Best Bike Rack For BMW i3/i3s 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Cyclists who are passionate about outdoor excursions often find themselves spending money on different bike racks that will transport their outdoor toys without a squabble. Your bike will go wherever you go.

Hence, it is imperative to be carrying your bike on a secured rack. You’ll not want to look back every other minute to check if all is well. After all, adventurers relish and savor the drive just as much.

If you are an avid bike rider, who owns a BMW i3, you’ll want to invest in a bike rack that warrants the safety of your bike, more so, does not graze or scrape the surface of your car.

Before you jump into the ins and outs of each product, run through to know what styles are most suitable and what factors to duck out when choosing the right BMW i3 bike rack.

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What is the BMW i3?

The BMW i3 is a B segment model that has been designed by BMW and has been in production since 2013. The vehicle has a hatchback body style with raised roof height and 5 doors. As for the engine, the layout is in the rear of the car while the driving style is rear-wheel drive.

The i3 model from BMW is assembled in Germany and is considered to be one of the most popular battery powered electric cars. One of the very first of its kind to be manufactured in large numbers, this zero-emission configuration of the model is powered by a 25 kW 647 cc engine at its core.

In outer looks, the BMW i3 looks more like a racing car, with the internal structure made of CFRP pr carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. The wagon, which comprises a 170 hp powertrain does not have multiple generations but has come into the market with several upgrades over time.

One such alternative model is its sportier option, is the BMW i3s. The modifications on the i3s model were mainly in its low-profile suspension, greater speeds, and larger sized wheels.

What Style Bike Rack Will Fit a BMW i3?

Choosing the right style for your BMW i3 can be vital in determining your overall experience of using a bike rack. More importantly, a style that is not suitable for your vehicle might end up damaged all three gears involved.

Whichever you choose, the bike racks can be fitted into any of the BMW i3 models that have been produced over the years. Our thorough research may confirm that the design disparities in the model upgrades would not affect the choice of bike rack.

For the specified i3 or i3s models, the following are suitable choices of style:

Roof Mount with Suction Cups

If you are concerned about damaging the roof of your car with scratch and scraps from nuts and bolts of a bike rack, the suction cup bike racks are there to save you the trouble.

Just a little push and plunge, create the steadiest attachment. It is easy to install and remove, but without any adequate locking system, there is a chance of theft.

Hitch Mount

If you have a hitch already installed in your BMW i3, a hitch mounted bike rack is one of the more reliable options. Not only are they quick to install, but there is also an added advantage of easy loading of the bike.

Although there is a limited range of wheel sizes this style can fit, it’s easy on your gas mileage and usually more secured.

Trunk Mount

Trunk mount bike racks are usually the most affordable of the three options, with better security and more capacity. If you have a few different bikes to carry about miles, with stops in between, trunk mount will fit your BMW i3 [perfectly. Remember, there is the risk of contact or damage with the car body.


What Should You Be Aware of When Choosing a BMW i3 Bike Rack?

When choosing and working to install a BMW i3 bike rack, you must be wary of a few important warnings, limitations, and shortfalls.

Installing BMW i3 Hitch

To install a hitch, similar ones like that of the Ecohitch or InvisHttch, you will have to have to cut out a fairly good-sized hole in the lower side of the bumper body. In the case of a leased car, you could have to pay about $600 to $700 for the damage to the bumper.

To avoid such a hefty payout, it’s a good idea to use a second-hand bumper to cut out a hole for the hitch. Even so, the total cost could stand to a few hundred dollars, with the tools, painting, and finish.

No Rails or Fixing Points on the Roof

One point to remember when choosing a BMW i3 bike rack is that the vehicle’s roof does comprise fixing rail points. So, installing a convention roof rack is out of the question. A great option if you want to haul your bike on the roof of your car is a suction cup-based roof rack like SeaSucker.

