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Indoor Cycling Trainer Types – A Quick Guide

Cycling is eminent for being a fun kind of exercise. But what happens if it’s interrupted? Weather extremes, as well as the current pandemic scenario, require us to stay at home.

But don’t worry, there are a variety of indoor cycling trainers available that allow you to work out within the comfort of your own home. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at the many sorts of indoor cycling trainers available.

Stationary Bike Trainer Stand

Although we all strive to avoid it, there is no such thing as a compromise when it comes to exercise. Many elite cyclists are also impacted because their training sessions are limited!

If you have a trainer bike, you can simply overcome this problem. A trainer bike is a piece of equipment that you may attach to your bike and use at home to cycle. You don’t have to be adept to appreciate the function it delivers. Rather, it provides portability and doubles as training equipment while also safeguarding your budget.

To whom does this magnificent piece of machinery cater? There are a plethora of different types of people:

  • Those who wish to achieve gym fitness by exercising at home
  • Those who find cycling tough in the cold weather
  • Those that enjoy incorporating technical advancements into everything they own
  • Those who are concerned with productivity
  • Those who value to obey “stay at home” during pandemic

Kudos if you fit into one of these categories!  Why should you consider investing in a stationary bike trainer stand?

At home, the stationary bike trainer stand can be a valuable training companion. To begin with, all enthusiasts and professional cyclists around the world like to utilize a trainer stand so that they do not lose out on exercising due to inclement weather. It also gives you the freedom to pedal at any time during the day.

Even yet, it never hurts to have a few extra justifications on your side. That’s why, before coming to any conclusions and making a purchase, we always encourage doing your homework.

For further information, you can always refer to our post on the stationary bike stand. You’ll thank us later because it comprises the best stands available, saving you the trouble of shortlisting.

Smart Bike Trainer

The year 2021 will be defined by technological advancements. A stationary bike trainer stand might be a lifesaver if you’re having trouble riding, but this experience can become dull over time. This is the time when smart trainers hit the market.

The key goal of smart trainers is to fill the void of outdoor fun via incorporating an app. They can be connected to an app and resistance adjusted remotely through that app. Even though it is a costly alternative, many individuals are happy with it.

Furthermore, if you’d like to compete with your friends as you would outside, you can do so using the Zwift cycling app. You can now challenge your pals, race, and work up a sweat from the comfort of your own home in this pandemic. It’s assured, the absence of going out will never be felt.

Let me explain why you should consider each of the other aspects to have a world-class home cycling experience.


The flywheel’s primary function is to offer a road-like sensation by generating inertia. The heavier the flywheel, the better the indoor cycling experience.

To generate traction, the most recent flywheels employ a different technique. They’re now employing magnets to create virtual flywheels performance. So depending on which fits your budget, go ahead to make your purchase.

Portability and Weight

Smart trainers are available in a multitude of sizes. They can, however, be neatly folded and stacked after use because they are one of the lightest trainers in comparison to others.

If you have a designated pain cave, the weight usually doesn’t matter. Direct-drive smart trainers, on the other hand, should be avoided if you need to set up and stack every time you exercise since they are heavier.

Power and Inclination

Different smart bike resistances necessitate separate power values. Most consumers will be satisfied with a power of 1,500W. However, if you want to receive more professional training, power of 2,000W may suffice.

Consider how much your preferred trainer delivers in terms of inclination. It’s best not to choose one that exceeds your capabilities because you won’t be able to simulate effectively.


Smart trainers make noise because of the resistance provided by the flywheels. As a result, selecting a quiet smart trainer is essential. Look for one that provides both resistance and low noise so that your family members are not disturbed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Smart Trainers

Although smart trainers provide a road-like experience through virtual simulation, you must be aware of their benefits and drawbacks to decide whether or not to use one.

Advantages of Using Smart Trainers

  • Simulates outdoor cycling for a realistic experience.
  • It entails riding your own bike, which allows you to enjoy the true bicycling position.
  • They take up less room and are therefore very portable.

Disadvantages of Using Smart Trainers

  • If you don’t have a bike, you won’t be able to use these trainers.
  • The combination of a bike and a trainer can be quite costly.

Exercise Bikes

Rather than biking, exercise bikes are more popular for workouts. These bikes give a low-impact aerobic workout that can contribute to building and contour core muscles. These are becoming extremely prevalent as more individuals become interested in slimming.

The most contemporary workout bikes are more advanced than ever before. They can now count miles, track speed, and display all pertinent data on a screen. If the equipment has internet access, it will also organize all of your workout session records.

There are various reasons why this exercise bike might be a good fit for you. It can also help you improve your aerobic fitness. Cycling and other cardio workouts not only strengthen the heart, lungs, and muscles but also improve blood circulation.

Other fantastic advantages that exercise bikes provide are:

  • Assist in the weight-loss process
  • Body fat is being burned
  • Assisting with a low-impact workout
  • Muscles in the lower body are strengthened and toned

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Spin Bike or Fitness Bike

All exercise bikes have the same goal in mind: to get you to work up a sweat. Each of them has something special to offer, which may cause you to be perplexed. On the other hand, a spin bike might be right for you if you’re searching for some serious cardio.

If you’re looking for reasons why spin bikes are different from other stationary bikes, you’ll find a swarm of them. Here are a few of them to get you started.


The flywheel is essential for increasing the workout’s intensity. The impact is mostly caused by the weight of the flywheel.

The use of exercise bikes with lightweight flywheels aids in maintaining relative smoothness. When you stop pedaling, the flywheel will continue to spin and eventually come to a rest. Spin cycles, on the other hand, feature a considerably heavier flywheel. These bikes’ pedals are linked to the flywheel, allowing them to roll with the flywheels’ inertia.

