Best Bike Shops In Atlanta Georgia

In a city packed with inhabitants, the bicycle has become an alternative method of transportation in Atlanta. We may see an increase in demand for bikes amid the shadow of the pandemic due to maintaining social distance. Bike shops and services are having a crucial time to deal with this craze, though they have applied a range of facilities on the website for their customers.

If you are about to visit Atlanta soon without carrying out a bike, this article will help you find any nearby rental shop. Roaming around the city has never been so easy here, and we make sure you have happy trails with your preferred bike in this following segment.

Best Bike Shops in ATLANTA

Let’s see where the shops are in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Pedego Electric Bikes (Alpharetta)

The statement- “Good things come at great cost” undoubtedly goes with Pedego’s motive to conquer Atlanta with their best electric bikes. They exclusively offer a Five-year warranty to each of their bikes by maintaining outstanding quality.

Also, they have locally-owned stores throughout the country, so you can replace your parts whenever you need them. Besides electric bikes, they sell several accessories to keep your bike shine like new.


Address: 6480 North Point Parkway Suite 1100B, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30022

Phone: (404) 281-0264

Pedego sells other pieces of stuff too. Here’s the list:

Bags Baskets
Child Seats Pieces of  Stuff (Phone holder, Mirror etc)
Grips Locks
Official Gear Pedals
Seats and Seatpost Vehicle Racks


2. Atlanta Cycling (Ansley)

Atlanta Cycling makes sure that you do not need to go elsewhere to buy the parts of your dream bike. They bring for you a range of accessories with the facility of Trek credit card. Moreover, their goal is to keep you safe on the road with the proper nurturing of your bike by professional trainers.

With their bikes, you can get better cyclists’ guarantees including, lifetime tune-ups, a free baseline fit, and money back. To help you amid COVID-19, they come up with a Bike Finder tool on their website so that you don’t miss the chance to get serviced by them.


Address: 1860, Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: (404) 873-2451

They also sell:

Tires/ Tubes Wheels
Components (ex. Cables, Chain-rings) Apparel
Shoes Bicycle Helmets


3. Atlanta Pro Bikes (Highland Avenue)

Atlanta Pro Bikes operates in Virginia Highlands avenue with the mission to meet your expectations in riding with a plethora of services and sales. You can find here both used and new mountain & road bicycles for kids and adults. You can also get your bike repaired here with general repairs, tune-up, and custom your preferences.

Here, they bring for you the three modes of a tune-up, including Minor, Major, and Deluxe. Prices are reasonable here. Most importantly, they provide different branded quality bikes from Surley, Origin-8, and Public & Linus.


Address: 1039 N Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: (404) 254-1230

4. Intown Bicycles (Monroe Drive)

Are you searching for good quality children’s bikes? The Intown bicycle has brought you all the necessary things in the all-in-one shop. They have stocked for your bikes from James and Electra brands in different areas- hybrids, cruisers, Road-bikes, flat bar road bikes, mountain bikes, and what not!

We hope you have heard about Townie Go 8i, one of the finest bikes you can ride to check your preference. They not only do tune-ups and inspections but also provide check-over, fix flats whenever your bike needs.


Address: 1035 Monroe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: (404) 872-1736

It also sells multiple products

Electric Bikes Helmets
Bells & Hornes Storage & Tools
Car Racks Parts
Apparel Luggage-rocks
Packs & Panniers Baskets and Luggage-racks

5. Free-Flite Bicycles (Sandy Springs)

From repairing your bikes to providing trade-ins, Free-Flite Bicycles has carried out their business since the year 1978. You will find them at 6014 Sandy Springs Cir NE Atlanta. Their services specifically focus on repairing, fitting, Rental, Trade-ins.

Besides, they arrange different events and group rides to keep you engage with your desired bicycle. Also, they have categorized a loaded of accessories related to your bike including, gloves, tops, protective/Armor from a variety of renowned brands.


Address: 6014 Sandy Springs Cir NE Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: (404) 252-2453

They also have a range of accessories:

Apparel Accessories
Car Racks Electronics
Shoes Parts
Gift Cards


Where To Buy Used Bike In Atlanta, Georgia?

Now, let’s see where you can buy used bike in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Earl’s Bike Shop (Marietta)

Earl’s Bike Shop carries out its business since 2006 with the pursuit to improve the daily lives of people through providing bicycles. They have a stock of specialized bikes for road, gravel, active, mountain, and Turbo e-bike.