Difficult Access to Roof Rack

The BMW i3 is designed as a high roof hatchback. For this reason, it would be considerably difficult for petite people to load and unload their bikes off the roof of the BMW i3. A good solution is using a step stool to make the reach easier.


Few models of the BMW i3 come with a panorama sunroof. A regular roof rack cannot be installed on such a sunroof. With a few modifications, you can install a SeaSucker rack.

Avoid Small Trunk Racks

Hauling your bike on a small trunk mount rack can eventually damage the paint. The BMW i3, being a square back wagon, runs the risk of damage as the bike comes extremely close to the car frame. If you choose a trunk style bike rack of a more extended size, you would avert this issue.

Best Bike Racks for BMW i3

To make your shopping experience a less perplexing matter, I have chosen the best bike racks for BMW i3 and i3s from different rack types.

SeaSucker Mini Bomber Two Bike Roof Rack (Universal 2 Bike Roof Rack)

SeaSucker Mini Bomber Two Bike Rack for Cars USA Made Racks SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, RV, BMW, Honda, Tesla, Mazda and Every Other Car No Hitch Mount, Full Safety, Zero Damage, Travel Friendly CarrierCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you can only overcome the fear of having your bikes attached to the back of your vehicle with the help of only suction attachments, the SeaSucker Mini Bomber is one of the best bike racks for BMW i3/i3s.

In fact, this two-bike capacity carrier has fit into any vehicle you can think of and can hold bikes of the widest range of tire size. That’s how incredibly versatile it is.

The unique design of the bike rack uses no nuts or screws for attachment, just 4 suction discs, with two at the front and two at the back. The front ones have a fork mount attached to them, where the bikes are held by the forks when loaded.

While the idea of this SeaSucker mini bomber might be dicey, the Velcro straps and the incredible pull strength make sure your bikes don’t wobble at all, even on the rougher terrains.

The ride with your bikes would be fuel friendly as well. Moreover, the rack is super simple to install, and easier to remove. The only problem is, there are no integrated lock anchors for good security. The lock system can be modified with added tools.

Key Features

  • Maximum Capacity: 2 bikes
  • Vacuum Suction Technology
  • Suction pull strength: 210 lbs. each
  • UV inhibitors in suction
  • Dual sided Velcro Straps
  • Built in orange indicator band


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy attachment
  • Convenient loading and unloading
  • Easy to install
  • Can be attached on the roof or trunk
  • Can be folded easily for storage.


  • Bikes can only be locked with additional tools.

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack (Universal Single Bike Roof Rack)

SeaSucker Talon Single Bike Rack for Cars - USA Made Racks - SUV, Sedan, Hatchback, RV, BMW, Honda, Tesla, Mazda and Every Other Car – No Hitch Mount, 100% Safe, Zero Damage, Travel-Friendly CarrierCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Much similar to its confrere from the same line, is the SeaSucker Talon for carrying one bike with the vehicle of your choice. Whether you own a BMW i3 or other rental, family, or off-road wagons, the fork mount style bike rack carries your bike without jerks and damage to your vehicle. To add more bikes, you simply attach more talon racks.

The rack is compact, slim, and easy to install with 3 suction cups, and a strap for the rear wheel that holds the bike wheel most securely. The size of the BMW i3/i3s bike rack makes sure the drag force and nose are minimum, and so are the side movements. It also creates greater clearance for low height passes.

To attach the talon firmly, all you have to do is push the cups on the surface of the car body and use the plunger to create a vacuum that works as the main catch. The indicator bands signal you when it’s time to re-pump.

With high quality materials used in the construction of the bike rack, it is one of the most durable, one-of-a-kind products, that does come at a fairly hefty price.

