Best Bikes For Over 400 lbs 2023 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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It’s perfectly normal to put on a little weight. And trying to get back on track is quite commendable too. That’s even better when you’re trying to lose those gains by cycling. If you fall into the overweight category, trying out cycling is a very admirable feat. Not every guy or girl has enough motivation to start cycling when they’re over 400 pounds.

It all starts with motivation, but you need equipment to put that motivation into fair use. And that’s why you need a bicycle. Bikes for overweight people have been around to help people fearlessly start cycling and losing weight. If you’re over 400 lbs., it can get challenging for you to get on a regular mountain bike or road bicycle.

That’s why we’ve put together some of the best bicycles for heavy people on the market for you! Bikes for heavy riders can help them stay focused, balanced, and determined to lose weight.

If you are determined to lose weight or just want to enjoy cycling, then getting one of these bikes will certainly do justice. Some riders give up the thought of cycling because they cannot find a suitable bicycle. So go through our guide to buy the best bikes for over 400 lbs.

If you are in a hurry, here is a list of the best bicycles for big men and women.

Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed Anti-Slip Bike 26 inch Fat Tire Sand Bike Double Disc Brake Suspension Fork Suspension, White or Black Outroad Mountain Bike
  • Editor’s Choice
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Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 7-Speed, Twist Shifters, Steel Frame, Mechanical Disc Brakes, Multiple Colors Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  • 2nd Choice
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Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike
  • 3rd Choice


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Top 3 Bikes For Over 400 Lbs

Now let’s move on to learn more about the three bikes I have chosen. These are all perfect for large people over 400lbs.

Outroad Mountain Bike

Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed Anti-Slip Bike 26 inch Fat Tire Sand Bike Double Disc Brake Suspension Fork Suspension, White or BlackCHECK CURRENT PRICE

While competing with Mongoose’s offerings isn’t easy, the first bike on our list is Outroad. Outroad managed to sneak into the list with this beast of a fat tire bike. Like Mongoose, Outroad has built quite a reputation for itself with its top-of-the-line mountain bikes. This 21-speed Outroad mountain bike is not only pleasing on the spec sheet but in real life too.

When you’re competing with one of the best brands on the market, you need to step up your game. And Outroad certainly did that with this one. You can get this minimal-looking fat tire bike in two colors: black or white. Other than being quite pleasing to look at, this one performs like a beast too.

Outroad’s thrown in everything but the kitchen sink with this one. The 26-inch rims give the bicycle a firm stance. Even the 4-inch-wide tires look amazing on this one. The tires are just as right as the Mongoose tires, so you won’t have to worry about compromise.

A unique thing about this Outroad is the carbon steel frame. You’ll get a thickened Bicycle fork and top-of-the-line suspension. You can rely on the excellent shock absorber set, too. So the Outroad will deliver you fantastic performance with uncompromised quality.


  • 26-inch knobby tires with 4-inch front and rear disc brakes
  • 21 speed top of line shifters straight out of Shimano
  • 4-inch fat tires with unmatched grip for all kinds of terrains
  • Outroad’s top-notch customer service will keep you covered


  • Perfect for riders heavier than 400 pounds.
  • Tires suited for all terrains provide unmatched grip.
  • The carbon steel frame is unique and durable.


  • The carbon steel structure is less stable than the all-steel frame.

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Malus Fat Tire Bike with 26-Inch Wheels, with Steel Frame, 7-Speed Shimano Drivetrain, and Mechanical Disc BrakesCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Suppose you want that fantastic cycling experience without burning a hole in your pocket. In that case, the Mongoose Malus is for you!

Let me rephrase that. This isn’t a cheap bike. It’s just not as expensive as the Dolomite (reviewed below). So if we referred to the Dolomite as the Land Cruiser of bikes, you could call this the Land Cruiser Prado for a more explicit reference. You shouldn’t be underestimating this one. This might be the Dolomite’s little brother, but it packs as much of a punch.

The Malus has a slightly different bicycle frame, and it’s marketed as a mountain bike. But just like the Dolomite, this one can tear through different terrains because of those fat tires! The same 26-inch knobby tires from the Dolomite make a return on the Malus. And we just can’t get enough of these monsters!

If you’ve picked up a bit of a tummy and you want to get back in shape by cycling, the Malus is one of the best picks. Mongoose made sure to pack as many features into it for the price. The brand makes excellent fat-tire bikes, and this is one of their best bicycles in the higher weight bracket (over 400 lbs).


  • The same knobby tires from the Dolomite with 4-inch disc brakes.
  • Top of the line Shimano front and rear derailleur
  • 7-speed crankset with Shimano shifters providing seamless shifting performance.
  • The all-terrain tires can plow through the roughest of surfaces.
  • Cruiser pedals are long-lasting.


