How to Carry Drawing Board on Bike?

If drawing boards fall among your daily essentials, and you are used to cycling to work or class, the struggle of carrying drawing boards on your bike is not foreign to you. Given the fact that drawing boards can often vary in size as well as weight, it can be unhandy to cycle with them.

If you are wondering what the best way is to carry your drawing board on your bike without it being an extra hassle or burden, you are at the right place. We have got your back!

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How to Carry a Drawing Board on a Bicycle?

If you commute to your drawing class on your bicycle, you need to come up with a smart solution to carrying your drawing board. I have got a few options to offer.

Large Cycling Backpack

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It is important to be aware of the dimensions of your drawing board. When you know the size of the board you need to carry, you can start searching for a bag that can house it.

If your drawing board can fit into a bike backpack, you can try searching for options of large backpacks that can be sturdy enough to carry the drawing board, whilst making sure you can simply ‘wear’ them on your back.

You should, however, try to invest in durable backpacks. You do not want to have to keep switching your backpack to carry the drawing board every other day. One recommended backpack is the Timbuk2 Q Laptop Backpack.

On A Portfolio with Backpack Straps or Shoulder Straps

You can run into your local art store to look for portfolios that come with extremely useful backpack straps or straps that you can easily wear on your shoulders. These of course vary in size and you should choose the one that fits your height and does not feel uncomfortable to carry. There are a couple of different kinds of such portfolios available.

However, make sure you choose sturdy ones with durable straps. You do not want it to be blown away or torn apart while you are cycling to or from your destination.

Surfboard Bike Rack

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This might seem a little unconventional but might be worth the try.

Through such a surfboard bike back on the rear end of your bike, you can attach your drawing board and not have to worry about not being able to look at the front or the traffic light while you are cycling. It will be out of your way while you are commuting on your bicycle.

Between Your Back and Your Bag

This might sound quite uncomfortable but it really is not as bad as it might be sounding at the moment. This is most relevant if you commute short distances and can bear the hassle. The weight of your bag is likely to be able to press the drawing board quite safely against your skin. This will save it from falling out or being blown away by the wind while you are cycling.

One thing you need to bear in mind when implementing or considering this option is that you cannot bike upright. You need to maintain a somewhat aerodynamic position whilst cycling for this method to work well.

This might be uncomfortable at the start but can work out pretty well with flat drawing boards, getting you used to it with time. Longer distances will also not be an issue if you manage to find the best way to place it comfortably between the back and the bag.

You may also consider using rookie straps to keep the drawing board in the desired position, because, let us be honest, if you have a large board, it is likely to catch wind anyway.

Drilling or Cutting Two Holes on the Drawing Board

When we talk about making holes on existing drawing boards, it can sound pretty intense. However, you need to realize how useful it can be. This is somewhat, a relatively easy solution to the problem of carrying the drawing board with you while you are on your bicycle. You simply have to drill holes on the two sides of the drawing board and get a rope or ribbon to attach it to your bag.

You will not have to drill in the middle of the drawing board of course, and hence, you will not be jeopardizing the quality of your board. You just need to ensure you have the required holes on the board to attach it to the bag you carry on your bicycle or your back.  

Rear Bike Rack

Depending on the dimensions of your drawing board, this might be an easy option as well.

If you have a rack at the back of your bike where you can easily put the drawing board, your problem is solved. You can simply bungee the drawing board, either on its own or using a cord, to this rack.

Cargo Bike

black cargo tricycle

If all the other options fail, or if you are looking for a nice excuse to buy a cargo bike, this is your chance.

Once you have a cargo bike, space, area, weight, and wind, nothing will be a concern whilst carrying your drawing board with you.

In Your Hand

If you are comfortable steering your bicycle with one hand, this might work quite well. You can consider carrying the board under your arm in one side while you bike with the other hand. It might be uncomfortable at the start but can work pretty well once you get used to it.

Concluding Remarks

Carrying a drawing board on a bike can be difficult due to its size and weight. But you can learn how to carry a drawing board on a bike, even using unconventional methods like a surfboard bike rack.

You can even drill two holes in the sides of the board and attach a strap or rope to carry it. I suggest using a portfolio with backpack straps or shoulder straps, both of which are durable.

Now you can easily transport your drawing board on your bike without worrying about breaking it!

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