Best Electric Shaver For Cyclist 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are striving to become a professional or dedicated cyclist or be part of the cycling community, shaved legs are a must-have nature. From dealing with road rash to post-ride massage, several reasons work behind shaving their legs. However, if you want a specific answer, we would like to tell you, hair-less or bare legs can make a cyclist faster than others. Not just, it can also boost your self-confidence.

If you are a cyclist looking for the best razor for shaving legs, you will soon find out that there are multiple brands and models in the market. So it might look like a daunting task to pick one. Don’t worry. We recommend our favorite top five products, which we have listed after in-depth research on the best electric shavers for the legs of cyclists.

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5 Best Electric Shavers For Cyclists

Since people have different needs, so for your convenience, I have compiled my list of the 5 Best Electric Shavers for Cyclists. Without further ado, let’s move to our review part!

Don’t be confused by the ‘shaver for women’ part of some of the product names – it means these shavers have been designed to deal with women’s legs and armpits, so they will take care of your legs with ease.

Panasonic ES-LV65-S Arc5 Electric Razor (Editor’s Choice – Universal Foil Shaver)

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men's 5-Blade Cordless with Shave Sensor Technology and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES-LV65-SCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor has been found with innovative features that deliver a remarkably close and comfortable shave to cyclists. If you need a wet or dry shaver and trimmer two-in-one option, you can go for this hair removal product. It accommodates convenient shaving in or out of the shower.

This model comes with ultra-thin Arc foil and five ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades, offering a quick and close shave. The built-in pop-up trimmer can be used to trim beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Since the razor moves across the face, power flow is continuously adjusted to accelerate where the hair is much thicker and slower where it’s not.

Design & Quality

The cordless feature with advanced shave sensor technology makes it better than its competitors. This shaving machine integrates Multi-Flex quick-pivoting shaving head and an active sensor that can help you to adjust cutting power based on different beard densities. Using these flexible head glides, you can effortlessly find the individual contours of the jaw, leg, chin, face, and neck.

Whenever you want, it can be used for a quick, dry shave, or wet shave in the shower with shaving cream. This Panasonic shaver has a linear motor that provides 14,000 cuts per minute. The most convenient part is that it offers top power until the charge is over.

Is it the best men’s electric razor for legs? I believe it is definitely among the top choices for sure!


  • The measurements are 2.1 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches
  • Features LCD battery indicator
  • Stainless steel blades


  • Premium performance with a good quality battery
  • Offers detailed cleaning
  • Ensures a smooth, even cut
  • New five nanotech blades for quick cleaning


  • Not so long-lasting
  • Doesn’t good value for money

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 (Universal Rotary Shaver)

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800, S3311/85CHECK CURRENT PRICE

I might not agree but most cyclists prefer to get a rotary shaver instead of a foil shaver. Philips Norelco 3800 rotary shaver gives you a comfortable and refreshing shave of two types’ performance with a single product. Thanks to its advanced construction, it can be used as a shaver, trimmer, and wet or dry operation.

This Norelco shaver features 5D Pivot & Flex Heads that allow your razor to move while shaving your legs softly. Plus, you can get the shaver head to your face at the perfect angle without any hassle. Besides, it lets you adjust the curve lines of the face and neck and always makes soft contact with your skin.

Design & Quality

The Norelco electric shaver may be found as a stainless steel blade material with space grey assent. Whatever you want to get, a convenient dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with gel or foam will offer both advantages. This rotary razor has been engineered with ComfortCut Blades to float smoothly over the skin and helps to get a clean shave. As it features 27 self-sharpening rounded blades, you can gently cut hair within a short time.

You can find this Norelco shaver with a pop-up trimmer to get a convenient dry or wet shave for maintaining mustache and sideburns. After first charging, it can be used for up to 60 minutes. Besides, if you need a quick service, only 5 minutes charge can give you enough power for one shave.