This implies you’ll have to put an end to it on your own. To stop it, gradually slow down the pace until it loses momentum. Furthermore, you’ll have to put in some extra effort to maintain its functioning due to its size. As a result, working out with this equipment is more efficient.

Seat Position

The majority of exercise bikes come with standard commuter seats. There are other spin bikes with a more racing-like posture. The handlebars are constructed in an inclined posture, causing you to lean forward. This puts greater stress on the body, allowing for a more intensive workout.

Spin bikes, as a whole, include a variety of seating options. This allows you to personalize your experience according to your preferences.


As previously stated, this part is inextricably tied to the flywheel portion. Flywheels, as we all know, are responsible for furious workouts. When riding a spin cycle, the rider exerts greater effort, putting more stress on the bodily joints than when riding an exercise bike.

Spin bikes also have a resistance level that can be adjusted. This is advantageous since you can adjust the intensity level based on your capabilities. If you’re serious about getting in a more difficult workout, spin bikes are the best option.

Other types of exercise bikes can also be added to your shortlist. These bikes are designed for folks who like a low-key workout. However, it is mostly dependent on why you are purchasing an exercise bike in the first place.


Although spin bikes are unique, they do have some unique features, such as a monitor display. Another reason they’re more expensive is that they’re quite durable. As a result, you won’t need as much maintenance as you would with other bikes.

Other exercise bikes’ prices are determined by the characteristics they offer. Because they’re primarily designed for light, intensive workouts, adding some extra elements enhance the enjoyment of your sessions.

You can always educate more about spin bikes and their merits from our article before committing to one.

Upright Exercise Bike

An upright bike is designed to provide you with a handy way to exercise. Its seats are identical to those seen on conventional bikes. As a result, there is no back support within this traditional bubble. Nonetheless, it ensures a traditional riding stance to meet your objectives.

This exercise bike has a wealth of varieties. For starters, it has traction handlebars and a monitor that exhibits all of your activity data to keep you informed. Some exercise bikes even have built-in technology that makes your session extra enjoyable and invigorating.

The heart-rate monitor is another characteristic that sets them unique. It serves as a protective feature as well as a guide to how far you should exert yourself. There is an accessible upright bike with all of these fantastic qualities that you can use to enjoy such workout sessions.

Of course, there are a plethora of upright exercise bikes available. However, each one has its own set of attributes that can help you identify which one to go with.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent exercise bike is a broader, reclined exercise bike that ensures maximum comfort during your activity. It has a comfy seat and the pedals are out in front to help you distribute your bodyweight evenly.

These bikes are designed to help people with back problems or other types of injuries. They also provide support with handlebars on the front and sides. They also include a large display with pre-loaded training programs in addition to these features.

However, while shopping for a recumbent bike, it’s important to evaluate the machine’s size. Recumbents take up more floor space than other bike options due to their reclined position and broader stance.

So why should you consider a recumbent exercise bike?

  1. Your back and joints will thank you for riding a recumbent bike.
  2. It is incredibly efficient to rely on because it provides full-body cardio.
  3. Unlike upright bikes, you don’t have to strain your back to grab the handlebars. As a result, you may text or even play games while still getting some workouts.
  4. Recumbent bikes’ seats are often bucket-shaped, providing improved comfort as well as being low-mounted.
  5. It works the thighs, calves, and glutes from various angles. It leads to less strain while still delivering a strengthening impact in specific regions.

Airdyne Bike

When compared to other bikes, Airdyne bikes are more fascinating. A spin bike, on the other hand, gets its resistance from a flywheel that the rider manually adjusts. This is accomplished using a large fan that is built inside the device. The fan will create greater resistance the harder and quicker you propel with your arms and legs.

It’s suitable for all levels of users because it provides a low-impact, sitting workout. The cherry on top is that it works both your upper and lower body, allowing you to get a full-body workout with only this.

Advantages of Using Exercise Bikes

  • Helps to burn a lot of body fat
  • Perfect for people who want to lose weight
  • Much more safer than cycling on the road
  • Helps to get cardio workout

Disadvantages of Using Exercise Bikes

  • Possible to generate muscle fatigue
  • Falling off is common if the bike isn’t properly balanced

Under Desk Bike Trainer

We’re all aware of the negative effects of working excessive hours on your health. We have little to no time to go to the gym to maintain our fitness. Even when we come home, we’re usually too sleepy to do some cardio at home.

As a result of this research, a new piece of exercise cycle equipment has been released to the market, allowing you to work out without interrupting your work routine.

An under-desk bike trainer not only keeps us active during the day but also allows us to burn calories in the same manner that other trainer bikes do. Even though this can only be accomplished by pedaling for a longer amount of time, slow and steady wins the race!

The prime objective of these bikes is to substitute modest activity for stagnant sitting. According to a new study from Clemson University, it improves happiness, motivation, and work engagement without interfering with professional production.

Advantages of Using Under Desk Bike Trainers

  • Useful for creating a good posture
  • A perfect option for low-impact exercise
  • Helps you stay focused throughout the day

Disadvantages of Using Under Desk Bike Trainers

  • Your sitting position won’t be comfortable if you can’t set it up properly

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All of these indoor cycling trainers can help you reach the pinnacle of your fitness goals in the privacy of your own home. They’re equally convenient and weather-independent, giving us the opportunity to schedule your workouts whenever you choose.

So don’t put it off any longer and get yourself a good cycling trainer. Pro tip: The more budget you invest, the quieter your equipment gets!

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