How to Use a Rear Bike Rack?

Cycling is not only a way to exercise and practice a hobby; it’s also a multipurpose vehicle. Many people depend on cycles to get things done and to get around. The main limitation often is its lack of capacity to carry stuff during your bike commute.

Thank God for bike racks. They provide the luxury of having capacity. There are many ways you can carry things around on your bike through your rear bike rack.

How to Use a Rear Bike Rack

Well, if we are to summarize our horizon and make a list of basic ways to carry stuff on the bike, we’ll find three ways.

Smart people know how to maximize something’s productivity. Apparently, there are many ways you can use your rear bike’s rack in so many ways that you wish you had known before! We’re here to give you some simple yet unrecognized ways of using your bike’s rack.

Placing Things Directly on the Rear Bike Rack

If your bike’s rack has a spring clamp, you can carry small things like zipped bags, envelopes, files, raincoats, etc. Place your stuff on the bike’s rack while holding it in place.

Attach Pannier

A pannier is one of the best options for carrying things on bike racks. Panniers are specially designed bags for carrying loads on bikes. Panniers are lifesavers with an average capacity of fifteen to twenty-five liters and forty to sixty lbs. of weight capacity.

You can carry two panniers at the same time on both sides of your bike rack in case you’re transporting more weight.

To attach panniers, there are spring-loaded hooks, sometimes clips, or bungee cords that you need to link to your rear bike racks.

We can also attach panniers to the front bike rack if you wish. One of the most significant plus points is that you can add more than one pannier for remarkable capacity. It’s best while going for a campaign or loading a lot of shopping. You can also attach a backpack to your rack without carrying them on your back! Huge pain saver!

Attach Rear Basket or Crate

Another great addition is using a rear bike basket. Mounting a basket will add more capacity to your bike for carrying cargo. Baskets are more reliable in case you want to carry fragile objects; adding the basket keeps a firm hold to your bike. If you wrap glass items with paper and carry them, it’ll hardly break. It’s of great use to carry groceries as well.

Baskets are often used by cyclists who deliver food items or while doing grocery shopping. Baskets are a safe option. It also provides enough storage for you to take on almost everything safely. Just put your things on the basket and you’re ready to take off.

You do not have to worry about your items getting left out. Not only in the back, but you can also install a bike basket in the front of your rear bike. You can hang it on the bike handlebar, or you can attach it to the eyelets on the front fork.

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A crate is a cheaper or even DIY alternative to bike baskets and is a great option for carrying your groceries. You can use them as a cargo rack in your rear bike.

You can choose from different types of crates that are available to you. You can choose plastic, metal, or wood ones to attach to your bike and increase storage. There is a new kind of crate that can be folded down when you don’t need them. Those ones are more convenient.

Rack Trunks

Rack trunks are medium-sized bags ideal for all time use. These are smaller than the panniers but offer more storage than regular seat bags. Rack trunks are ideal for carrying tools, essentials, food, books, and items in smaller proportions.

Saddle Packs

Saddle packs are the best way of using your rear bike racks for carrying mini items like spare tire levers, tubes, multi-tools, bike kits, and so on. Saddle packs are installed under the seat of your bike to the rails.

You can also attach them to the rack of your bike. Saddle packs are best for keeping small items in one place and not losing them here and there.

Seat for Children

Carrying a toddler on your bike is a challenging task. Thanks to rear-mounted child bike seats! These seats are perfectly capable of carrying your baby securely throughout the entire ride.

By installing a rear-mounted child bike seat, you can take your child with you. These seats are comfortable and safe for children as well as creative.

If you still don’t feel like your child is safe enough, you can use the three-point safety bike rear rack straps, backrest, adjustable footwalls, and protective guard to be extra safe. After all, you can never feel safe enough when it comes down to your child!

Pet Carriers

If you have pets and want to provide them with some fresh air and good time, your cycle rack can be handy. Install a rear bike rack basket, attach you pet carrier and pedal through the streets.

They say, “animals are the best companion a lonely man can ever ask for”- so, even if you live alone, you’re not really alone. Take them with you and spend some time together. These baskets are great for taking them to places like a pet care center or a park away from home.


A rear rack adds versatility and the possibility of carrying extra baggage, which was impossible without these racks. Isn’t it one of the most useful add-ons? This addition to your rear bike makes your life easier if you are a frequent bike commuter.

Whether you need to carry groceries, take your child or animals for a ride or go on road trips on the bicycle, carry your necessities easily without stressing about holding capacity.

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