  • Includes a charging stand
  • Anti-slip rubber handle
  • Features 3-level intuitive battery indicator


  • Skin-friendly shaver
  • Adjustable head ensures effortless floating
  • Available at a low price
  • Fully washable design


  • Low-quality battery

Wahl 7061 Foil Shaver (Designed For Men)

Wahl Model 7061-100 Lifeproof Lithium Ion Foil Shaver – Waterproof Rechargeable Electric Razor With Precision Trimmer for Men’S Beard Shaving, Trimming & Grooming with Long Run Time & Quick ChargeCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Wahl 7061 Foil Shaver is a high-quality product that provides flexibility for use as a shaver, trimmer, and even wet or dry shaving. It’s a travel-friendly rechargeable electric shaver that comes in a waterproof design of up to one meter. Furthermore, this electric razor includes flexible foil cutters & a Pivot head. So, you can conveniently shave without slipping. It offers a travel lock with a built-in LED charging light.

The high-impact, shock-resistant feature lets you utilize it for a long time. This hair removal appliance comes with long-lasting lithium-ion technology, which goes for many months in regular use.

Design & Quality

This shaver features a good quality lithium-ion battery that works for 90 minutes after one hour of charging. Moreover, it offers a 5-Minute quick charge option if you need to go anywhere quickly. This well-built battery can last up to one year with no memory issues. The advanced foil pattern provides more comfortable shaves.

Additionally, it incorporates a long hair cutter bar with a full-size pop-up trimmer for convenient shaving. Whatever you like to perform, this appliance is available in various styles to fit your home haircutting needs. Although it’s designed for a man’s face but works excellently on the leg and is also tested by women.


  • Requires 60 minutes for full-charging
  • A good quality cutting blade
  • Two functions in a single product – trimmer and shaver


  • Offers easy gripping
  • No hair is left behind after hair removal
  • Reasonable price
  • Makes cleaning and operation comfortable


  • Replacement complexity
  • Doesn’t shave so close

Panasonic ES-WL60-G Electric Shaver for Women (Budget Leg Shaver)

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Razor for Women, Cordless 3-Blade Shaver with Pop-Up Trimmer, Wet Dry Operation - ES-WL60-G (Mint)CHECK CURRENT PRICE

If we compare the electric razors available in the current market, Panasonic ES-WL60-G electric razor is among the most popular shavers. It comes in a lightweight & compact design that fits easily into bags for quick touchups. This electric razor is flexible enough to provide you with a long-lasting performance.

Whether you want to shave your leg or trim, Panasonic ES-WL60-G electric leg shaver performs the job smoothly with its three floating heads. Using this feature, you can make an independent contour across the skin. Thanks to its three ultra-sharp blades and ultra-thin foil, offering a comfortable and quick shave.

Design & Quality

This electric shaver is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel blades & foils, so it’s completely safe for sensitive skin. This shaver is designed with a built-in pop-up trimmer. Additionally, the electric shaver is perfect for shaving your legs, arms, under the arms, and close bikini areas. It offers wet or dry shaving convenience.

So, you can utilize it in the shower or even outside the shower. It would be helpful to keep in mind that it’s specially designed for legs and tight curves, not designed for shaving the face. Overall, this razor lets you enjoy a luxurious shaving or trimming experience with your favorite bath gel in the shower.


  • 35 minutes of continuous power supply
  • Includes space-saving shaver charger
  • Waterproof


  • Easy wet & dry operation
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Good-quality shaver
  • Affordable price


  • Too large for trimming private areas

Remington WDF5030A Electric Shaver for Women (Feature-Rich Leg Shaver)

Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women, 4-Blade Smooth Glide Foil Shaver and Bikini Trimmer with Almond Oil Strip, Purple/WhiteCHECK CURRENT PRICE

If you want a package of comfort, closeness, and convenience, we will recommend the Remington WDF5030A electric shaver. This rechargeable shaver is equipped with smooth glide technology so that you can do the job effortlessly. Besides, it features an optimal angle head, which holds the foils close together for a comfortable shave. It has four blades that incorporate the new open-blade cutting system for smooth, silky, and comfy shaving.