  • Mountain bike style steel frame
  • High-quality gear shifter straight from Shimano
  • Rear and front disc brakes provide excellent stopping power.
  • Rated for amazing handling


  • The electric pump needed for the knobby tires

Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 4-Inch Wide Knobby Tires, 7-Speed, Steel Frame, Front and Rear Brakes, Multiple ColorsCHECK CURRENT PRICE

Well, what do you know! Our third pick is also from, you guessed it, Mongoose! So you can pretty much reassure yourself that this brand is looking out for us big guys.

This 26 inches wheeled bike from Mongoose. Codenamed “Dolomite,” this one is Mongoose’s flagship fat tire bike. So you can rest assured that this is feature-packed. The Dolomite has no competition when it comes to the price point or the features that it offers.

The solid build of the Mongoose Dolomite bike makes it even tough to scratch. You can rest assured that this one will last you for quite a while. Every component of the Dolomite is built to last. So you won’t have to worry about the saddle getting loose, the bicycle frame breaking, or the spokes breaking.

These are all common problems when it comes to riding on regular bicycles when you weigh above the 400-pound mark. So, you know for sure how frustrating this can get. Although your options are limited, and you probably won’t be able to cheap out on a fat tire bike, the Dolomite is an easy investment.

Mongoose made their engineers pull off hundreds of all-nighters for this one, and what they’ve come up with is a fantastic design. This is the bicycle you see getting featured everywhere. You probably know how the Land Cruiser is well-known all over the world for its durability. Well, we call this the Land Cruiser of fat-tire bikes.


  • Equipped with 26×4 knobby tires and 4-inch alloy disc brakes
  • Balance tweaked to perfection to offer the best riding comfort.
  • The steel frame is super sturdy and makes it last for years.
  • A three-piece crank with rear and front disc brakes
  • Cruiser pedals make it unbelievably practical.


  • One of the best bikes for over 400
  • All-terrain tires can withstand the most uneven bumps.
  • Shimano derailleur with seven speeds
  • Perfect for uneven and hilly roads
  • The looks make it an eye-catcher.


  • The big tires need a larger pump.
  • It’s one of the heaviest bicycles on the market at 44 lbs.

Zize Bikes

Zize Bikes specializes in bikes for heavy riders. This brand offers several models designed for riders up to 550 lbs. If you are looking for a road bike that will fit big and tall, the premium models from Zize are an excellent alternative.

More coming soon!

Buying Guide

The Science Behind Fat Tire Bikes

Fat tire bikes have been around for quite a while now. Even though they weren’t explicitly designed for overweight people, these seemed to be their only choice if they wanted to get into cycling. Most bikes are not intended for people over 400 pounds, so you can guess how they have a problem when choosing.

Cycling always kicks in that necessary weekly cardio that you otherwise skip. So if you are determined to lose those extra pounds, you will probably love a fat tire bike. The average bicycle weight capacity maxes out at 200 lbs. Only some manufacturers make them strong enough to hold over 250 lbs. Only a handful of manufacturers make fat-tire bikes, sometimes capable of carrying over 350 lbs. of weight.

But when you’re a little on the extreme side, that is, in the higher weight bracket (over 400 lbs), it gets even harder to find the right bicycle for you. But don’t fret! Brands like Mongoose and Outroad have been making wide-tire bikes for heavy riders. And they look pretty impressive too, which is an added benefit.

Bikes for big people are necessary as heavy cyclists come across so many problems with regular models.

One of the biggest problems is overloading the suspension, allowing it to not work as it’s designed. The standard bicycles, no matter how well built they are, can’t accommodate plus-sized people. So that’s another reason why heavy-duty bikes with thick tires are on the market.

Finding the Best One for You

Finding the ideal fat tire bike can quickly get out of hand. Every average-sized human being can get away with regular bicycles on the market. They don’t have to worry about being too big or too small for their bicycles. But it’s the short or big guys that struggle most of the time. A big rider faces most of the trouble as they have to factor in many things before purchasing.

Bicycles for heavy people are getting more and more popular, though. Companies are emphasizing making more robust frames that can easily carry over 500 lbs. of a load. Although bikes for riders heavier than 400 pounds aren’t that common, you can still find a handful of them. But the problem is that you can’t cheap out on them since that will cause you to compromise.

Putting on a few pounds is not shameful at all. And it’s super commendable if you are trying to get back in shape. But trying to fit into a regular bike after gaining those pounds can be tricky. If you haven’t ridden a bicycle after building up that dad bod, getting back on the track can get challenging. But some manufacturers help you out by providing solutions.

You can opt for an Electric bicycle, too. These bicycles give a little boost to the pedals with the built-in motors. You still have to pedal to reach your destination. Just not as hard. This can be an excellent way to get back on the road slowly. But if you want to go fully raw, then fat tire bikes are the best way to go.