For purchasing a Bike and servicing it, you need to fill up forms on the website. There is a fixed limit for rentals, that is, Seven days starting from 75 dollars.


Address: 1000 Marietta St NW Suite 310, Atlanta, GA 30318

Phone: (404) 935-9115 (only Text)

2. Atlanta Bicycle Barn

You can find the largest selection of new Bikes and both used bikes in this ATLANTA Bicycle Barn. They provide bicycles in rentals with a free helmet, starting from $10 for Cruisers and $15 for Electric.

However, their electric bikes range from different brands- Magnum, Classic, Metro, Ui6, and many more. They have nicely organized the tune-up facility for your bicycle by covering a whole of aspects.


Address: 151 Sampson St. NE Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (770) 873-2413

3. Bearings Bike Works (Murphy Avenue)

Bearings Bike Works has been serving quality refurbished adult bikes with the persuasion to inspire kids, building a productive life. They also work as a full-service shop by repairing all types of bikes.

Besides providing services, Bearings also offers four unique skills development programs for kids to learn new skills.


Address: 982 Murphy Avenue SW Atlanta, GA 30310

Phone: (404)484-4180

4. Sopo Bicycle Cooperative

Sopo Bicycle co-op is also known as a DIY bicycle repair shop located in Atlanta, GA. They have bicycle shops, both physical and online. If you want to buy an online bike, the first thing you need to do is to pay and pick up that bike going in the shop.

Moreover, they also have a donation facility to provide a Bike to bike-enthusiast people.


Address: 1118-A Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

Email: [email protected]

5. Aztec Cycles

Since 2006, Aztec Cycles has been operating in Stone Mountain. They are one of the top-rated bike shops in this neighborhood. Before COVID-19, they used to deal with so many people and repair their bikes swiftly at hand. You can also rent a bike from this shop or purchase different branded bikes.

Due to COVID-19, their shops are open in 3 of 7 days per week. Also, if you want to buy a new bike, you can easily schedule an appointment through the following phone number.


Address: 901 Main St. Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Phone: (678) 636-9043

Where To Buy Bike Parts In Atlanta, Georgia?

After covering bike rental and selling stores, let’s see where you can buy bike parts in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. REI Co-op

REI Bike shop is one of the best locations to reach out to whenever we need any parts or accessories. They have a wide range of Packs, Bags, & Trailers for any new or used bike.

Also, you can find here- tires, tubes, wheels, pedals, brakes, handlebars, seat posts, and many more. Also, there are massive categories of components for men, women, and kids.


 Address: 1800 Northeast Expy NE Atlanta, GA 30329

Phone: (404) 633-6508

2. Podium Multisport

If you want a bike shop covering all your necessities in one place, you can find Podium Multisport a perfect place to go. They have bikes for different genres including, road, gravel, mountain, kids, Triathlon bikes.

Besides road vehicles, they also offer components required for swimming. On the other hand, among various gears of Bikes, they have stocked brakes, saddles, paddles, bearing, head-set.


Address: 1167 Zonolite Pl NE Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: (404) 892-3400

3. Outback Bikes

Outback Bikes has been a familiar name in Atlanta for their bicycle shop service. Here, they provide top-rated bikes and sponsor a large community by organizing cycling events frequently.

Moreover, they have a list of TUNE-UP services, starting from Standard to Overhaul. From adjusting your old bikes to replace all your loose bearings, they finish all pending in a couple of hours professionally.


Address: 484 Moreland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

Phone: (404)688-4878

4. Atlanta Cycling

For purchasing bike accessories, we cannot think beyond any bike shops other than Atlanta Cycling. They have been ruling Atlanta for multi-purpose components through selling to thousands of customers.

They have every specification in stock for your bikes, accessories, apparel, helmets, wheels, and others. They have got your back as they ensure each of the complimentary baselines fits by adjusting your requirements.


Address: 1860 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: (404) 873-2451

5. Loose Nuts Cycles

One of the recommended bike shops in Grant Park is Loose Nuts Cycles. They sell bikes, repair, also, provide better parts and accessories to meet up your demands. They have their shop open, but due to COVID-19, they have a limited stock of bikes and components in a physical shop.

If you want to purchase from them online, you can contact them any time at this given contact number.


Address: 452-A-Cherokee Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30312

Phone: (404) 228-5555

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