Key Features

  • Maximum capacity: 1 bike
  • Fork mount hook base
  • Vacuum pump system
  • Dual sided crank arm straps
  • Additional suction cup included
  • Built in indicator band
  • Premium quality rubber and polyethylene


  • Lightweight
  • Fuel efficient
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Firm attachment
  • Can be attached anywhere in car body
  • Minimum movement


  • Prone to theft

Thule Raceway 9003 (Trunk Platform 2 Bike Mount)

Thule Raceway Platform 2 Bike MountCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Although Thule’s Raceway 9003 is a trunk platform style bike rack for your BMW i3, what makes it to our list of selected favorites is the addition of features that provide the best of benefits of both a hitch mount bike and the affordability of a trunk mount carrier.

One of the major complaints that trunk platform racks usually face is the difficulty in loading the bikes and removing them as well. Thule manages to minimize this issue using SureTight ratcheting straps, along with a quick release arm system.

Moreover, the installation of this cost friendly bike rack is swift and easy, with the unified cable locks assuring further security. For security, the foamed clamp claw locks the bikes firmly in place.

What makes it a good choice for people who want a hitch mount style platform rack that can be attached to their rear car bodies is specifically the adjustable wheel tray. This lets the wheels turn freely, and gives you the facility to change the size of the rack for more space.

Key Features

  • Maximum capacity: 2 bikes
  • Platform and frame clamp
  • SureTight adjustable cables
  • Anti-wobble cradle support
  • Built in cable locks
  • Fast releasing arms


  • Simple and quick installation process
  • Fits various sized wheels
  • Quick release
  • Great security
  • Compact design


  • Loading can be slightly challenging
  • Paint marring can be an issue sometimes

Thule Apex XT Swing Away (4 Bike Hanging Hitch Rack)

Thule Apex XT Bike Hitch RackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

When we talk about the oracle brands making the best bike racks for BMW i3, Thule is a reputable and trusted name. With its Apex XT Swing Away rack, it delivers a carrier that is swamped with hallmarks and can carry up to 4 bikes. Although the bike rack has outstanding capacity, the product itself is surprisingly lightweight.

In case your BMW i3 has a hitch, you’ll want to opt for Apex XT for the abundance of features. If you are to load up 4 bikes, the cohesive cable locks will make sure there is no trouble in security, while the generous spacing of 7 inches between the bikes ensures there is no damage caused by contact. Moreover, the stabilizing cradles minimize swaying for more fulfillment.

The swing away option is specially patented to guarantee a hassle-free access to the back of the BMW, even when the rack is loaded with bikes.

Moreover, the SnugTight integrated locks mean you can install the bike rack within minutes, that too without any additional gears. Bonus, additional lock, and keys as also included.

Key Features

  • Maximum capacity: 4 bikes
  • Patented design
  • Built in antisway cradle
  • 7 inches spacing
  • Ratcheting security Straps
  • Integrated SnugTite stinger lock


  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • No obstacle rear access
  • Adequate bike spacing
  • Anti-swaying features
  • Incredible security
  • Durable construction


  • Loading and unloading may take time

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fit a bike in a BMW i3?

Yes, you can certainly fit a bike in a BMW i3 to carry it to your destination. Being a regular and passional mountain biker, I take out my bikes even on days when it’s raining heavily.

For murky days like that, I don’t fancy the idea of detaching mud immersed bike tires, only to haul in on my BMW i3, even if It is lined with heavy gauge plastic liner. I do much prefer just fitting my bike on my i3, and you can do the same as well.

Final Words

For a square back, high roof hatchback vehicle like the BMW i3 or i3s model, the bike rack that will carry your bikes should be chosen with care. Decide on what style of bike rack you want depending on how many bikes you need to carry and how often you plan to use it.

While a roof suction cup rack is uncomplicated to install and use, some riders dislike the increased work it needs to load a bike to that height. A hitch mount bike rack is an exceptional option for a secured ride, but it may not be as versatile in the range of wheels it can sustain. For a budget restricted buy, you may consider the trunk mount bike racks, but make sure to only go for the larger size sections.

Whichever you may choose, it is indisputable that the bike rack is manufactured by prominent brands like Thule, or SeaSucker. Such brands have mastered their craft over the years to design the best bike rack for BMW i3 and i3s.

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