Alaska Bicycle Laws

Alaska is a huge state and it’s highly preferred by bikers for bicycling. The biking trails offer stunning scenery and the weather will let you drive for hours at a stretch. However, before one starts, it’s important to know the bicycle laws first.

There are many Alaska bike laws, and what’s worse is that they are scattered over multiple websites. In this article, we’ll try to compile all the laws that you should know before you start biking in Alaska. Let’s get right to it!

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Alaska Bike Lane Laws

Two sources enact the Alaska bike laws. These are the Anchorage Municipal Code and the State of Alaska. In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most basic laws that you’ll need to follow while biking in Alaska.

One of the major laws states that any driver mounting a bicycle has all of the rights and must follow the duties that apply to the riders of any other vehicle. That means you should know the basic laws of driving before you start biking in Alaska.

Another rule states that the biker is requested to ride as far to the right as it is practical.

Plus, more than two riders can’t drive side by side. This law was passed to avoid the riders from clogging the street.

Bicyclists are required to use a shoulder as long as it isn’t broken. Furthermore, you can’t park a bike on a sidewalk or a street in a manner that obstructs the pedestrians. You can’t ride your bike with a distraction, for example, you can’t text, read, or watch a video while riding.

And sadly, no bike racing!

General Rules

As Alaska isn’t a highly populated state, there aren’t tons of rules that you need to abide by. However, certain rules are unique to Alaska and must be maintained strictly to avoid any trouble.

Regarding Wildlife

One of the major Alaska bicycle laws involves wildlife. Alaska is teeming with wildlife, and the lack of population means that you have a high chance of encountering wild animals on the road as well as on the trails. Two of the large yet abundant wild animals found in Alaska are bears and moose.

These animals will avoid you as long they spot you. This is why it’s recommended that you wear a lot of reflective gear and use a bell or something noisy so your presence is declared wherever you go. Although this isn’t a law, it should be maintained for safety purposes.

Regarding Attachments

In many states, there’s no law on whether you can hook the bike to another vehicle while riding it yourself or not. However, there’s a strict prohibition on this in Alaska.

Quick Tip

Another tip is, if you really have to disobey signs that say you can’t make a left, right, or U-turn, you can do so if you dismount. You will be penalized if you make that turn on the bike. However, if you dismount and carry the bike with you, you turn yourself into a pedestrian, and you can choose how you want to move!

Alaska Electric Bike Laws

There are multiple laws on electric bikes. In Alaska, any bike with two or three wheels with a motor is considered an electric bike. However, that motor can be as powerful as 750 watts. You need to be at least 14 years old and must have an M2 permit to ride such a bike.

If you’re over the age of 16, then you can ride this bike with an M3 or M1 license too. You can ride electric bikes anywhere you please because there’s no bar on that. However, the rider must have the permit for at least six months before riding the bike.

Alaska Bike Helmet Laws

Alaska has no laws on helmets, so anyone of any age can ride a bike without putting a helmet on. There will be no fine if someone isn’t wearing a helmet while riding a bike.

However, any person under the age of fifteen is required to wear a helmet if he’s riding a bicycle in Anchorage. Anyone not wearing a helmet will receive a warning the first time and a $25 fine for each subsequent offense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a DUI on a bike in Alaska?

DUI stand for driving under influence, and it’s the offense of driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You’ll receive a DUI in Alaska if you’re legally drunk when you’re driving.

But, if you’re in Alaska, the DUI is not applicable for you if you’re riding a bicycle.


These are the major Alaska bike laws that you must maintain when you’re biking. If you fail to maintain these, you may be penalized by the authority. If not so, you’ll still be putting your life in danger if you don’t follow some of the laws.

This is why we highly recommend following the Alaska bicycle laws.

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