Bikes for Overweight People

As we’ve already said, bikes for dramatically overweight people can be tricky to find. They aren’t always available online either. So you need to dig in to find a few. Not all bikes are designed to accommodate people over 250 lbs., let alone 400. So you can see how this is a significant problem. Imagine your kids are getting older, and they want you to accompany them on their rides.

While you might want to spend a bit of quality time with your children, the dad bod that you built up over the years can prevent you from joining them. Family rides are a great way to move away from iPads. So moving from the 6-inch screens to the 26-inch wheels is probably a fantastic decision. There is no shame in being over average capacity. You have to get a good enough bicycle and have reliable determination.

You might go into the garage and find the bike you used to ride to college when you were twenty. You try to get on and fail. Well, it’s hard to realize that you won’t fit on your bicycle anymore, but you can try and get back in shape with a new one. But if you’ve come across this article, you have already started your bike research for over 400 lbs. And I bet all the good news put a smile on your face.

Bikes for fat people help them get back in shape. Once you find your fat tire bike, you can start cycling again with your kids and make more memories. It’s normal for people to turn their heads and have a laugh. But that should never hold you back. What matters is that you’re trying your best, and that’s enough. Now let’s move on to a couple of specifics about bicycles for obese people.

Getting the Weight Right

First of all, you should begin by checking the weight capacity. Most bikes max out at 250 lbs. load-bearing limit. So if you seemingly weigh more than that, you can’t afford to choose those. You got to pick out a bike that will at least have a weight capacity of 400 lbs. These bikes have considerably stronger frames and broader wheels to keep you balanced and stable.

Buying a heavy-duty bike is no easy job. Picking the right one includes checking the carrying capacity and frame. Even the front fork must be extremely well built to help you sit straight on the road. If you’re overweight, you have to worry about the additional momentum that will come with you. To counter that increase in momentum, a powerfully built heavy-duty bike is essential.

Even if you’re around 300 to 350 lbs., getting a bike rated for over 400 lbs is the best way to go. That way, you can stay away from the borderline and rest assured that it’s not going to break down any time soon. The fear of falling off is typical, and the fear multiplies even more if you are a little chubby. So you need to think about your safety. Get a bike rated for higher weights than yours so you can feel safe while riding at full speed.

Another crucial thing to notice is the warranty. Suppose you do not get a bicycle that matches your requirements. In that case, the manufacturers can blame you, saying you didn’t consider the right weight capacity. So, there goes all your money down the drain. So it’s safe to choose a maximum weight support that is at least 50 lbs. more than your weight.

Don’t Just Go for the Biggest Bike

If you see a large bicycle showcased in the store, it’s not uncommon to go and get that one without checking anything else. Just because it’s the biggest certainly doesn’t mean that it will be best for you. The salesman will probably feed you many reasons why getting 29-inch wheels for your bike is crucial. So don’t give in. If you have read the article, you know for sure that you have to go for the 26-inch wheels.

The bigger wheels might help you can a little more height, but that puts you in more of a vulnerable position too. The bigger the wheels, the more they will tend to bend or flex. Twenty-six inches is the right size as they provide much more durability than their bigger brothers. You won’t have to worry about them bend or flexing either.

If you’re an overweight guy trying you find the right bicycle, do not go on and get the most massive wheels possible. You should be opting for the 26-inch rims for a reason. They will keep you safely stuck to the road, and you don’t have to worry about falling off due to bendy spokes.

You should only go for the larger wheels if you have a similarly monstrous height. If you’re lean but tall as a tree, you should go for the larger wheels. But if you have an average size with a weight over 400 lbs., getting the 26inch wheels is the right thing to do.

Getting the Perfect Tires and Wheels

When you’re done picking the bicycle with your preferred weight capacity, you’ll need to worry about the wheels and tires next. There is no specific order in which these are prioritized. But the more prominent tires and wheels are crucial when it comes to buying the right bikes for heavy people.

As you come in with a higher than average weight, normal-sized wheels won’t probably be a good idea. All the bike’s weight is distributed on the two wheels when it’s on a flat surface. So if you opt to cheap out on the wheels, it’s not going to end well for you. As we’ve said, you can’t opt to cheap out when it comes to buying a bike for a large rider.

The wheels are weak contact points for big guys. Suppose you’ve ordered a bike only with the rated capacity that matches your preference. In that case, everything should be fine and dandy. But if they include regular wheels and tires with the bike, you can easily swap them out for new pairs of tires and wheels. Usually, going for 26-inch rims is the right choice for buying a new set of wheels.

And as for tires, you only really have one option: the fat tires. They may look funny, and you can turn many heads (indeed, not because they look good), they are a must for bikes for overweight people. Get 4-inch knobby off-road tire set for your bicycle. Companies like Outroad or Mongoose provide great knobby four-inch tires that are suited for all terrains. They provide a fantastic grip, too, so don’t worry about slipping.