This leg shaver comes with convenience and a faster, fugitive solution for legs, armpits, or sensitive areas.

Design & Quality

This electric shaver includes a flex dual-sided trimmer that will prepare longer hair cut by the foils. Moreover, the hypoallergenic foils and trimmers pass smoothly across the skin and don’t cause skin irritation. Remington WDF5030A integrates the lift logic foils, allowing for even shaving by angling hairs toward the blades. The additional post-shave benefit is its almond oil strip, which will make your skin moisturized and soft after shaving your legs.


  • Well-waterproof texture for best performance
  • It weighs 13.62 Ounces
  • The battery life is about 20 minutes


  • Convenient usage
  • Anti-microbial and smooth shaving operation
  • Suitable wet and dry function


  • Longer charging time



Cyclist’s Leg Shaver Buying Guide

If you’re passionate about cycling, you probably like to keep your legs bare or hair-free. Nowadays, most people are using an electric shaver for shaving leg hair since they can perform two different functions. You may use it as a trimmer and shaver. Whenever you want, it can be used as a beard trimmer. On the other hand, it’s much more useful for shaving your legs and reaching all the curves of the skin entirely.

Not just for dedication, but for multiple reasons that work behind the cyclist’s leg shaving. Anyway, now let’s get to the main topic. Before purchasing an electric razor, you should think about some essential factors. Now the question may arise as to which aspects we should prioritize. You should pay more attention to the product’s performance rather than the price. If you’re on a tight budget, try to do simple research on which electric razor can give you optimum performance at a good price. Here we’re mentioning some other features that an electric razor should have.

Electric Shaver Types

The first and foremost consideration in our buying advice is the electric leg shaver type. To find the best electric razor for your legs, you need to figure out your needs. After that, choose one that matches your requirements.


If you want something for regular use, electric foil razors may be the best option. It comes with a thin layer of metal foil, which shields its cutting blade. Moreover, this razor doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin, so it’s perfect for your sensitive skin.

Usually, the electric foil shavers come in three to four-blade options. If you need close and faster performance, you can get the four-blade razors. However, using three-blade shavers is another good idea. These foil razors are really engineered to offer you a denser shave over a single hair follicle with multiple blades.


The rotary shaver is well known for its unique design. It has two or three built-in rotating or floating heads, which is the best option for those cyclists who want to get rid of facial hair wholly. The spinning head is specially designed to adjust to facial contours like legs, arms, underarms, and bikini areas. Using this, you may expect an excellent outcome as it can entirely cut both long hair and facial hair. Those people who don’t like to shave regularly but want a quick operation over their stubble look may find the electric rotary razors much more useful.


If you’re in the cycling profession and want to do your leg shaving with a women’s shaver laying around at home, then there is really no problem. Since a women’s razor is built to reach tricky angles of the bikini area, so it’s quite helpful for shaving your legs. Of its distinct design, it can cut different types of hairs within a minimum time. Moreover, it features an angled head for convenient contour, and you may get it at a reasonable price.

Hair Trimmers

Generally, men use trimmers for grooming or to trim beards. Whether you need to trim your body hairs, nose hairs, and even facial hair, these trimmers are available in four different types. A trimmer can’t be an alternative to electric razors, but it might be a good idea to trim the leg hair before shaving your legs for the first time. For example, Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Body Groomer, and WAHL 79434 Clipper Rechargeable Trimmer. These three are the most demanded products in today’s market.

Wet/Dry or Dry only

A new breed of wet and dry shavers comes in handy for a convenient shave operation. On the other hand, only a dry option is also available. Some cyclists prefer to utilize an electric razor in the shower to save time or may like using it with their favorite shaving cream. Whatever it is, if you have sensitive skin or want to avoid irritation, it might be a better idea to do the cleaning process with wet/dry models.

Before choosing a wet/dry razor, you need to be careful as some models don’t work correctly with shaving gels. This thing actually happens with well grade razors, which offer a charging unit with the shaver. There is a probability of entering the water in the charging unit which can damage the cleaning part. While they’re in charging mode, you can’t operate them. In this way, this one is pretty safe to use.

