makes the cable a robust choice for anti-theft locks. You can either thread it through the tie down points on your truck or stake hole pockets. The cables are long enough for you to coil them into a safe place.

Lock Your Tailgate Properly

A lot of people leave their tailgates unlocked. If someone wants to steal a bike pad, nothing gives them more luck than an unlocked tailgate. All they need to do is unbuckle the straps and carry them away.

If your tailgate does not have an integrated lock, buy one from the retailer and install it. You may choose between a hose clamp or tailgate lock for more security.

Parking against a Wall

If you park your truck with the rear or tailgate against a wall, it will create a hindrance for the thief. If it is challenging for the thief to reach out and open the tailgate, it might be difficult for him to cut the straps and pick up the tailgate pad. If nothing, this alternative buys you time.

Remove The Tailgate Pad

If you are not carrying bikes around, you probably don’t need to fix the tailgate pad on the tailgate. When not in use, put it down or fold it inside the truck bed or under the tonneau cover. Moreover, tailgate bike pads are quick and easy to install.

Buckle the Straps of the Pad Properly

This is a simple reminder as a lot of people lose their tailgate pads just because it was unbuckled or loosely fastened. When threading the straps through the hooks, make sure to create loops.

Slide the strap from the back to bring it to the front.

Also, remember not to tighten the straps too much. A stretched strap is much easier to snap open when any tool is used to cut it.

Buy a Dash Camera

This might sound over the top and costly but if you are concerned about your truck, tailgate, or tailgate pad, a dash camera can save you all the distress. It could save you all the re-purchase and re-installation costs as well.

Dash cameras record any motion around your vehicle. That way you would always be alert and warned. They also help to intimidate the thief- in a way, signaling them that the owner of this tailgate pad is a cautious one. Its best to stay away!

Final Thoughts

I have found that there are several effective ways to prevent the theft of your tailgate pad. By using a lockable tonneau cover or other locking mechanism, you can deter thieves from stealing your valuable equipment. Additionally, parking in well-lit areas and removing the pad when it’s not in use can also help prevent theft.

I personally recommend investing in a lockable tonneau cover. It provides the most security and peace of mind. With these precautions in place, you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about the safety of your gear.

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