Let’s Talk Spokes

Moving on to another critical component of the wheels, the spokes! Pardon us for not yet getting past wheels. But they are just that important for bikes for heavy cyclists. After you have picked out the fat and beefy 4-inch tires, you need to move your attention to the spokes. Bulkier knobby tires give better resistance so that you can deter puncturing more straightforwardly.

Thin spokes can be seen on a lot of bicycles these days. Some companies don’t hesitate to cheap out on the spokes as they usually do not cater to people over 400 lbs. But thinner spokes mean a better chance of them bending. So that’s a hazard on its own. Spoke count is another differentiating factor when it comes to choosing the best fat tire bike.

You’ll usually get to see 24 or fewer spokes on regular cycles. Be assured that you will need more! For a person who weighs over 350 lbs., you can’t get away with a bicycle with 24-spoke wheels. The excess weight is sure to cause a small bend in them. And even the slightest of bends will cause a risk of life hampering accident.

What are the Right Spoke Count and Tire Pressure?

You can quickly tell how much weight the bike can handle if you count the spokes. Lighter riders can get off the hook with even as few as 16 spokes. But if you’re packing over 400 lbs., you have to get 32 or higher spokes on your wheels. If you do decide to cheap out on the wheels, you can almost be sure that you’ll need to change them for wheels with higher spoke counts in just a few weeks.

This is certainly not a pretty cost-effective route to take. Since you go in and change your wheels by the time you change your wheels, your tally would end up being way over your original budget. So just take the higher spoke count wheels at the beginning. They might cost a lot more, but they are truly worth it.

Tire pressure is something most sellers tend to ignore and don’t end up listing it on the page. But this is as important as any other factor. As a rider with a higher than optimal weight, you have to ensure at least 100 PSI of pressure to keep your balance. Most bicycles come with tires that max out at 60 or 70 PSI. So choose your tires wisely and make sure they can be pumped up to around 100 PSI pressure.

Getting a Good Frame and Saddle

Most people skip everything else once they ensure the things as mentioned earlier. But as we continue to proclaim, every single component on a 400 lb capacity bicycle is crucial. And that includes the comfortable bike seat too. The saddle is what you sit on, so if you don’t get a well-padded saddle, you will not be able to ride for long.

The right saddle makes it easy to ride for extended hours. If your saddle isn’t well padded, your butt is going to hurt the following day. A saddle also needs to stay put on the frame. So if you choose a saddle that wiggles too much, there’s a chance that you picked the wrong seat.

The frame of your new bicycle needs to be sturdy and durable. If the seller provides you a cheaper, badly-welded frame, you will start to see problems in weeks. Steel frames and carbon frames are the top-of-the-line choices. Companies like Outroad even incorporate both carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers and steel into their bike frames.

The mixture of the two ensures a lighter frame with significant durability. Iron frames are heavier, so you can avoid them if you don’t want to compromise the lightweight factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all bicycles have a weight limit?

The short answer is yes. Every bicycle model has a weight limit. Most consumer bicycles have a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. While that tends to be appropriate for the majority of bicycle buyers, heavy riders are the ones who suffer. I have explored this problem in this article.

Are all fat tire bikes suited for heavy riders?

Although we’ve practically just talked about fat-tire bikes throughout the article, all fat tire bikes aren’t for overweight people. But yes, most bicycles for heavy people do come with fat tires. That’s because these tires can sport more weight, and they don’t tend to get punctured too easily.

But there is a lot more to a bike than just the fat tires. If you get a pair of fat tires with a relatively cheaper frame, you won’t get your desired performance by a long shot.


Cycling is a fantastic route to achieving fitness and discovering joy, particularly for those of us above the 400-pound mark. In my personal cycling journey, I realized that selecting the right bike hinges on more than just comfort. It’s also about ensuring safety and durability. Among the models I’ve explored, the Outroad 21 speed mountain bike stands out as a top pick. This bike is not just a means of transportation; it represents a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle.

In crafting this guide on the best bikes for over 400 lbs, my goal was to streamline your selection process. We’ve examined bikes designed to handle extra weight, provide stability, and guarantee a smooth ride. A crucial aspect is how these bikes offer a secure and enjoyable cycling experience, not just their ability to support weight.

For heavy riders, picking the right bike is a distinct challenge, yet it’s completely achievable. With accurate insights, you’re well on your way to finding a bike that not only accommodates your weight but also fits your personal style and endures over time. My hope is that this guide sheds light on your quest for the ideal bike, motivating you to delve into the delights of cycling, no matter your weight. As you start this adventure, envision a path brimming with opportunities, with the Outroad 21-Speed Mountain Bike as your trusted ally in this exciting journey.




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