Battery Life

Another significant point is battery life. As you need to utilize it only for 10 to 20 minutes in a day, the battery life of an electric razor need not be much efficient. But you should make sure it will give you a long-lasting service. Try to go for one that’s suitable for regular usage and also travel-friendly.

Flexible head

The flex head is a primary factor to consider. You need a flexible razor that aids you to move softly over the skin. A few electric razors come in flexible head options, meaning you can adjust the head for pliable body contour to the most challenging angles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cyclists shaving their legs?

It’s a general question that comes to mind why do cyclists really shave their legs? However, there are some specific reasons for cyclists to trim their hairy legs.

  • Usually, professional cyclists or athletes shave their legs to make post-ride massages more easy and comfortable. Applying embrocation cream on stubbly legs is like massaging a cactus. Moreover, a regular massage can help an athlete release muscle tension, and it’s more effective.
  • It has been proved that hairless legs can provide aerodynamic benefits to road cyclists. Clean-shaven legs help to reduce drag from air motion. That’s why a competitive cyclist can save an average of 70 seconds compared to the pre-shaved condition.
  • Another possible reason for having shaved legs is to alleviate the chance of getting an infection from crashes. Since you’re a road cyclist, there is a vast possibility of happening any unwanted occurrences. If your legs are hairless, it will be easier to apply or remove bandages. The bandage comes in direct contact with the body. If you don’t shave your legs, it can cause a chunk of hair to come out during lifting and a lot of pain. In a word, shaving can aid you with healing painful road rash.
  • Having shaved legs is a part of the cycling tradition. Most cyclists believe it is a symbol of professionalism and claim it to be a real cyclist’s identity. Additionally, it allows you to show off your diamond-cut muscles.

How high to shave your legs?

It would be better to shave about 5 or 6 inches or up to the bottom of cycling shorts. However, if your skin is more sensitive, you can simply shave the hair growth path and not go too high.

How often should you shave your legs?

It depends on how rapidly your hair grows back after shaving and the amount of hair. Though there are no specific rules, most cyclists prefer to shave once a week. Another significant point is whether you like to keep wholly bare or slightly hairy legs.

Can I use the women’s shaver to shave my legs?

Yes, cyclists can use women’s shavers to shave their legs. If you’re a dedicated athlete who wants smooth legs within a short period, you may require the best electric shaver for dealing with leg hair. These shavers are available in wet or dry options that offer you all the flexibility. Moreover, applying some moisturizer on the body after shaving can soften your skin.

Why can I not just use a body hair trimmer?

Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or a triathlon, you probably need silky even legs. In this case, a shaver will aid you to get a clean shave. However, a body trimmer can only help you maintain a beard much thicker than your specific shaved part. Additionally, if you utilize the body trimmer as a shaver, it might irritate your skin or cause swelling. A trimmer can’t replace a shaver since both have different functionality. So, it wouldn’t be a better idea to utilize a trimmer for leg shaving.


Maintaining hair-free legs is more than just a cosmetic preference for cyclists – it’s a necessity that can impact performance and comfort. Finding the best electric shaver for cyclists isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, as each cyclist may have unique needs and preferences. However, the five electric shavers reviewed in this article offer a range of options to suit various needs.

If I were to recommend two products from this list, I would suggest choosing between two.

I’d first suggest the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor. Its innovative features, such as the ultra-thin Arc foil and five ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades, provide a quick and close shave. It’s also versatile, allowing for wet or dry shaving, making it a great all-around choice.

Secondly, Philips Norelco 3800 rotary shaver stands out for its 5D Pivot & Flex Heads, which allow for a comfortable and efficient shave. It’s also a great choice for those who prefer a rotary shaver over a foil shaver.

The best electric shaver for you is one that fits your personal needs and subjective preferences. Investing in a quality electric shaver can make your cycling experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Happy cycling and happy shaving!


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